Best Budget Unique Belts in D2R

04.02.2023 - 05:59:52
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Best Budget Unique Belts in D2R

Normal Belts


Goldwrap - Great option early on to increase goldfind by 60-80%, magic find by 30% while also getting 10% attack speed increase. The only downside is that it has 12 potion slots originally and you have to upgrade it with the Horadric Cube to increase that number to 16.

Nightsmoke - 50% damage taken goes to mana is very high from a single piece of equipment, +10% all resistances and +20 mana add even more value to this normal tier Unique belt


Exceptional Belts


All the belts from now on have 16 potions slots:

Gloom's Trap - Popular for Energy Shield builds since it gives 15% increased max mana and mana regeneration, +15 Vitality and 5% mana stolen per hit.

Razortail - Extremely good budget belt for Amazons and throw Barbs and all ranged physical builds who can take advantage of 33% piercing chance, while also giving +15 Dexterity. With enough +skills gear an Amazon can reach 100% pierce with this + the related passive skill

Snowclash - Very strong belt for Blizzard Sorc having +2 Blizzard + 3 Glacial Spike and +3 Chilling Armor on top of +15 cold absorb and +15% max cold resistance, but might take some time to find it cheap

String Of Ears - Another popular belt, this time for the 10-15% physical damage reduction, magic damage reduced by flat 10-15 and 6-8% life stolen per hit, by going budget you should expect to get a low rolled one but even with the lowest rolls it will be decent.

Thundergod's Vigor - One of the best belts in the game, often referred to as "tgod" its price goes down after the first weeks in Ladder usually and the ones with lowest defense will be cheap. Whenever you find yourself fighting a dangerous boss or opponent with high lightning damage output this is the best belt to guard against it, sporting +20 lightning absorb, +10% to max lightning resistance and +20 Strength and Vitality, on top of adding 1-50 lightning damage. For Amazons it also gives +3 to Lightning Fury and Lightning Strike to add massive damage and value to an already extraordinary belt.


Elite Belts


Verdungo's Hearty Cord - best budget belt for survivability in endgame with +30-40 Vitality, 10-15% damage reduction and +10-13 replenish life and 10% faster hit recovery. You'll find the low rolled ones for cheap later on during the Ladder.


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