Temple of Senntisten (RS3 Quest)

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+899 XP
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Product Features

  • Quest: P2P Quest

Members Only

Skills/other requirements:

  • 80 Agility
    80 Crafting
    80 Divination
    80 Herblore
    80 Prayer
    80 Slayer
    80 Woodcutting

  • Abyss (miniquest)
    Big Chompy Bird Hunting
    Catapult Construction
    Creature of Fenkenstrain
    Death Plateau
    Defender of Varrock
    Demon Slayer
    Desert Treasure
    Devious Minds
    Diamond in the Rough
    Druidic Ritual
    Family Crest
    Fate of the Gods
    Garden of Tranquillity
    Gertrude's Cat
    Goblin Diplomacy
    Icthlarin's Little Helper
    Making History
    Meeting History
    Missing My Mummy
    Missing, Presumed Death
    Mourning's Ends Part I
    Mourning's Ends Part II
    Plague City
    Plague's End
    Priest in Peril
    Recruitment Drive
    Roving Elves
    Rune Mysteries
    Senliten fully restored
    Shades of Mort'ton
    Sheep Herder
    Shield of Arrav
    Stolen Hearts
    Temple of Ikov
    The Curse of Arrav
    The Dig Site
    The Golem
    The Knight's Sword
    The Lost Tribe
    The Restless Ghost
    The Tale of the Muspah
    The Temple at Senntisten
    The Tourist Trap
    The World Wakes
    Troll Romance
    Troll Stronghold
    Underground Pass
    Waterfall Quest
    What Lies Below
    What's Mine is Yours
    Within the Light

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