B Gloves Lunars Ava's Fire Cape Void

60 ATT | 90 STR | 42 DEF | 90 RAN | 94 MAGE | 176 QP | 86 CB Pure - Zerker 🔅 Main 🔅 Starter - Quested 🔅 Original Owner

Delivery within 30 minutes. 100% hand trained, 100% safe no recover. No ban & no offences.

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Combat Level: 86

Total Level: 1219

Quest Points: 176

Featured Item: Barrows Gloves, Fire cape, Full void

This account is for Old School Runescape only.

This account has never been accessed by a regular Runescape player. This account has been created and leveled by our internal Runescape team under strict security protocols to ensure the confidentiality of the account login and recovery information.

The account will never be recovered. We can help you register your email with the account or you can do it yourself. Once the account is linked to your email, you can change the password and the account will be fully yours. However, we do not guarantee that the account never will be banned, locked, or otherwise made inaccessible seeing as we can not control your behavior once you have gained full access to the account. Out of thousands accounts we sold in many years, there was 0 account recovered.

  • Accs - Extra Stats (RS) QP: 150-250
  • Account Build (RS) Pure - Zerker Main Starter - Quested
  • Product (RS) Accounts
  • Account Perks (RS) B Gloves Fire Cape Void Lunars Ava's

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