Obby Mauler - Base Pure - 1 DEF

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  • 60 STR
  • 70 STR
  • 80 STR
  • 90 STR
+1400 XP
$18.76 $14.00 Reduced price!

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Product Features

  • Acc Stats: TTL: 1-1500, CL: 1-60
  • Acc Build: Pure - 1 DEF
  • Perks: NO EMAIL SET
  • Game: OSRS
  • Type: Pre-Made
  • Source: In-House Team
  • Jagex Launcher: Not Attached

Obby Mauler - Base Account for sale!

Old School Runescape Accounts for an old school gaming experience! Discover a diverse array of meticulously crafted OSRS accounts tailored to meet your specific gameplay preferences. Whether you seek an elite endgame main, a formidable starter pure, or a versatile middle-level account, our selection is designed to cater to all your gaming needs.


60 STR

70 STR

80 STR

90 STR


General Information

  • For detailed information on each account, please refer to the Product Gallery and Features above.
  • Where available, explore all options for different skills under the Attributes section.

Delivery Information

  • BANK PIN (if any)

Account Security

  • Provided with full email access.
  • The account will never be recovered
  • Jagex launcher: Please check in Product Features.
  • No Hacks or Third-party software used. Please check in Product Features for the account source.

More FAQ

How fast do you deliver Runescape Accounts?

Typically, you can expect to receive your account details within 5-15 minutes once your order has been approved. You can start using the account right away.

How can I get my Runescape Account details?

After completing your payment, please reach out to us via live chat to coordinate the delivery. You can find our live chat in the lower right corner of the website. Following that, let us know the email you'd like to associate with your new RuneScape account. Once the account is linked to your email, you can change the password and the account will be fully yours.

Where do this OSRS Account come from?

Our OSRS accounts are sourced in two ways: through our RPGStash (In-House) Boosting Team, who train the accounts from scratch without any hacks and by using new emails as part of it, or from Trusted Suppliers with whom we have long-standing relationships to ensure the highest quality and escurity for our beloved customers.

How can I ensure that the account won't be recovered, locked, banned, or has no offences?

The account will never be recovered. Once the account is linked to your email, it becomes fully yours. If the account is locked, we can assist you in unlocking it. In case the account has any previous offences, it will be indicated in the account description; if not mentioned, it means there are no prior offences. However, we do not guarantee that the account will never be banned, locked, or otherwise made inaccessible, as we cannot control your behaviour once you have gained full access to the account. Out of thousands accounts we sold in many years, there was 0 account recovered.

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