Animal Magnetism Quest - OSRS

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Animal Magnetism Quest - OSRS


Talk to Ava on the first level of Draynor Manor's west wing to begin the quest. In order to access her, you must search a Bookcase (Draynor Manor)|bookcase. You'll learn that she is Professor Oddenstein's new assistant, the professor at the manor's top. If you can get her some things to fix her bed, she promises to create you something. She will request two zombie chickens from you.

Undead Chickens

Needed: A ghostspeak amulet and 20 ecto-tokens (or, to get the ecto-tokens during the quest, 4 bones, 4 empty pots, and 4 empty buckets).

With your ghostspeak amulet and ecto-tokens, go to the undead chicken farm west of the Ectofuntus and speak with Alice there. See the Ectofuntus page for instructions on making more ecto-tokens if you don't have any. Using an Ectophial is the simplest way to get in touch with Alice (after completing Ghosts Ahoy).

Talk to Alice's husband or her husband's ghost, who prowls the farm among the zombie cows, after you're finished talking to Alice. Talk back and forth with Alice's husband up until he requests that you communicate with her personally. You must go to the Old Crone and ask her to craft a customised ghost-speak amulet for Alice's spouse in order for it to happen. East of the Slayer Tower is where the Old Crone resides. She will give you a crone-made amulet if you speak to her while wearing the ghostspeak amulet. If you have finished that mission, you will mention Ghosts Ahoy.

Talk to the spouse once more after delivering the amulet to the farm. A funny sequence starring a fictitious player character with the name Cow31337Killer will play. Then, Alice's husband will formally propose to sell you zombie chickens (for 10 ecto-tokens each). I'll buy two of those.

Run to the Ectofuntus in the east to gather ecto-tokens. By entering the trapdoor to the west of the Ectofuntus and continuing below to the slime pit, you can fill at least two empty buckets with slime. For bonemeal, use the bone grinder on FloorNumber|uk=1, just above the Ectofuntus, to crush at least two bones into empty pots. Worship the Ectofuntus at the centre of floor number uk zero, and

obtain the ecto-tokens by speaking to a ghost disciple when wearing a ghostspeak amulet or Morytania Legs 2.

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Needed: 5 iron bars, a hammer and your two undead chickens.}

Deliver the undead chickens to Ava when you get back to her. There will be some amusing talk if you use one of these during the conversation. Now Ava will ask for a bar magnet. Speak to the witch who is in a nearby room. She will offer you a chosen iron and instructions on how to make it into a magnet in exchange for five iron bars. To use a hammer on the iron while facing north, go to the mine's centre, which is northeast of Rimmington. It will become a bar magnet as a result.

Undead Twigs

Needed: Mithril axe and a holy symbol.

Grab the magnet, and return to Ava. When you deliver the magnet to Ava, you will receive 50 crafting experience points. She will explain that she needs twigs from an undead tree near the Draynor Manor. If you try to use a conventional axe to cut one of these trees, you will discover that it is impossible. If you go back to Ava and ask her for help, she will direct you to Turael in Burthorpe who has been working on a means to take down the zombie trees using his Slayer talents. Speak with Turael. Make sure you don't unintentionally ask him to perform an undesirable Slayer task. If you give Turael a mithril axe and a holy symbol, he will give you a blessed axe. He won't take any other kind of axe. Return to Draynor Manor with the blessed axe, and hack an undead tree there until you find some undead twigs.

Translating the Notes

Needed: Hard leather and polished buttons.

Send the branches to Ava. She will tell you that although she is nearly finished with her invention, some of the study notes (Animal Magnetism) she has acquired still need to be translated. By clicking the appropriate buttons that appear on the screen, you can translate these notes. You can use the illustration as the answer.

Once the notes have been deciphered, speak with Ava. She will tell you what's left to complete the device: some firm leather and polished buttons. Create a container by combining these two objects with the pattern (A) that was provided to you. To finish the task, give Ava the container.

Congratulations! Quest completed!

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