Best Budget Shields in D2R

04.02.2023 - 06:12:31
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Best Budget Shields in D2R

Normal Shields


Steelclash - Early decent option from level 17 until you can get a Spirit shield later on, with +15% All Resistance, +25% faster block rate, 25% increased chance of blocking and +1 to paladin skills, although the 47 Strength requirement can be pretty high at that level for casters.


Exceptional Shields


Gerke's Sanctuary - In conjunction with other gear with similar flat damage reduction multiple attributes it is one of the key pieces for an "Immortal Sorc" build, but pales in comparison to a Spirit shield if such kind of defensive stats are not needed and thus it's not a good choice for builds designed to maximize their offensive capabilities, but rather the opposite good to maximize defensive capabilities by capping resistances and then stacking flat damage reductions and absorbs.

Moser's Blessed Circle - This shield at a first glance might look a bit underwhelming but it's power lies in the 2 sockets, since its base has already 30% faster block rate, 25% increased block chance and +25% all resistance it can become a rather tanky budget shield with 2 perfect Diamonds to get +63 All resistances while having a decent and faster block rate too, or you could add utility to it if your resistances are maxed already by adding 2 Sol for 14 flat physical damage reduction.


Elite Shields


Spirit Ward - Niche but very powerful when used wisely, as it can proc a level 8 Fade with 5% chance (% like Treachery) upon being struck (gives +50% All Resists, -70% curses duration, -8% physical damage and lasts around 3 and a half minutes), +25% faster block rate, 20-30% increased block chance, +30-40% All Resistances and +6-11 cold absorb. The biggest tradeoff comes from the high Strength requirement of 185 which ultimately makes it unpopular, plus the fact that if you really wanna pre buff yourself with Fade, you should get it from a Treachery runeword since it will last almost 90 seconds more and will have total 60% All Resistances, -15% physical damage.

Stormshield - One of the best shields in the game, with its massive -35% physical damage reduction it is staple piece for many hardcore builds and tanky builds where meeting the physical damage cap is a priority, with also 35% faster block rate and +25% chance of blocking, a lot of defense and while being indestructible, this shield will never let you down. It also has +60% cold resist, +25% lightning resist and +30 Strength.


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