Best Budget Gloves in D2R

04.02.2023 - 06:16:24
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Best Budget Gloves in D2R

Normal Gloves


Chance Guards - popular best in slot gloves for goldfind and magic find builds with 200% goldfind and up to 25-40% magic find, the ones with low magic find roll will be much cheaper few weeks into the ladder.

Frostburn - used in Energy Shield Sorceress builds mostly due to 40% increase max mana, or in niche other builds if you need more mana.

Magefist - Very popular caster gloves with 20% fcr, 25% regenerate mana and +1 to fire skills, very good for all caster builds and only rivaled by Trang'Oul set gloves.


Elite Gloves


Dracul's Grasp - In order to get them for the cheapest price, you'll have to get a poorly rolled pair but that's fine because even when poorly rolled these gloves do their job perfectly. Used a lot in Uber Tristram physical builds because of their lv10 Life Tap procs and 25% open wounds, these gloves also get 7-10% life stolen per hit, +10-15 Strength and 5-10 life after each kill. They work well on any melee physical build since Life Tap heals you 50% of the physical damage dealt to the target, but will work even better on Barbarians or Assassins dual wielding weapons, cause you'll swing more often and thus get more procs faster in general.


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