10 Best Beginner Builds in Path of Exile 3.24

28.03.2024 - 17:30:40
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10 Best Beginner Builds in Path of Exile 3.24

Path of Exile is an amazing ARPG developed by Grinding Gear Games. This game has plenty of classes to choose from, which is why there are a ton of possible builds that you can run. That is both a blessing and a curse.

Sure, build diversity is so much better in PoE than in other ARPGs. However, you will have a hard time choosing which build to go for considering the many possible skill gems and ascendancy class combinations out there.

Fortunately for you, we at RPGStash will provide you with the information you need to get started. If you want to play Path of Exile and have a fun time doing so, read further. This is our guide for the 10 best beginner builds in the 3.23 Affliction League!

What is a League?

If you are new to the game, you might be wondering what a "League" is in Path of Exile. Well, every three months or so, Grinding Gear Games will introduce a new "League" where players have to start from scratch. This is because the company implements new mechanics and features and the only way to keep the game balance in check is for everyone to have a clean slate.

Now, in Patch 3.23 Affliction League, GGG introduced two new mechanics that heavily influenced what builds come out on top and which ones are no longer good to use. The first is a new class of gems called the Transfigured Gems. These are modified versions of existing gems that have slightly different effects to make them unique. While some are mediocre, there are also Transfigured Gems that are definitely worth your time. In fact, some of the best beginner builds that will be highlighted in this guide make use of some Transfigured Gems as well.

The second mechanic that Grinding Gear Games implemented in Patch 3.23 is the new Wildwood Ascendancies. Think of these as secondary ascendancy classes that work on top of the main ones that are typical in Path of Exile builds.

That said, three Wildwood Ascendancies have been introduced in the Affliction League: the Warden of the Maji, Warlock of the Mists, and Wildwood Primalist. Since this guide is only about beginner builds, you will only need to concern yourself with the Warden of the Maji and Wildwood Primalist. The reason is that these secondary ascendancy classes benefit builds that do not require a heavy investment, as is the case for beginner builds.


Before we highlight the best beginner builds of the 3.23 Affliction League, it is important to set some ground rules. All of the builds we are going to talk about here are proven and tested to be great to use for complete beginners. These builds do not rely on complicated mechanics and setups that might be too cumbersome for total PoE newbies to understand.

It is also worth noting that all of the builds that will be mentioned in this guide are not ranked in terms of power. That is because we think it is more appropriate that you choose one based on playstyle and how it works as opposed to map clear speed, bossing potential, and other metrics.

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Best Beginner Builds in Patch 3.23

In Path of Exile, the skills that you have at your disposal are contingent upon what skill gems you put inside your gear. The choice of gear, as well as the skill gems you use, are very important things that you need to keep in mind as you read through this guide.

Do not worry, we will provide you with all of the information you need about how a build works, what its potential is, and the items that are needed to take it to the next level.

With all of that out of the way, here are the 10 best beginner builds in the 3.23 Affliction League:

Cyclone of Tumult Juggernaut


Cyclone of Tumult

Cyclone is arguably the best beginner skill gem in Path of Exile. That is because this skill is fundamentally very easy to use. All you really have to do is press and hold the right mouse button (where this skill is usually placed) and just move in the direction where you want to go.

Having said that, this build utilizes the new Transfigured Gem, Cyclone of Tumult. Unlike the base version of the skill gem, this transfigured version of Cyclone grants you 20% more attack speed and increased AoE per stage, up to a maximum of six. However, this comes at the cost of significantly reduced movement speed when you have reached the maximum stages.

To counteract the negative downside of the Cyclone of Tumult, you will go for the Juggernaut. This ascendancy class is tanky, but more importantly, it has the "Unstoppable" node, which basically means that your movement speed cannot be modified to below 100%.

Thanks to Unstoppable, your movement speed will not be affected by the slow effect of Cyclone of Tumult at maximum stages.

Alternatively, if you want to take a different notable ascendancy passive skill, you can save a couple of points by wearing The Stampede boots instead. These unique boots also negate the movement speed downside of the said Transfigured Gem.

What's more, you can actually anoint these boots similar to what you do with your amulet. You can anoint the boots with, say, Relentless - a notable passive skill that increases your physical damage by 25% and regenerates 1% of your life per second if you have stunned an enemy recently.

For the weapon, you are going to use the Marohi Erqi. This unique Karui Maul gives you a huge amount of physical damage that enables you to destroy any monster foolish enough to come your way. Do not mind the "-500 to Accuracy Rating" modifier on this weapon because you will take the Resolute Technique notable keystone passive anyway, which makes it so that your attacks can never be evaded.

The Cyclone of Tumult itself can be utilized by other ascendancy classes too. In fact, you can opt for the Slayer if you want a class that has more offensive nodes than defense. We have just chosen the Juggernaut for this build as its defensive nodes allow you to survive longer on the battlefield.

If you just want a simple build that has no problem destroying enemies, then we highly recommend that you try the Cyclone of Tumult Juggernaut out!

Explosive Arrow Elementalist


Explosive Arrow

This next build does not use any Transfigured Gem at all, but that does not mean that it is not an effective one for a complete beginner in PoE. The Explosive Arrow Elementalist is one of the builds in the game that utilizes the totem playstyle. Why is that, you ask?

You see, Explosive Arrow is a skill gem in Path of Exile where the arrows that you fire will stick to enemies. After a brief period, the arrows explode, dealing fire damage to nearby monsters in the process.


Because the arrows explode after a set duration, you want to unleash a volley quick enough to maximize your damage output. One easy way to achieve that is by inserting the skill gem itself into a setup that includes the Ballista Totem Support.

By doing so, the ballista totems you summon will fire the Explosive Arrow for you. This ensures that you stick as many arrows to the enemy as possible, causing a cascade of deadly explosions on your screen!

Aside from the damage done by the arrows themselves, you have the Elementalist's ability to inflict Ignites on the enemy, courtesy of the "Shaper of Flames" node. If you do not know, Ignite is an elemental ailment that deals fire damage over time to monsters that are affected by it.

Because attack speed is one of the modifiers that you need to improve on this build, you can equip the Quill Rain early on. This unique Short Bow greatly increases your ballista totem's attack speed at the cost of slightly lower damage.

As you gain more currency, you can craft a better bow using the Thicket Bow as the base and then spamming it with Deafening Essences of Zeal for that guaranteed attack speed roll.

Since this build utilizes Ignites to deal a lot of damage, you are going to wear the Dyadian Dawn as well. This is an amazing unique belt for this build because it not only provides a good amount of fire and cold resistance, but also makes your Ignites deal damage faster.

Take note that this build primarily makes use of ballista totems to deal damage. That means that your job is just to run around the map, put down some totems, and do your best to survive the enemy's attacks while your ballista totems do the heavy work.

Now, you might have seen other players use the Champion ascendancy class with Explosive Arrow. This version is a lot tankier than the EA Elementalist. However, because of the changes GGG made to Explosive Arrow in Patch 3.23, specifically the part where the arrows no longer inflict Ignites naturally, the Elementalist has become the clear-cut winner in this regard.

Boneshatter Slayer



The Boneshatter Slayer is another melee build that packs a punch. Although there are transfigured versions of Boneshatter, you will utilize only the base version of this skill gem. That is because when you increase its gem quality, you now gain more damage per Trauma stack.

Speaking of which, what is Trauma? Every time you whack enemies with Boneshatter, you gain Trauma - a stacking buff that improves the damage of subsequent strikes. Each Trauma stack grants added flat physical damage, as well as 5% more damage from the gem's quality.

As you can see, the power of this build scales infinitely, so long as you are able to handle its downside. So, what is the catch? Well, every time you attack, you take physical damage as well. The self-damage mechanic of Boneshatter gets increasingly painful the more Trauma stacks that you have. How do you address this?

Luckily, the Slayer ascendancy class has some notable passive skills that help you with that. Brutal Fervour, the fabled "overleech" mechanic that many PoE players talk about, is one that can aid you in surviving higher stacks of Trauma. When you have this node allocated, you gain a 100% increased maximum recovery per life leech. However, its main draw is that the life leech effects are not removed when your life is filled to the brim.

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Since this build has insanely fast attack speed, you will have more than enough life leech to sustain yourself while mapping. To further improve your survivability, you should put a lot of physical damage reduction and spell suppression mods on your gear and from your passive skills.

While the Boneshatter Slayer is not made primarily for bossing, you can still slay bosses with it, provided that you have the right gear.

The main weapon for this build is a self-crafted Despot Axe. The Despot Axe is the best crafting base to use simply due to its innately fast attack speed and considerable damage. If you want to learn how to craft the weapon, be sure to read our ultimate crafting guide.

Most of the starter pieces of gear are just some rare items that can be crafted with essences. So budget-wise, this build is an amazing league starter. The only unique item you need to get your hands on, at least in the early days of the league, is the Belt of the Deceiver.

What makes the Belt of the Deceiver great for this build is that it provides you with physical damage, elemental resistance, and some life. This belt also has a unique effect where nearby enemies are Intimidated, which means that they take 10% more damage from your attacks.

If you find the Slayer to be too squishy to your liking, you can start with a Marauder and then choose the Juggernaut as the main ascendancy class. Although you lose the overleech of the Slayer, you compensate for that with the Juggernaut's "Unbreakable" and "Untiring" notable passive skills.

Despite the self-damaging mechanic of the main skill gem, the Boneshatter Slayer is an amazing build for Path of Exile beginners.

Minion Army Necromancer


Minion Army

Do you like to command an undead legion to do your bidding? If so, the Minion Army Necromancer is an undeniably good choice! Unlike the previous builds mentioned above where you only focus on one main skill gem, the Minion Army Necromancer actually utilizes a few.

Raise Spectre, as the name implies, is a minion spell skill gem in Path of Exile that allows you to raise a dead corpse, turning it into subservient Spectres. What makes Spectres great is that they not only attack enemies, but they have some interesting effects as well.

You will use two specific Spectres to make the build shine. The first is the Frost Auto-Scout, which is best known for improving map clear speeds due to its screen-wide attack. Go to the Rogue Harbour and initiate a Repository contract. Once inside, cast the Desecrate spell to spawn the corpses of enemies that are native to the area. Look for the Frost Auto-Scout and use Raise Spectre.

The second Spectre that you need to raise is the Demon Harpy. This is a special monster that can only spawn if you use the "Beyond" option from your Map Device. The premise is the same as the Frost Auto-Scout - enter the map, use Desecrate, look for the Demon Harpy, and then cast Raise Spectre. The Demon Harpy also improves your clear speed thanks to its debuff called "Screech" where enemies affected by it take increased damage.

Once you have the necessary Spectres, the other minions you can summon to fight for you are zombies and skeletons. The good news is that you do not have to do anything special. Once you enter a map or a new area, just use Desecrate and cast Summon Skeletons and Raise Zombie and you should be good to go!

With so many minions at your disposal, how do you actually make them attack more effectively? Well, you have the Maw of Mischief for that. This unique Bone Helmet has a line that says: "Minions Are Aggressive". This virtually forces them to be on the offensive, ripping nearby monsters to shreds without user intervention.

Although the Maw of Mischief gives you the ability to cast the Death Wish spell, you actually do not need it for the build. If anything, we advise you not to put it on your skill bar as it will affect your minion army negatively.

As is customary for minion builds in PoE, the Necromancer is the perfect ascendancy class for this archetype. Commander of Darkness grants increased damage and attack speed. Mindless Aggression and Unnatural Strength both improve your minion's ability to slay enemies with ease. And, Mistress of Sacrifice makes the Flesh Offering spell affect you in addition to your minions, of course.

By utilizing the Unending Hunger unique jewel, you will empower your Spectres to gain the Soul Eater buff that lasts for 20 seconds. This buff grants a 5% increased attack/cast speed. Furthermore, Soul Eater does not have a cap, which means that so long as your Spectres continue to kill enemies on the map, they will attack insanely fast because of it!

While this build does require some unique items to pull off, they are not expensive and are readily available just a few days into a new league. That is why the Minion Army Necromancer is one of the best beginner builds in the 3.23 Affliction League.

Hexblast Mines Saboteur


Hexblast Mines

If you are a more methodical type of player who wants to try a build that deals significant amounts of damage, but does not require a very frantic playstyle, then perhaps we can interest you with the Hexblast Mines Saboteur.

Hexblast is a chaos spell skill gem in Path of Exile that deals huge amounts of damage, so much so that you can make quick work of the enemy because of its killing potential. Unfortunately, this gem, when utilized as is, has a relatively long cast time. But do not worry, you can rectify that by linking it with High-Impact Mine Support.

The said support gem essentially makes Hexblast a "Mine Skill", meaning, you just throw the mines where the enemies are, and watch them die in cascading explosions of chaos damage!

During league start, you can craft your equipment using essences, particularly those that grant life and elemental resistances. When you have saved up some PoE currency, make purchasing the Sandstorm Visage a top priority.

The Sandstorm Visage makes it so that your Hexblast's base critical strike chance is equal to that of your main hand weapon. Hence, you will use the Prophecy Wand or Omen Wand as crafting bases because of their high base crit chance.

Hexblast is an interesting spell because although the bulk of its effectiveness comes from chaos damage, its damage output is improved based on the enemy's lowest elemental resistance rather than chaos resistance. That is why you have a choice of using Elemental Weakness along with Flammability or Frostbite to weaken your target's resistance to fire or cold damage, respectively.

The Saboteur ascendancy class has a good mix of offense and defense. Explosives Expert makes your Hexblast Mines deal huge amounts of damage even without wearing your endgame pieces of gear. Born in the Shadows helps improve your survivability, allowing you to finish Path of Exile's main campaign without dying too much. Demolitions Specialist and Pyromaniac provide you with sustainability, so you don't have to make frequent trips to your hideout while mapping.

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So, how do you play the Hexblast Mines Saboteur? When you enter a map, you simply use your preferred movement skill and then throw mines at the enemy. You put "Detonate Mines" on the left-click so that the mines will automatically explode when you move. Do not worry about this because your Hexblast Mines are not going to be wasted. That is because they naturally explode one after another and not all at once.

When fighting bosses, you can preemptively put as many mines as you can before the attack sequence commences. Doing so will cause them to take incredible amounts of damage right from the get-go!

Even though the upgrades for this build can be quite expensive, the Hexblast Mines Saboteur has enough power even without endgame gear, making it a prime choice for starting a new league with.

Elemental SRS Guardian


Elemental SRS (Summon Raging Spirit)

The next build is another one that utilizes some minion spell skill gems. The SRS Guardian makes use of the Summon Raging Spirit, which is a spell skill gem in Path of Exile that allows you to call some aggressive flaming skulls. These minions are impervious to damage, meaning, they cannot be attacked and they cannot be damaged by the enemy's AoE.

This is a pretty nice spell skill gem to use for beginners because the flaming skulls themselves act like homing rockets. You just summon them quickly and they will seek out enemies for you.

What makes the Elemental SRS Guardian so appealing to use for league start and for complete beginners is that it does not require any unique items to pull off. Get yourself an item level 75+ Convoking Wand, do some fossil crafting using Bound Fossils, and you should be able to get a decent wand that can take you well into the early red maps.

To further the damage of this build, you can take advantage of the Guardian's notable ascendancy passive skills. Radiant Crusade enables you to summon a Sentinel of Radiance - a minion that attacks enemies and takes a portion of the damage you get from hits for you.

Then, there's the Unwavering Crusade. This node lets you summon an elemental relic that grants a buff that is akin to a level 27 Hatred (Cold), Anger (Fire), or Wrath (Lightning) aura depending on which relic was summoned at the time. This greatly enhances the damage output of your Summon Raging Spirits, especially when you have the elemental relic that has the Anger aura.

Since the minion playstyle in PoE requires you to survive while your minions do your bidding, you can take Bastion of Hope to significantly increase your attack and spell block chance. After that, you take Time of Need - a node that occasionally removes curses and elemental ailments from you, as well as regenerates 100% of your life every four seconds.

There's another ascendancy class that can utilize the Summon Raging Spirits skill to great effect and that is the Necromancer. This version does not do elemental damage, however, as it heavily relies on chaos damage instead. Therefore, the Necromancer has a much higher damage ceiling compared to the Guardian.

However, the Guardian is leaps and bounds better in terms of overall survivability. In fact, you get so incredibly tanky just by getting the four nodes that have just been mentioned. Once you have decent gear, you can truly feel how powerful the Elemental SRS Guardian is even without investing a ton of PoE currency.

Righteous Fire Inquisitor


Righteous Fire

Righteous Fire received some massive changes in the 3.23 Affliction League. Back then, you would choose between the Inquisitor or the Juggernaut if you intended to start a new league using Righteous Fire as your main skill. However, because GGG removed the base fire damage of RF, and changed the damage calculation of the spell skill gem to where it is now based on 70% of your life and energy shield, the clear winner here is definitely the Inquisitor.

Why is that, you ask? Well, the Inquisitor has the Pious Path ascendancy node, which allows him to recover life and energy shield while standing on Consecrated Ground. This effectively nullifies the RF's downside of depleting your life and ES, while also ensuring that you deal the most amount of damage when the said spell skill gem is active.

That is not all! The Sanctuary and Augury of Penitence nodes weaken the enemies within your vicinity, causing them to take more damage. Righteous Providence is just the icing on the cake as it gives you a hefty increase in your STR and INT stats.

Now, there are several unique items that you need to use in order for Righteous Fire to feel relatively powerful. Although their prices are a bit high a few days into the league, they drop down pretty quickly after the first week.

Anyway, Utula's Hunger is a unique body armor that significantly increases your HP, provided that your other pieces of gear do not have any life modifiers on them. This is quite easy to do. In fact, it is a welcome adjustment since now, you can focus more on getting elemental resistances or even damage modifiers on your equipment.

The Legacy of Fury is a staple in Righteous Fire builds, particularly because it greatly improves your clear speed. This is due to the boot's unique effect where killing a Scorched enemy may cause nearby monsters to take damage equal to a portion of the killed enemy's HP.

Since you are scaling defenses to boost your damage, the Righteous Fire Inquisitor is incredibly tough, so much so that you can tank even the pinnacle bosses in PoE without any issues!

Saffell's Frame raises your maximum elemental resistances, allowing you to go beyond the usual 75% cap. Besides that, you have the Replica Soul Tether, which grants a considerable increase to your energy shield. It also has the effect of Corrupted Soul - a keystone passive that makes 50% of the non-chaos damage you take bypass energy shield, thereby reducing your life rather than your ES. This effect is negligible since you have Pious Path.

While the Righteous Fire Inquisitor is definitely one of the most beginner-friendly builds in the game, it does fall flat in terms of killing bosses. It just doesn't have that immediate damage that other builds excel at.

However, if you are looking at this build from a pure map-clearing and survivability standpoint, then the Righteous Fire Inquisitor will not disappoint.

Corrupting Fever Champion


Corrupting Fever

One of the most fun and safest builds for the complete beginner in Path of Exile is the Corrupting Fever Champion - a title that still holds true even after the changes made in Patch 3.23.

This build utilizes physical damage over time mechanics to kill monsters with amazing efficiency. Corrupting Fever is a buff that grants you the ability to inflict the Corrupted Blood debuff on monsters. Reap is another physical spell skill gem that you will use on this build. This essentially applies a strong debuff on affected monsters, causing them to take a lot of physical damage over time as well. Then, you have Exsanguinate - a spell skill gem in PoE that deals damage in a cone, inflicting a debuff on those that are hit, causing them to also take physical damage over time in the process.

Both Reap and Exsanguinate will be socketed into a unique wand called the Poet's Pen. This is to trigger these spells when you attack enemies using this weapon.

Despite the many mechanics at play here, the Corrupting Fever Champion is surprisingly very easy to play. You don't have to worry about casting them all of the aforementioned skills, one after another. Instead, you just have to use Kinetic Blast to keep things rolling!

Kinetic Blast is an attack skill gem that fires a damaging projectile on monsters, causing a series of small explosions to occur at the point of impact. With the help of The Poet's Pen, you essentially make the monsters you encounter take physical damage over time because the resulting explosions from Kinetic Blast apply the debuffs quite effectively.

At this point, you are probably wondering why the Champion is the perfect ascendancy class for this build. Well, there are many reasons, but the main one is that it gives you a perfect blend of offense and defense, which are things that you'd want in a build that is perfect for a complete beginner.

First to Strike, Last to Fall is quite an amazing node for what it offers. Every time you lose half of your HP, you gain the Adrenaline buff for 20 seconds. This buff grants 100% increased damage, 25% increased attack speed/movement speed, and 10% additional physical damage reduction. On top of that, monsters that are hit by your attacks will be Intimidated, which causes them to take 10% increased damage.

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The Adrenaline buff only gets activated when you take a huge hit, right? So, how can you reliably take advantage of the buff without, well, actually getting hit? Since Corrupting Fever takes a huge chunk of your HP, you will always activate Adrenaline in the process! Do not worry, the life cost of Corrupting Fever can easily be recouped.

In terms of defenses, this ascendancy class gives you access to Unstoppable Hero and Fortification. The former grants increased attack speed, armor/evasion, and stun immunity, while the latter makes you take 20% less damage from hits.

The main selling point of this build is that it can breeze through T16 maps and take on even the hardest content in the game. Of course, since this only deals physical damage, it lacks firepower compared to builds that deal high elemental or chaos damage. For this reason, you won't be taking down pinnacle bosses that easily, though it can be done if you devote a lot of time to the encounter.

Still, we can wholeheartedly recommend the Corrupting Fever Champion not only as a league starter, but as a great mapper as well!

Toxic Rain Ballista Pathfinder


Toxic Rain

Most projectile-based builds in Path of Exile are not tanky because they are primarily made in a way that favors offense more than defense. However, the penultimate build on this list enjoys both - all without the heavy investment.

The Toxic Rain Ballista Pathfinder is another totem build. This time, you are utilizing a skill gem that shoots out a plethora of spore pods, dealing chaos damage over time. Similar to the EA Elementalist from earlier, you will link Toxic Rain with Ballista Totem Support because ballistas, by nature, fire projectiles exponentially faster than you. On top of that, you can summon multiple ballista totems at once, allowing you to delete enemies from the screen without a hitch!

When it comes to gear, you do not need anything fancy. You can even make this build work with just rare pieces of gear that are crafted using essences. But, if you want to be tankier, you should save some currency to purchase the Lightning Coil.

The Lightning Coil is a unique body armor that takes half of the physical damage you take and converts it to lightning damage. That is why it is crucial that you have your lightning resistance sorted out. To further reduce the lighting damage you take, you will be using a Topaz Flask, which is greatly enhanced thanks to the Pathfinder ascendancy.

Speaking of which, the Pathfinder is a great ascendancy class in Path of Exile because it boosts the effects of your flasks by taking the appropriate nodes. For instance, Nature's Boon increases the effect of your magic utility flasks by 30%. The Topaz Flask is technically a magic utility flask, so you take considerably less lightning damage thanks to Nature's Boon.

Nature's Adrenaline essentially gives you three flask charges every few seconds. This is like a pseud-Mageblood because you have near permanent uptime of your flasks thanks to this notable ascendancy passive skill.

In the first couple of weeks into a new league, you should be using a Life Flask because you do not have enough survivability yet. Master Surgeon ensures that the life recovery effect of your Life Flask is not removed even when your HP is full. This synergizes really well with the Petrified Blood buff to increase your chances of survival.

Toxic Rain is a skill gem that allows you to spawn spore pods that deal chaos damage over time. You will use the Withering Step to apply the Wither debuff, which causes nearby enemies to take increased chaos damage.

That said, the Pathfinder's Nature Reprisal node increases the effect of the Wither debuff by 50%, meaning, the damage of Toxic Rain is enhanced against the affected enemies!

Because you want the monsters to stay in one place as much as possible, you can use Ensnaring Arrows to keep them bunched up together. This skill gem is linked to Mirage Archer, so you just have to use it once or twice and let the Mirage Archer do the rest.

The Toxic Rain Ballista Pathfinder may feel clunky at first, but once you have the right pieces of gear, it feels so much better to use. If you want a competent mapper that uses the totem style of play, then this is the build for you!

Lightning Arrow Deadeye


Lightning Arrow

When it comes to builds for the complete beginner in Path of Exile, the Lightning Arrow Deadeye is definitely one of the best. It deals an insane amount of damage even when you are on a budget. And, if you like the playstyle so much, you can invest more currency to scale the damage of the build even further!

The star of the show is, of course, the Lightning Arrow skill gem. This actually got buffed in the 3.23 Affliction League in that it now hits five additional targets as opposed to three in the previous leagues.

The Lightning Arrow Deadeye is still quite popular to this day because it deals huge amounts of damage even with minimal investment. You start with a self-crafted Spine Bow using Shrieking/Deafening Essence of Wrath until you get decent mods like crit chance, crit multiplier, and attack speed.

For the body armor, you can go for the Lightning Coil to give you some defense - something that this build sorely lacks. However, you could also go for pure offense by wearing the Hyrri's Ire unique body armor. This gives you huge amounts of spell suppression and evasion rating, plus some flat added cold damage to help you proc Trinity Support.

Despite the moniker, the Lightning Arrow Deadeye actually utilizes the three elemental damage types: Fire, Cold, and Lightning. This is so not only to zap your enemies with lightning arrows, but to also take advantage of the aforementioned Trinity Support.

The said support gem gives you more elemental damage and elemental penetration to allow you to tear through even the toughest enemies in the game. Of course, when compared to Tornado Shot, this build is still lacking in the single-target damage department. To address this, you have a couple of options you can take.

First, you go for a Barrage setup which is enhanced with Trinity Support, Increased Critical Damage, Elemental Focus, and Elemental Damage with Attacks.

Second, you can opt for a totem setup, where you put your Lightning Arrow along with Ballista Totem Support, as well as other support gems. When you go this route, just drop the totems whenever you face tough enemies or bosses.

So, why the Deadeye? This particular ascendancy class has all of the offensive nodes you need to increase projectile damage manifold. Endless Munitions grants you the power to fire two additional arrows just by taking this one single node.

Then, you have Far Shot - a notable ascendancy passive skill that increases projectile damage as your lightning arrows travel farther. This works really well with the Returning Projectiles Support mainly because the arrows travel their maximum distance before coming back to you.

Then, you have Gathering Winds, which grants action speed at 150% effectiveness, allowing you to move and attack faster.

Lastly, Focal Point increases the effect of Sniper's Mark by a significant degree. This enables you to hit multiple targets with just one cast of Lightning Arrow. You can even take things a step further by taking the Wildwood Primalist as your secondary ascendancy class and equipping three Charms that have the mod, "25% Increased Effect of Your Marks" on each one.

The Lightning Arrow Deadeye is quite appealing, but there are two things that you need to keep in mind here. For one, its survivability leaves much to be desired. Unless you have Hyrri's Ire or Lightning Coil and 100% spell suppression, this build cannot take huge hits from the enemy.

Aside from that, the endgame gear for this build costs a lot of currency, so much so that you will have to secure tons of Divine Orbs before purchasing the upgrades.

Although this build has obvious downsides, the Lightning Arrow Deadeye is still pretty amazing. It can clear maps quickly, is fundamentally easy to play, and with enough investment, has the potential to take down any boss in Path of Exile.

Final Thoughts

Path of Exile is an amazing ARPG, but it can be quite complicated, especially when talking about certain mechanics. However, there are definitely some builds that are fun and easy to play.

If you ask us about our top picks, we definitely recommend the Lightning Arrow Deadeye, Cyclone of Tumult Juggernaut, and the Corrupting Fever Champion. These are popular because they pack a punch, are relatively easy to put up, and can work with very minimal investment.

Of course, this does not mean that the other builds here are bad. As mentioned earlier, all of the builds in this guide are quite competent in their own way. It is just a matter of preference and your style of play.

While it is true that PoE is a complex game, it does not have to be at all times. Hopefully, this guide has helped you choose the right build for you!

With all of that said, good luck on your adventures in Wraeclast, Exile!

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