5 Ways to Earn FUT 23 Coins | FUT Coins Guide

27.10.2022 - 08:12:30
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5 Ways to Earn FUT 23 Coins | FUT Coins Guide

Almost all FIFA 23 fans will not miss the FIFA Ultimate Team edition, you may have realized the importance of FUT Coins. FIFA 23 coins are also the only currency on the FUT transfer market. While you can use the more easily earned FIFA Points to buy packs, only Coins will allow you to buy the specific players you want. So how can you get coins in FIFA 23?

How to get Coins in FIFA 23

1. Sell players

Players will always have some idle players in the process of building a team, and selling these players is the easiest way to get FUT 23 Coins unless players are loaned or marked as untradeable. You can do it via the FIFA 23 web app/companion app.

2. FUT Transfer Market

In the transfer market, choose quieter times to buy players cheap, then start paying attention on Friday morning, sell those players for profit during peak hours, and you'll get better returns over and over again. In addition to that, most consumables can also be sold to earn FUT Coins.

3. SBC Investment Card

If you're experienced, you'll find that Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) usually require cards that are cheap at the start of the game, but suddenly skyrocket in value when SBCs are needed. For cards that add value, you can invest in advance.

Divisions Rivals and Squad Battles are also one of the best ways for players to earn FUT Coins, where there's a sudden influx of new cards, or high-value packs during Lightning Rounds.

4. Competition Rewards

Earning gold by completing FUT races is the most common way, participating in daily quests, and weekly quests, at least the rewards you will have after completing the quests, especially when you get active gold boosts by completing milestones, why not do it Woolen cloth?

5. Buy FIFA 23 Coins

Paid purchases make it easier to earn FUT 23 Coins. Although EA prohibits bots from playing gold, what if a quality supplier offers legitimate FIFA Coins to sell to you? This will save you a lot of time and effort.

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