10 Best Builds in Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis League

28.03.2024 - 17:30:42
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10 Best Builds in Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis League

Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis League is now in full swing! Plenty of time has passed to assess which builds are the cream of the crop. While there are those that have fun mechanics, this list is all about the best builds in the current league.

If you have saved up some currency and you would like to try different builds that are worth your time and money, then you have come to the right place! We at RPGStash will give you the 10 Best Builds in the Path of Exile: Affliction League!


Before we highlight the top 10 builds of the 3.23 Affliction, we will first disclose how we have rated these builds so that you can understand why they are included in the list.

We have used several metrics to gauge the performance and worthiness of each of the builds that will be mentioned in this list, such as:

  • Clear Speed: This refers to how efficiently the build can clear the entire map. This is an important metric considering that most of the time you spend in PoE is dedicated to mapping
  • Bossing: Path of Exile is filled with bosses that reward you with amazing loot if you defeat them successfully. Class builds that rate high in this metric are those that can deal incredible amounts of damage, allowing them to destroy even the uber bosses in the game
  • Survivability: Some people prefer builds that have amazing survivability. These builds often have multiple defensive layers that mitigate as much incoming damage as possible. If you like a more laid-back playstyle, you can go for strong builds that can withstand a beating without any issue
  • Budget: Builds that score low in this department are those that can work with minimal investment. Of course, any class build in Path of Exile can be elevated to the next level. However, these so-called "budget builds" do not require expensive crafted items or uniques to get off the ground
  • League Start Viable: If you want a build that you can start a new league with, go for those that score high in this department

Best Builds in the Affliction League

Now that you know the performance metrics we have used to rank these builds, it is time to talk about the actual builds themselves. Keep in mind that we are using a 5-point scoring system, where "1" is the lowest and "5" is the highest. For example, builds that score high in "clear speed" are great for ridding the entire map of enemies within a few minutes.

Moreover, we are going to go in descending order, starting with the top 10 all the way to the best build in PoE 3.23 Affliction League. Despite the ranking order, each build that we are going to mention here is amazing in its own right. In other words, you can never go wrong no matter which one you choose. So, without further ado, let's get started!

10. Righteous Fire Chieftain


Righteous Fire

Clear Speed: 4/5

Bossing: 3/5

Survivability: 5/5

Budget: 3/5

League Start Viable: 3/5

The Chieftain has finally dethroned the Inquisitor as the ascendancy class of choice when using the Righteous Fire spell skill gem. That is primarily because of the changes Grinding Gear Games made in Patch 3.23, where the damage of Righteous Fire is now heavily based on the amount of HP and energy shield that you have.

This class has some amazing notable ascendancy passive skills that synergize really well with Righteous Fire. Chief among them is Hinekora's Death Fury, which grants you the ability to explode enemies on kill, dealing 500% of their maximum life as fire damage. This enables you to clear maps with ease. Besides that, the damage of the explosions can be elevated further due to the fire damage mods on your gear.

The Chieftain is also incredibly tanky thanks to Valako, Storm's Embrace, and Tasalio, Cleansing Water. With these two nodes, you can focus on improving your fire resistance so that your cold and lightning resistances will be sorted out as well. On top of that, with the right combination of passive skills, gear, and gems, you can reach 90% elemental resistances without any problems!

On the topic of survivability, you can either choose The Ivory Tower or Utula's Hunger as your unique body armor. The former gives you a ton of energy shield, while the latter grants you heaps of HP. As you can see, both of these stats improve the damage of Righteous Fire, so you are really getting the best of both worlds by scaling offense and defense at the same time!

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Since Righteous Fire now takes HP into consideration when it comes to improving your damage, you can opt to go the STR-stacking route, mainly because raising your Strength attribute also raises your maximum life.

The only weakness of this build is that it is not a very good one for bossing. Sure, the Chieftain can absorb devastating blows like they are child's play, but it will take a considerable amount of time to eliminate the uber bosses. Part of the reason why that is the case is that Righteous Fire itself is a damage-over-time spell skill gem, which means that it is technically slower when dealing damage compared to more active skills.

Still, the Righteous Fire Chieftain is definitely one of the builds that we can wholeheartedly recommend in the Affliction League.

9. Splitting Steel Champion


Splitting Steel

Clear Speed: 5/5

Bossing: 3/5

Survivability: 4/5

Budget: 2/5

League Start Viable: 5/5

The Splitting Steel Champion is a great league starter in Path of Exile. This makes use of the newly revamped Splitting Steel - an attack skill gem that no longer requires Call of Steel to "reload" the splitting projectiles. As a result of this change, the build feels a lot smoother to use than ever before.

Clear speed is amazing on this build. Due to the nature of Splitting Steel, you can quickly dispatch enemies without a hitch. Despite its ability to clear endless screens of monsters, the build does suffer from single target damage. Hence, its "bossing" score is relatively low compared to the other builds on this list.

So, if bossing is not that great on this build, then what other qualities does it possess that make it enticing to use? Well, it is a very tanky character capable of withstanding even the most damaging hits from the enemy. That includes bosses as well!

Ralakesh's Impatience got buffed in this league and the build utilizes these boots to give it permanent uptime of Endurance Charges. This is to mitigate as much incoming damage as possible.

The Champion ascendancy class, you could say, is a more balanced class compared to its other siblings, the Slayer and Gladiator. Thanks to Unstoppable Hero and Fortification, you not only get a lot of physical damage mitigation, but you get increased attack speed and armor as well.

Master of Metal is a notable ascendancy passive that makes Impales caused by Splitting Steel become even more effective. This is further compounded by "First to Strike, Last to Fall" - a node that intimidates nearby enemies, making them take increased attack damage.

In addition, this build does not require a lot of currency to pull off. There are some cheap uniques you can equip early on, such as the Perseverance belt, which heavily increases your damage output based on the lowest value of your armor and evasion rating.

Once you have gained enough currency, you can start to think about getting some upgrades. The first thing that we recommend that you get is the Paradoxica, mainly because of its unique effect where you deal double damage with attacks using this weapon.

After that, the Beltimber Blade grants a huge boost to physical damage and attack speed, making its inclusion in the build a no-brainer. Plus, this unique Eternal Sword allows Splitting Steel to gain two additional projectiles if you have used a movement skill within the past four seconds.

Because Splitting Steel is another projectile-based skill gem, you will use Returning Projectiles Support in the beginning. Once you have enough resources, you can transition to the Nimis to free up a support gem slot, allowing you to insert a much better gem.

The Splitting Steel Champion packs a punch without compromising defense and survivability. So, if you want a more balanced character, then you should put this one in your sights!

8. Caustic Arrow of Poison Pathfinder


Caustic Arrow of Poison

Clear Speed: 5/5

Bossing: 4/5

Survivability: 4/5

Budget: 4/5

League Start Viable: 1/5

Grinding Gear Games introduced a new set of gems in the 3.23 Affliction League called Transfigured Gems. These are modified versions of existing gems, with the aim of consolidating the effects of threshold jewels, labyrinth enchantments, and alternate-quality gems.

The Caustic Arrow of Poison is one of those Transfigured Gems. Unlike the original version, this skill gem does not spread Caustic Ground, but it now deals chaos damage on impact. Enemies that are hit, either directly or via the skill's area of effect, will be poisoned for some added chaos damage over time.

That being said, the Caustic Arrow of Poison skill gem and the Pathfinder ascendancy class, you could say, is a match made in Heaven. This build has amazing clear speed, so much so that you can easily sweep the entire map within a couple of minutes!

So, what makes Pathfinder the ideal ascendancy class for this build? Well, it has "Master Toxicist" which empowers the poisons you inflict on enemies to deal 100% more damage. Aside from that, when you kill a poisoned enemy, nearby monsters will get poisoned as well.

Then, you have Nature's Reprisal. This notable ascendancy passive increases the effect of the "Withered" debuff, causing the enemies to take more chaos damage.

The Caustic Arrow of Poison Pathfinder greatly benefits from the Warden of the Maji. In fact, this is one of the only builds that cannot work with the other Wildwood Ascendancies introduced in Patch 3.23.

The main reason why you are going for the Warden of the Maji for this build is that it gives you access to the Poisonberry Tincture, which ensures that all of your attacks inflict poisons on the enemy.

Its bossing potential is no slouch at all. You just run around the area while you fire the Caustic Arrow of Poison at the boss. If you have the right gear, you can make this build even more devastating!

Speaking of gear, the Caustic Arrow of Poison Pathfinder can be built in two ways. First, you can go for the "Original Sin" version, which uses the unique ring that can be obtained via the "no-hit" Forbidden Sanctum run. The Original Sin causes all elemental damage to be converted to chaos damage. Additionally, the chaos resistance of nearby enemies is set to zero, making them really susceptible to your attacks!

Second, you can go for the "Magic Find" route. This path gives you a much higher chance to get more lucrative loot at the cost of some survivability.

Despite its low HP, this build is surprisingly tanky thanks to the interaction between the unique jewels, Bloodnotch and Immutable Force. The Progenesis flask is also a great way to improve survivability.

While the build is definitely a bonafide killer, the Caustic Arrow of Poison Pathfinder is not league-start friendly and requires a ton of PoE currency to pull off. However, if you want a build that utilizes a Transfigured Gem to a great extent, then this is one of the best in that regard.

7. Lightning Arrow Deadeye


Lightning Arrow

Clear Speed: 5/5

Bossing: 3/5

Survivability: 2/5

Budget: 3/5

League Start Viable: 5/5

The Lightning Arrow Deadeye has been a consistent top contender among the best builds in Path of Exile for a few leagues now, especially with the introduction of the returning projectiles mechanic via Vengeant Cascade, and subsequently the Returning Projectiles support gem.

With Returning Projectiles Support, the Lightning Arrow skill gem can deal damage twice, albeit at slightly less damage on the return. Not to worry, the Lightning Arrow Deadeye also utilizes the Manaforged Arrows Support to cast multiple bow skills automatically after spending some mana with your main attack. Because of these mechanics, this build can breeze through the map, killing anything and everything that is foolish enough to come its way.

The Deadeye is always the best choice when it comes to builds that utilize projectile-based skills. Endless Munitions, for example, is a node that basically gives the build two additional projectiles for free!

Gathering Winds and Focal Point improve the build's damage in more ways than one. Gathering Winds increases your action speed thanks to Tailwind, and Focal Point increases the effect of Sniper's Mark by a whopping 75%!

With the Wildwood Primalist, which is one of the new secondary classes in the Affliction League, you can even use three Charms that have a "25% Increased Effect of Your Marks" on each of them, making Sniper's Mark even more potent.

Then, you have Farshot. This notable ascendancy passive skill makes your Lightning Arrows deal 60% more damage all of the time. That is because the returning projectiles mechanic always ensures that your arrows travel their maximum distance first before they come back to you.

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The Lightning Arrow Deadeye is one of the best league starters in PoE. You can equip some unique items to get started or craft your own equipment using Essences if that is what you prefer. This build does not need a high budget to get started, though its damage definitely scales well the more investment you put into it.

The only thing that you need to worry about here is its survivability. This build is not tanky at all, so if you are going to create this character, you need to have a "shoot first" mentality, where you kill enemies before they ever have a chance of attacking you.

To increase your chances of staying longer on the battlefield, you can take some mana and life leech nodes on the passive tree. With the build's fast attack speed, you will recover these resources in no time!

Other than that, the Lightning Arrow Deadeye deserves to be in the number seven spot on this list!

6. Elemental SRS Guardian


Elemental SRS (Summon Raging Spirit)

Clear Speed: 4/5

Bossing: 3/5

Survivability: 4/5

Budget: 2/5

League Start Viable: 4/5

When it comes to using the Summon Raging Spirits gem, most people gravitate toward the Necromancer. That is mainly because the Necromancer variant deals chaos damage, which scales a bit better than elemental damage. However, this ascendancy class has one flaw in that its survivability leaves a lot to be desired.

Fortunately, you are no longer forced to go with the Necromancer if you do not want to. That is because a new ascendancy class has emerged as a worthy contender. That is, of course, none other than the Guardian.

Unlike the Necromancer, the Guardian utilizes Summon Raging Spirits by taking advantage of its true potential - dealing elemental damage. Elemental damage in Path of Exile is easier and cheaper to scale than chaos damage. That is why this build is a viable league starter because you do not need expensive gear to get started.

So, what makes the Guardian so enticing? Well, it has two interesting notable ascendancy passives that work perfectly for a minion build: Radiant Crusade and Unwavering Crusade.

When you take the Radiant Crusade, you will summon the Sentinel of Radiance minion that attacks enemies and burns them to a crisp. However, the main draw of this minion is that it absorbs 20% of the damage you take from hits for you. thus draining its life before yours. And, with the minion playstyle in PoE, improving your survivability is a top priority, and the Radiant Crusade aids you with that.

How about the Unwavering Crusade? This node grants you a small chance to summon an Elemental Relic - a minion that grants you the Anger, Hatred, or Wrath auras depending on the type that is summoned. What's interesting about this minion is that it gives you the effects of a level 27 aura gem, greatly boosting your SRS minion's damage as a result.

Now, you may have heard that the Summon Raging Spirits spell skill gem has been nerfed in Patch 3.23. But, we beg to disagree. If anything, its power just got rebalanced. You see, the SRS minions no longer deal 38% more damage. However, this is compensated by the fact that you have a high chance of summoning an extra minion when you cast Summon Raging Spirits.

So, how does that affect this build's clearing potential? Actually, the adjustment made to Summon Raging Spirits in this league makes the build even more proficient at clearing maps. The ability to summon an extra minion when casting the skill means that you are able to populate the screen with flaming skulls much faster than before.

This build can surely take a beating, but what is its downside? Well, its boss-killing prowess is a bit mediocre compared to the Necromancer. You can rectify this by getting your hands on better gear, though this is an option that is taken later down the line.

5. Boneshatter Juggernaut



Clear Speed: 5/5

Bossing: 4/5

Survivability: 5/5

Budget: 4/5

League Start Viable: 3.5/5

If we have only three words to describe the next build, it would be swift, tanky, and deadly. The Boneshatter Juggernaut is still one of the best in terms of raw power and defense. Not to mention that you can use it as a league starter, though some of the items are a bit more expensive than, say, the Splitting Steel Champion's.

What makes this build so appealing to use is the fact that it marries high damage output with incredible survivability. And, the Juggernaut ascendancy class plays a huge part in that.

While you can certainly go with the Slayer if you just want to use Boneshatter as the main skill, we still favor the Juggernaut over it. Do you want to know why? Because this ascendancy class has all of the notable passives that can complement the said attack skill.

Take Undeniable, for example. This gives you a significant boost in attack speed based on the amount of accuracy that you have. Hence, you will roll accuracy on your gear wherever possible. This is complemented by the Precise Technique keystone passive, which grants you 40% more attack damage if your accuracy rating is higher than your maximum life. As mentioned, this is not a problem at all, so long as at least a few of your pieces of gear have an accuracy mod on them.

Then you have Unbreakable. This node alone is responsible for the bulk of your tankiness. That is because it doubles the armor value of your equipped body armor. But more importantly, this node takes a small portion of your armor and uses that to mitigate incoming elemental damage from hits.

Now, let's talk about the build's bread and butter, Boneshatter. Did this attack skill gem receive any changes in Patch 3.23? Absolutely! Although the "increased stun duration on enemies" mod has been removed, Boneshatter now deals more damage per stack of Trauma instead.

If you are new to Path of Exile, "Trauma" is a buff that grants you more damage depending on the number of stacks you have accrued. You gain one stack of Trauma every time you whack enemies with Boneshatter.

However, there is a huge downside here in that Trauma also causes you to take physical damage with every attack. Thankfully, the harmful effect of a high number of Trauma stacks can easily be addressed by putting "physical damage reduction" and "damage recouped as life" mods on your gear.

When you have plenty of the aforementioned mods, even if you attack like a madman due to your high attack speed, your HP will not go down to an uncomfortable level. That is because you will just recover your life with each hit anyway.

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Although this build has no problem sorting out its armor and elemental resistances, getting 100% spell suppression is now doable thanks to the Wildwood Primalist. Since you have access to three Charm slots, all you have to do is populate them with Charms that have "% Chance to Suppress Spell Damage" mods to reach the spell suppression cap!

Because of this new level of tankiness, the Boneshatter Juggernaut is now able to reach the lower depths of the Azurite Mines; even as low as depth 2,000!

Now, you might think that the Boneshatter Juggernaut is just too good to be true. Sure, this build is capable of clearing maps and eliminating bosses without a problem, but where does it fall short? Despite the damage potential, this is still a melee build, meaning, you need to be up close and personal with the enemy in order to kill them. When you are fighting bosses like the Searing Exarch or Uber Sirus, you will know exactly why melee builds suck at taking on such enemies.

Other than that, the Boneshatter Juggernaut has no other weaknesses.

4. Ice Nova of Frostbolts Occultist


Ice Nova of Frostbolts

Clear Speed: 5/5

Bossing: 5/5

Survivability: 2/5

Budget: 5/5

League Start Viable: 1/5

If you love the Witch class in PoE, then you are going to like this next build. The Ice Nova of Frostbolts Occultist utilizes the new Transfigured Gem to deal insane amounts of damage. No, you do not cast the spell skill gem yourself. Instead, you are going to trigger it with the help of the Cast on Critical Strike (CoC) support gem.

The Ice Nova of Frostbolts is one of the more unique Transfigured Gems of the bunch. It still does cold damage via an expanding circle around you just like the base version. However, when you have Frostbolts on the screen, the expanding circle will be cast around those projectiles instead.

Aside from Cast on Critical Strike Support, you will use Cospri's Malice as well. This one-handed weapon has a unique effect where you trigger a socketed cold spell on melee critical hits. As you can already tell, you will put the Frostbolt spell skill gem into this weapon so that it automatically gets cast when you deal critical hits.

Since this is a Power Charge-stacking build, there is no other ascendancy class that is perfect for this than the Occultist. Its Forbidden Power notable passive skill grants increased damage and area of effect for every Power Charge that you have.

Void Beacon and Frigid Wake ensure that you deal significant amounts of cold damage to nearby enemies. Thanks to these two nodes, the single target damage of this build is pretty awesome, to say the least. In fact, taking on uber bosses will not be an issue due to the sheer damage potential of the Ice Nova of Frostbolts Occultist.

Even though this build is a killing machine, it does have a few weaknesses that you need to take note of. First, it does not have multiple defensive layers to mitigate incoming damage. For a melee build, that is a bit concerning.

Second, this requires a lot of expensive items to work. This is basically the case for most Power Charge-stacking builds and those that utilize the Cast on Critical Strike support gem in Path of Exile.

Third, the Ice Nova of Frostbolts Occultist is not a league starter due to the reasons highlighted above.

However, even though this build has apparent shortcomings, the Ice Nova of Frostbolts Occultist is still something that we can recommend. It is fun, can clear maps quickly, and has enough power to take on bosses in PoE.

3. Detonate Dead Chieftain


Detonate Dead

Clear Speed: 5/5

Bossing: 3.5/5

Survivability: 5/5

Budget: 3/5

League Start Viable: 3/5

Do you like to play a build where you just run around the map and you see your enemies die in a fiery explosion? Well, the Detonate Dead Chieftain certainly fits the bill!

This build makes use of the Detonate Dead spell skill gem linked with Cast When Stunned Support to make things happen. The said support gem automatically casts Detonate Dead whenever you get stunned by the enemy, but how is that possible?

To get stunned in PoE, enemies must hit you until their damage reaches a certain threshold. If you rely solely on the huge health pool that is inherent in Marauder/Chieftains, however, that will definitely take a lot of time. Hence, you will take the Energy Shield Mastery that says: "Stun Threshold is Based on 60% of Your Energy Shield Instead of Life".

Because the Detonate Dead Chieftain barely has any energy shield, he will get stunned the vast majority of the time so long as he gets hit. Now, you'e probably thinking that this build is no fun to play considering that you need to be stunned in order for Detonate Dead to get cast, but that is really not the case here.

With Bloodnotch and Immutable Force, you barely even notice that you got crowd-controlled. Furthermore, this build utilizes the Defiance of Destiny amulet, which restores your HP before you get hit by a damaging attack!

Now, the main reason why this build is so popular in the 3.23 Affliction League is that it can be put up as a Magic Find character. Normally, such builds are squishy as they focus more on killing rather than surviving. But the Detonate Dead Chieftain covers both.

It has the power to make enemies die in a fiery explosion with Detonate Dead, as well as Hinekora, Death's Fury from the Chieftain ascendancy. It also has the defense to survive whatever the enemy throws its way. You can say that this build virtually has no weaknesses as it can take on any content in Path of Exile without any problems!

You can use this build to farm a ton of PoE currency for use in your subsequent characters. Although it needs an initial investment to feel comfortable to play, every currency you spend here feels like a huge upgrade.

The only thing that you need to be aware of is that killing bosses, let alone the ubers takes longer than other builds. Aside from that, the Detonate Dead Chieftain is definitely worth your time and investment.

2. Penance Brand of Dissipation Inquisitor


Penance Brand of Dissipation

Clear Speed: 3.5/5

Bossing: 5/5

Survivability: 5/5

Budget: 4/5

League Start Viable: 2/5

Penance Brand of Dissipation is one of the most popular Transfigured Gems in the Affliction League and for good reason. Unlike the base version of the spell skill gem, Penance Brand of Dissipation repeatedly pulses on activation, dealing increasingly more damage to the Branded enemy.

Although its map clearing speed is average, where this build truly shines is fighting against the uber bosses in Path of Exile. Do you like to defeat the Uber Elder? No problem! Do you want to kill Uber Sirus like it is a casual thing? Yes, this build can do that!

Budget-wise, it is a bit on the expensive side, but the good thing is that you can use the Inpulsa and other relatively affordable items to help with map clear early on. As you gain more currency, you can start purchasing the more useful stuff like the damage conversion gloves, Militant Faith (Dominus), and the Mageblood.

The Penance Brand of Dissipation Inquisitor is a Power Charge-stacking build, which utilizes the Void Battery, Malachai's Loop, and Ralakesh's Impatience. You add all of that up with the Inquisitor ascendancy class, and you have a powerhouse character that can beat any content in the game.

There are actually other classes that can use this Transfigured Gem to a great extent. The Trickster variant is a more well-rounded character, and the Pathfinder is a close second. If that is the case, why choose the Inquisitor then? The reason why the Inquisitor variant is more popular is that it deals an insane amount of damage thanks to its notable ascendancy passive skills.

Sanctuary creates a Consecrated Ground that makes enemies standing on it take 15% more damage. Righteous Providence helps you reach 100% critical strike chance much earlier than the other two ascendancy classes just mentioned. Then, there is the Inevitable Judgement, which is a node that ignores monster elemental resistances, making the Penance Brand of Dissipation even more devastating every time it pulses.

So what is the downside to this version compared to the other two, you ask? The Inquisitor is purely an offensive class. As such, you address any survivability issues by using flasks, jewels, and gems. Even with those things, though, this version is still not as tanky compared to, say, the Trickster.

Be that as it may, the Penance Brand of Dissipation Inquisitor is popular for a reason and that is because of its tremendous bossing potential.

1. Tornado Shot Deadeye


Tornado Shot

Clear Speed: 5/5

Bossing: 5/5

Survivability: 2/5

Budget: 5/5

League Start Viable: 1/5

And finally, the absolute best build in Path of Exile: Affliction League is none other than the Tornado Shot Deadeye. Bow builds have become quite popular for several leagues now and that is thanks, in large part, to the many changes Grinding Gear Games has made to bow skills and support gems.

The Tornado Shot is an attack skill gem that is quite unique compared to its counterparts. Unlike other bow skills where you fire them directly at the enemy, Tornado Shot is actually aimed at the front or back of the main target. That is because the bulk of the damage comes from the smaller projectiles that spawn when the piercing shot "explodes" on the ground. Basically, you take advantage of the "shotgunning" effect in this instance.

Due to the nature of the said attack skill gem, it may take some time getting used to how Tornado Shot is best utilized. However, once you get the hang of it, we promise you that using other bow skills just feels mediocre compared to the sheer damage potential of Tornado Shot.

Now, the Tornado Shot Deadeye boasts incredible map clear speed and boss-killing prowess. Because of how fast this build clears areas, you can finish 100 maps in just a few hours. It is that insane!

When it comes to bossing, once you have the proper gear, you can eliminate bosses in just a matter of seconds. Uber bosses are a cinch for the Tornado Shot Deadeye. If anything, their entrance animation is longer than the time it takes for them to get killed by the onslaught of projectiles that come their way.

The Tornado Shot Deadeye is versatile in that it can be built in a few different ways. You can opt for the Cystallised Omniscience variant that shreds enemies to pieces thanks to its insanely high elemental penetration.

Then, you have the Heatshiver variant, where you convert all of your damage to cold damage, and, in turn, the said unique helmet will boost your damage output to the moon! Yes, we are aware that the Heatshiver got nerfed significantly in Patch 3.23. But, despite the adjustments, it is still one of the best to use for this build without question!

Do you need to farm currency? This build can also become a Magic Find character. In fact, this is the "proper" endgame for such because of the sheer firepower this build possesses.

Now, before you select the Ranger class and subsequently, the Deadeye, there is one thing that you need to keep in mind. This build is quite expensive to put up, especially since the items that you need cost a ton of currency. You can spend upwards of five Mirrors of Kalandra and you will still need more upgrades in the future.

This build's survivability leaves a lot to be desired. But, who needs that when you can slay enemies in a jiffy?

All in all, the Tornado Shot Deadeye is the best build in the Affliction League, hands down!

Final Thoughts

Path of Exile: Affliction League has spawned a lot of interesting and exciting builds. That is mainly due to the sweeping changes Grinding Gear Games has made to the base gems, as well as the introduction of the new Transfigured Gems, which surely took the PoE community by storm.

It is important to note that every build that was mentioned in this list is definitely worth the time and currency investment. They are fun to play in their own unique ways and it is up to you which playstyle you prefer.

In terms of builds that utilize the new Transfigured Gems, the Caustic Arrow of Poison Pathfinder is an interesting choice. It deals more direct damage, can inflict deadly poisons on the enemy, and is a great mapper that is definitely fun to play. It is also one of the only builds in the game that uses the Warden of the Maji to great effect!

Then, you have the Ice Nova of Frostbolts Occultist that utilizes Cast on Critical Strike Support to a whole new level. Due to the interaction with Cospri's Malice, you can see Ice Novas populate the screen and it is madness!

Of course, the Penance Brand of Dissipation Inquisitor is amazing for its ability to destroy the game's pinnacle content. It deals incredible amounts of damage, making it a prime choice for a bossing character in PoE. It is a bit clunky to use at first, especially because of the Brand style of play. But, once you have mastered it, you will definitely have a blast playing it for sure!

In addition, you have the usual builds that became even better in Patch 3.23. The Chieftain became the endgame ascendancy class of choice for the Righteous Fire spell skill gem. If you are tired of going for the Inquisitor or even the Juggernaut when using this skill, then you should try the Chieftain variant out for sure!

Splitting Steel is now easier to use in Patch 3.23. This is due to the fact that GGG has removed the skill's reliance on Call of Steel, enabling you to clear maps faster than ever before! The Champion ascendancy class offers notable passive skills that improve offense and defense, so if you are looking for a more well-rounded character, perhaps you can put this on your radar.

The Lightning Arrow Deadeye, Boneshatter Juggernaut, Detonate Dead Chieftain, and the Elemental SRS Guardian can all clear maps efficiently, with enough oomph to take down the bosses as well.

However, the undisputed best build in the game is still the Tornado Shot Deadeye. For several leagues now, it can slay enemies and eliminate bosses like they don't exist. It is that powerful!

The only problem, really, is that the Tornado Shot Deadeye needs a ton of investment. The bow alone costs a mirror or two; not to mention the synthesized equipment that you need to truly take this build to the top!

There you have it! Hopefully, you've had a blast reading this guide in its entirety. We at RPGStash would love to hear which build you are going to use in the remainder of the Path of Exile: Affliction League.

With all of that said, good luck on your adventures in Wraeclast, Exile!

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