Best Budget Class Specific Items in D2R

04.02.2023 - 06:07:51
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Best Budget Class Specific Items in D2R



Lycander's Aim - Powerful Bowazon option at level 42 sporting high damage, +2 to Amazon skills, 20% ias, 5-8% mana stolen per hit, +20 energy and dexterity and +2 to crossbow and bow skills, definitely good choice for leveling until you unlock better options

Titan's Revenge - A non ethereal version of this great weapon is pretty cheap few weeks into the ladder and will serve perfectly any budget Amazon running through Hell difficulty, with +30% faster run/walk, +20 strength and dexterity, 5-9% life leech, +2 to Amazon skills, +2 to Javelin and Spear skills, 150-200% enhanced damage, adds 25-50 damage and replenishes 1 quantity in 3 seconds you'll be able to spam Lightning Fury way more often than before, ideally by having 2 copies of this weapon you can wear the second copy once you are almost out of Javelins to let the first recharge while you spam more skills

Thunderstroke - Very strong option for single target and Boss fights, -15% enemy lightning resistance helps damage output paired with 15% ias, +2-4 Javelin skills, +3 Lightning bolt, 20% chance to cast level 14 Lightning on strike and 1-511 lightning damage on hit




Bartuc's Cut Throat - Excellent Budget weapon for a dual claws Assassin using Martial Arts or decent for a Trapsin as well but outshined by other more expensive options, it has +2 Assassin skills, +1 Martial Arts, +20 Strength and Dexterity, 5-9% life leech, 20% bonus attack rating, 30% faster hit recovery, 150-200% enhanced damage and adds 25-50 damage

Firelizard's Talons - Great budget options for a Dragon Tail Kicksin using Tiger Strike, the fire damage adds a lot of firepower to Tiger Strike damage allowing it to kill minions easily even while just charging up and their 40-70% fire resistances works well to counter Fire Sunder Charm. It also gets +1-3 Martial arts, +1-2 Wake of Fire and Wake of Inferno, 15% ias and adds 236-480 fire damage plus 200-270% enhanced damage 

Jade Talons - Mediocre weapon slower and weaker than other good budget options, but bringing invaluable +40-50% all resistances, +1-2 Martial arts, +1-2 Shadow Disciplines, 30% fhr, 10-15% mana stolen per hit, 190-240% enhanced damage, making them ideal if you need resistances early on in Hell




Arreat's Face - Extremely Popular Barbarian helm which can roll 3-6% life leech, 150-200% defense, 30% fhr, +2 Barbarian skills, +30 All Resistances, +20 Strength and Dexterity, +2 Combat Skills (barb) and +20% attack rating. To get it as cheap as possible, chase the lowest rolled ones obviously

Wolfhowl - Niche Barb helm used to shapeshift into Werewolf barb, enabling an unique playstyle for the class. +2-3 Warcries, +3-6 Lycanthropy, Werewolf, +15 Strength, Dexterity, Vitality, 18 charges of Summon Dire Wolf




Jalal's Mane - Excellent Druid helm choice with +2 to Druid skills, +2 to Shape Shifting, +20 Strength, Energy, +5 mana per kill, +30% all resistances, +20% attack rating and 30% fhr

Ravenlore - Good Elemental Druid helm option with +7 to Raven, +3 to Elemental Skills, +20-30 Energy, -10/20% to enemy fire resistance and +15-25% All Resistances




Boneflame - Decent general option for Necromancers with +2-3 All skills, +20-30% All Resistances and +20% faster run/walk, plus ctc Terror upon being struck

Homunculus - Great defensive option with +40% chance to block, 30% faster block rate, +2 Necromancer skills, 33% regenerate mana, +20 Energy, +5 mana per kill, +40% All Resistances and +2 to Curses skills




Herald of Zakarum - Popular Paladin shield used in mostly all builds not using a Spirit or Exile, it has 30% increased block chance, 30% faster block rate, 20% bonus attack rating, +20 Strength and Vitality, +50% All Resistances +2 Paladin skills and +2 Combat skills (paladin) which makes it very powerful




The Oculus - Very good leveling options for any Sorc, with 25% chance to cast Teleport when hit which can often saves you from taking consecutive hits from hordes of enemies, while at the same time possibly teleporting you in an even more dangerous zone though, so use at your own risk. I personally love it, some people hate it, however it has +3 Sorceress skills, +5 mana per kill, +20% All Resistances, 30% faster cast rate, +20 Vitality and Energy, 20% enhanced defense and 50% magic find at level 42, surely among the best options for that level.


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