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Who we are looking for:

Rpgstash is looking for skilled, part-time freelance writers and vloggers who are game enthusiasts in the following games; RS, D2R, PoE, Lost Ark, WoW, EFT, RotMG, and other games available on site

About The Role:

You will create high-quality, in-depth gameplay guides and gaming content of your choice in the specified games. Keep in touch with us to discuss relevant content topics, keywords, and article formatting options to ensure your content meets our copywriting criteria. Write as many articles for pre-arranged choices. We welcome new topics!

How much you will earn:

You will earn between $20-$30 per 1k words, commensurate with the quality of your writing. Higher compensation might be possible if you can produce content that is on par with or superior to the current top-ranking articles on the same topics.

If you're an experienced writer or vlogger with significant gaming knowledge, fill out the form below to start making money off your gaming expertise!


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