Best Budget Unique Boots in D2R

04.02.2023 - 05:57:44
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Best Budget Unique Boots in D2R

Normal Boots


Goblin Toe - At level 22 you can wear this with 50 Strength requirement, gaining 25% Crushing Blow chance on hit which is an extremely powerful effect against enemies with a lot of Life or bosses, so they are generally pretty useful to have and use. However at higher levels they usually get replaced by Gore Riders in most builds.

Hotspur - No Strength required for them while they give 45% fire resistance and +15% max fire resistance value to the user at lvl5, definitely amazing to have early on.


Exceptional Boots


Gore Rider - Spiritual successors of Goblin Toe, with a lvl requirement of 47 they have 30% faster run/walk, 15% Crushing Blow, 15% Deadly Strike, 10% Open Wounds chance and -25% requirements for 94 Strength needed. Many melee physical builds use these boots, but Kicksins in particular will upgrade them at level 72 for maximum kick damage and defense boost at the cost of higher Strength and level requirement.

Infernostride -  Used in goldfind builds since they can have +40-70% goldfind and +30% fire resistance with +10% max fire resistance plus 20% faster run/walk, while adding a minimal amount of fire damage and light radius.

Silkweave - Mostly used for the 10% increased max mana, +5 mana after each kill and 30% faster run/walk by some Amazons and Sorc builds, they are good boots but there are better overall options unless you have frequent issues with sustaining mana, in this case the +5 mana per kill becomes very useful

War Traveler - Among the most popular pieces of equipment in Diablo 2 Resurrected, meaning that a godly rolled pair will be expensive but with enough patience you might come across a cheap pair which will still be better than many other options, since that "adds 15-25 damage" also interacts well with damage multipliers, they are an effective generic choice for many physical melee build when not using Gore Riders and when they roll high magic find they become "best in slot" for almost any magic find build


Elite Boots


Marrowwalk - Niche boots mostly amazing for Summon Necromancers with +1-2 to Skeleton Mastery, but also extremely useful for builds like Fire Wall sorc in Uber Tristram to trap Uber Mephisto into its level 33 Bone Prison charges while you cook it with your Fire Wall, other than this they have 10-20 Strength, +17 Dexterity, 10% regenerate mana, 20% faster run/walk, half freeze duration and also 10 charges of precious level 12 Life Tap so they can actually be very useful to physical melee builds in dangerous moments, by really wanting it.

Sandstorm Trek - These boots can roll with a wide variance in Poison resistance, 40-70% and can also have +10-15 Strength and Vitality, 20% faster run/walk and fhr plus auto repair mod so they can be used when Ethereal

Shadow Dancer - Niche boots used on Kicksins for their high kick damage (same as upped Gore Rider) but most notably as a swap piece at your stash to pre-buff and snapshot highest level possible Shadow Master/Burst of Speed/Fade. Since you need to reach lvl17 Shadow Master to unlock her best equipment, you will use these boots with some shadow discipline skillers (fortunately they are among the cheapest ones) and +skills gear if you want to reach lv17 with just one hard point invested into it. Other than that, 30% faster run/walk, 20% fhr and +15-25 Dexterity are the remaining useful stats on these boots.


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