Best Quests For OSRS Beginners

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Best Quests For OSRS Beginners

As of this writing, there are exactly 164 quests in OSRS. Completing all of those requires a ton of time and dedication. It's never too late to get into classic Runescape, but it can be overwhelming to join the game today as there are so many things to do.

For this guide, we've scoured the game and looked for the essential quests that all newcomers need to do first. While these quests are relatively easy, the rewards and benefits they give provide the boost you need for the early game in OSRS. Aside from giving you a list of the best quests, we're also including a short quick guide for each one.

The Grand Tree



This quest has steep requirements for beginners, especially considering that you have a tough fight waiting for you at the end with a fight against a Black demon. However, the rewards are actually pretty worth it. For starters, you're getting a huge boost to your combat Skills in the game.

Completing the quest also opens up a lot of other areas in the game which means more content for you to explore! Upon finishing this quest, you'll also have access to the Monkey Madness quest which is one of the most popular storylines and rewarding series of quests in the game.

Before doing this, we highly suggest doing the Tree Gnome Village quest first as it lessens many of the requirements moving forward.

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The Grand Tree Quick Guide

  • Level 25 Agility
  • Enough combat level to defeat a level 172 Black demon
Items Required
  • 1,000 coins
  • None if you have completed Tree Gnome Village or have helped Femi.
  • Level 50 Combat level
  • Energy potions or stamina
  • Something that will help you travel faster to the Tree Gnome Stronghold, such as Balloon Transport System or Slayer Ring.
  • Fast travel to Hazelmere.
  • 5 Quest points
  • 18,400 Attack experience
  • 2,150 Magic experience
  • Mine access under the Grand Tree
  • Gnome glider transportation system access
  • Agility shortcut ability that you can use from the Grand Tree to the barbarian Outpost
  • Access to the Spirit Tree in the Stronghold after completing Tree Gnome Village
  • 5 Kudos
  • Go to the Grand Tree and talk to King Shareen. Get a translation book and a Bark sample by accepting the quest.
  • Using the fairy ring code cls, head to the island east of Yanille. Another option is to Charter a boat in Brimhaven to Port Khazard. Then, run south pass the Fight Arena and proceed east of Yanille. You may also get there via teleportation using the following:
  • Nightmare Zone or Fishing trawler's minigame teleport<
  • Watchtower/Yanille teleport
  • Ardougne cloak Monastery teleport
  • Talk to Hazelmere and you will be given a message.
  • Go back to King Shareen. Tell him: 1•5•5•2•1•4 when he asks you about the message.
  • Talk to Glough after going south to the bottom of the ramp. Then, turn east and go up the ladder.
  • Head to King Shareen again. He will tell you that Glough has caught someone. Ask him to see the prisoner.
  • Go to the top floor of the grand tree and talk to the prisoner Charlie.
  • Proceed to Glough's house and search the cupboard to find his journal.
  • While you wait to be arrested, speak with Glough.
  • Talk to Charlie to know more about Karamja's Shipyard. The password is Ka-Lu-Min.
  • The king will appear and will tell you to use the Gnome glider to escape.
  • Use the glider to travel.
  • Run east past the level 53 jogres towards the Ship Yard gate after the glider crashes near the Ship Yard.
  • Once you open the gate, tell the worker that Glough sent you then give the password Ka-Lu-Min (2•1•2•2).
  • Look for the Foreman on the southern dock. Either kill himor talk to him to obtain a Lumber order. Note that he will ask you some security questions if you talk to him. (3•2•1)
  • Get the Lumber order and take it to the king.
  • Go to the top floor of the Grand Tree and talk to Charlie.
  • Talk to Anita by going up the steps to the north-west of the grand Tree, west of the swamp. You'll get a key from her.
  • Use the key to open a chest in Glough's house. Then, take the invasion plans.
  • Give the invasion plans to the king. Make sure you have four empty inventory spaces as he will give you four letters made of sticks.
  • Proceed to the watchtower in Glough's house. Use the sticks with the four pillars to spell out TUZO. Eat a summer pie if you are under level 25 Agility.
  • Prepare for the battle and go down the trapdoor.
  • Talk to Glough. Then, a level 172 Black demon will attack you.
  • After the cutscene ends, run to the tile north of the ladder to trap the Black demon behind the mithril rocks. Attack with Magic, Ranged, or a halberd. You have to kill the demon in exactly 10 minutes or it will despawn. When this happens, exit through the ladder in the center of the cave. Then, go through Glough's trapdoor.
  • After killing the demon, find King Shareen by the ladder.
  • Talk to the king. He wil ask you to find the last Daconia stone. Complete the dialogue to continue.
  • Search the roots.
  • Talk to the king for the last time.

Plague City



The Elf City questline is one of the longest there is in OSRS. It's a storyline that took years to finish on the end of the developers. The result is a very rewarding and engaging experience that all OSRS players should experience at least once.

Plague City serves as the first quest in this storyline and it introduces you to most of the characters that Plague City will revolve around. Completion of the quest gives you access to the Ardougne Diary, as well as the next quest in the Elf City storyline.

Plague City Quick Guide

Items Required
  • Dwellberries (You can find them in McGrubor's Wood by squeezing thorough the loose railing, using fairy ring code als, or use Telekinetic Grab. You can also buy them from Hudo or Heckel Funch in the Tree Gnome Stronghold or you can just grow them with level 36 Farming).
  • Rope (Can be bought in Ned, Port Khazard general store, or East Ardougne general store. It also spawns in Karamja general store.)
  • Spade (It spawns by Edmond.)
  • Four buckets of water (You can get buckets and water from a water source near Edmond.)
  • Hangover cure or the ingredients to make the following:
  • Chocolate dust (chocolate bar and knife or pestle and mortar)
  • Bucket of milk (you can get it by using a bucket on a dairy cow north of Ardougne or buy from Heckel Funch or Hudo.)
  • Snape grass (You can find one on the peninsula northeast of Hosidius or west of the Crafting Guild. You can also grow it but you need level 61 Farming. Or, you can acquire one by killing Tribesmen in Karamja.)
  • Elena's picture (you can get it inside the house of Alrena and Edmond.)
  • 1 Quest point
  • 2,425 Mining experience
  • Ardougne teleport scroll that lets you unlock Ardougne Teleport with 51 Magic and access to Ardougne teletab.
  • Talk to Edmond (1•1).
  • Talk to Alrena either inside or near the house.
  • Take elena;s picture from the table inside the house.
  • Speak with Edmond.
  • Behind the house, on the mud patch between the cabbages and potatoes, use 4 buckets of water.
  • Using a spade, dig on the softeneed ground.
  • Head south to the farthest pipe.
  • Try to open the grill.
  • For the grill, use a rope.
  • Talk to Edmond.
  • Climb up the pipe wearing a gas mask.
  • Head east and talk to Jethick to obtain a book (1).
  • Head towards the house adjacent to the rotten apple spawn, which is up against the wall to the north.
  • Try to open the door.
  • Talk to either Ted Rehnison or Martha Rehnison in the house.
  • Talk to Milli Rehnison upstairs.
  • Head south of the town square to the big building along the southern wall, which has a staircase inside and doors with an "X" on them. Try to get the door open (2).
  • Head north of the manhole to the big main building onn the north side of the town square.
  • Go to the main room and talk to the Clerk (1•3).
  • Talk to Bravek (1•3) to obtain a scruffy note for a hangover cure.
  • Use the hangover cure on Bravek to obtain a warrant (3).
  • Go back to the Mourner house (the onse with doors with an "X" and the stairwell).
  • Go west of the staircase and search the barrel to find a small key.
  • Enter the cell downstairs and talk to Elena.
  • Go back to the town square, pass through the sewer, climb the mud mound, and descend the manhole to Edmond's house.
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After completing Plague City, you should start doing Biohazard next. What makes this quest essential is that it will open up more parts of Ardougne to you. Meaning there'll be more of the city to explore as well. You'll also gain access to a fun and easy combat training experience after completing this quest but that method won't be viable for long-term training.

It's going to be more than enough to get you a few levels though.

Biohazard Quick Guide

  • Plaque City completion
  • Plaque City completion
Items Required
  • Bird feed (you can get this during the quest; found in a cupboard in Jerico's house)
  • Pigeon cage (you can also get this during the quest. It's behind Jerico's house)
  • Priest gown top and bottom (you can get this from Asyff's fancy Clothes Store during the quest for a total of 12 coins).
  • Gas mask (you can find this on a cupboard in Edmond and Alrena's house in East Ardougne).
  • 10 Combat level
  • Energy potions or stamina
  • Fast travel to several locations
  • Rimmington teleport, teleport to house (if your house is in Rimmington), Explorer's Ring 2, Skills necklace (to the Crafting Guild) or Rat Pits mini game teleport
  • Varrock teleport, Chronicle or Combat bracelet to the Champion's Guild
  • Ardougne teleport
  • 3 quest points
  • 1,250 Thieving experience
  • Access to Combat Training Camp, which is located north of the city. Six training dummies in all can be attacked for 50 attack experience apiece.
  • Get to travel freely through the West Ardougne gate.
  • Access tto West Ardougne Teleport in the teletab and Arceuus spellbook.
  • Go to East Ardougne and talk to Elena (1).
  • Head to the house south of the northern Ardougne bank and talk to Jerico.
  • Find th ebird feed by looking inside the cupboard. Click continue to add it to you inventory.
  • Take a pigeon cage out of the backyard. Take five extra cages if you're going to do One Small Favor.
  • Speak to Omart after going south-west of Ardougne Castle.
  • Head north to the small watchtower, towards the gate leading to West Ardougne.
  • Stand in the corner where the two fences with spikes converge.
  • Use bird feed on the watchtower's fence.
  • Open the pigeon cage in your inventory.
  • Wear your gas mask.
  • Find Omart by running south from the watchtower and speak to him. You will get to West Ardougne after a slight delay.
  • Navigate around the headquarters to the area with the vat and mangle located in the northeast.
  • Go to the backyard by squeezing yourself through the fence.
  • Get the rotten apple.
  • Use the rotten apple on the cauldron.
  • Go through the fence again.
  • Make your way to Nurse Sarah's house. It's located southwest of the West Ardougne church.
  • Proceed to the northern part of the house and search the cupboard for a medical gown.
  • Head back to the headquarters wearing the medical gown. Then, open the door.
  • Kill a mourner upstairs. A key will automatically be placed in your inventory.
  • Use the key to get to the caged room.
  • Inside, you'll find crates in the north-eastern area. Search for Elena's distillator in the middle crate.
  • Leave three empty spaces in your inventory and return to Elena via teleport. Give her the distillator.
  • Proceed to south-western Rimmington by either taking a ship from Captain Barnaby or using a teleport and head to the Chemist.
  • Talk to the Chemist (2) to obtain a touch paper.
  • Go to the Chemist's house and find Chancy, Da Vinci and Hops by the fire.
  • Give the Liquid honey to Chancy (2).
  • Give the Ethenea to Da Vinci (1).
  • Give the Sulphuric broline to Hops (3).
  • Go to Varrock.
  • Proceed to the gated area situated southeast of the bank, which is Varock's southernmost point. You will be searched by the guard, but as long as you have the touch paper and plague sample in you inventory, you can proceed without restriction.
  • This is optional but you can talk to Asyff, the owner of the Fancy dress shop in the southeast building, to obtain a free priest gown (top and bottom) and equip it. Or, you can buy a priest's robe (top and bottom) from him and wear it.
  • Make your way to the Dancing Donkey Inn.
  • Allot some space for the vials and get them back by talking to Hops, Da Vinci, and Chancy. Avoid passing back through the gate as the guard will confiscate the vials and you will have to return to Elena to get new samples. If you need to pass through the gate, you can drop the vials at the gate.
  • Go to Guidor's house in the south-east of the fenced area as you're wearing the Priest gown.
  • Talk to Guidor. Tell him that Elena has sent a sample that needs to be processed (1).
  • Go back to Ardougne and talk to Elena.
  • Speak with King Lathas on the second floor of Ardougne Castle (1).

Druidic Ritual



This is a very easy quest that should take you less than an hour to complete. The best reward? Access to Herblore.

Potions are one of the most important resources in OSRS. Constantly buying potions isn't practical considering how expensive it can get. With Herblore, you can start making your own potions and being more self-sustaining in the game. You can also use Herblore to make potions that can help you get rich quicker in the game.

Eventually, you'll want to do an Ironman run in OSRS and since you'll have to be very self-sustaining in that mode, you'll see the true value of Herblore by then.

Druidic Ritual Quick Guide

Items Required
  • Raw bear meat
  • Raw beef
  • Raw chicken
  • Raw rat meat
Recommendations10 combat level
  • 4 Quest points
  • 250 Herblore experience
  • The ability to use Herblore skill
  • Go north of Taverley and speak with Kaqemeez in the stone circle (2•1).
  • Go upstairs in taverley's Herb shop and speak with Sanfew (1•2).
  • You can enchant the Cauldron in Taverley Dungeon by bringing the foru meats there and using htem on it.
  • Speak with Sanfew.
  • Speak with Kaqemeex.

Cook's Assistant



More necessary, rather than essential, Cook's Assistant might be one of the first quests that you'll do in OSRS. This serves as an introduction to Cooking which is easily a crucial Skill in the game. The quest is short and easy, and the rewards aren't great but it still shows you the ropes on the core aspects of the game.

Cook's Assistant Quick Guide

Items Required
  • Bucket
  • Pot
  • Egg
  • Pot of flour
  • Bucket of milk
  • 1 Quest point
  • 300 cooking experience
  • Access to Cook-o-matic 100, reducing the chances of burning some food.
  • Get a bucket of milk, a pot of flour, and an egg. You can buy them from the Grand Exchange for a total of 202 coins or you can simpl create them yourself by doing the following:
  • Bucket of milk - Use a bucket on a dairy cow in the Lumbridge cow field.
  • Egg - The spawn at the chicken farm located on the cow field's north-west side.
  • Pot of flour - Pick some grain from outside the Mill Lane Mill, which is next to the cow pens, using an empty pot. Ascend to the mill's upper level, utilize the grain in the hopper, and then release the lever. With an empty pot in hand, go down and retrieve the flour from the flour bin.
  • With all the items in you inventory, talk to the cook whom you will find in Lumbridge Castle's kitchen.

Elemental Workshop I



Unlike other quests in this guide, Elemental Workshop I is purely puzzle-solving. That might sound as if the quest is easy but the puzzles in this quest are actually quite challenging.

This quests helps you craft the one and ONLY Elemental Shield in OSRS. There are lots of other shields that are better than this but it's the best one you have early on if you're looking to fight Skeletal Wyverns.

Elemental Workshop I Quick Guide

  • 20 Crafting
  • 20 Mining
  • 20 Smithing
Items Required
  • Knife (you can get it during the quest) or a non-poisoned slash weapon
  • Pickaxe
  • Needle (you can get it during the quest)
  • Thread
  • Leather (you can get it during the quest)
  • Hammer
  • 4 coal (for every extra bar you want to make, add 4 more)
  • 15 Combat level
  • Camelot transport
  • Combat equipment if you have a lower level
  • 1 Quest point
  • 5,000 Crafting experience
  • 5,000 Smithing experience
  • Ability to use the elemental WOrkshop
  • An elemental shield and the ability to make and wield it.
  • Go to Seer's Village and proceed to the house located just south of the anvil.
  • On the eastern wall, search the bookcases to find a battered book.
  • Use a knife of ht ebook to get a battered key.
  • Make your way to the building with anvil and use the key in your inventory to open the Odd looking wall.
  • Head downstairs.
  • Proceed into the north room.
  • Look for the controls east of the water wheel and turn it.
  • Turn the water wheel's water control to the west.
  • Pull the level near the water wheel.
  • Head to the room on the east.
  • Fix the bellows using a needle, thread, and leather.
  • Pull the lever near the bellows.
  • Search the small boxes in the north-east of the middle room to obtain a stone bowl.
  • Head to the room in the south.
  • To the south, use a stone bowl on the lava trough.
  • Use the bowl of lava on the Furnace.
  • Head to the room on the west and mine an elemental rock.
  • Defeat the Earth elemental and obtain the elemental ore it drops.
  • To get an Elemental metal, use the elemental ore and four coal on the furnace located in the room's southern area.
  • Proceed to the middle room and smith an elements shield with the slashed book by using the elemental metal on the workbench.
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Dwarf Cannon



The Dwarf Cannon Is a relatively easy quest for beginners. The reward? The Dwarf Multicannon - one of the most versatile and powerful ranged weapons in the game. It's often used for training the Ranged Skill safely but other than that, it's also being used in many combat scenarios because of it's solid damage and distance.

Dwarf Cannon Quick Guide

Items RequiredHammer (you can get this during the quest)
  • Food
  • Energy potions or stamina
  • Fast travel to reach the Dwarven Mine entrance (it could either be the amulet of glory that will take you to Edgeville or combat bracelet that will take you to the Monastery)
  • Fast travel to the Coal trucks (it could either be games necklace that will take you to the Barbarian Outpost or skills necklace that will take you to the Fishing Guild)
  • Fast travel to the Goblin Cave (you can use skills necklace to get to the Fishing Guild)
  • 1 Quest point
  • 750 Crafting experience
  • Access to purchase and use dwarf multicannon
  • Capability to create cannonballs
  • Go to the west side of Seer's Village and talk to Captain Lawgof near the Coal truck mining site (1). Use fairy ring code als then run towards east. Continue running towards west after squeezing through the loose railing. You can also teleport to the Fishing Guild using a skills necklace. From there, run north after going west.
  • If you don't have a hammer, you may get one in the house to the east.
  • Fix the fence's six curved railings on the west and south ends.
  • Speak with Captain Lawgof.
  • Proceed to the tower located to the south of the gate.
  • Take the Dwarf remains after climbing up two ladders.
  • Go back to captain Lawgof and talk to him again.
  • Enter the cave located at teh southeast corner of the Fishing Guild by running south or using the teleportation feature to get there.
  • Go as far to the northwest as you can inside the cave. Locate Lollk by searching the northernmost crate along the east wall in the northwestmost room. The conversation doesn't have to be completed.
  • Talk to captain Lawgof (1).
  • On the damaged multicannon adjacent to Captain Lawgof, use the toolkit you received from him in this sequence:
  1. Use the hook tool on the spring.
  2. Use the pliers on the safety switch at the bottom.
  3. Use the tooth tool on the gear at the bottom of the hammer.
  • Talk to Captain lawgof (2). Complete the conversation to finish.
  • Make your way to the Dwarven Black Guard camp located north-east of Falador.
  • Speak with Nulodion in the outpost. You can find him in the house on the mining camp's west side.
  • Bring Nulodion's notes and the cannonball mold and go back to Captain Lawgof.

Recruitment Drive



Recruitment Drive Quick Guide

This quest introduces you to the Knights of Saradomin which in turn opens up access to more quests, activities, and ways to enjoy the game. If you're lacking a good armor during the early stages of the game, then you'll probably get more out of this quest as one of the rewards is the Initiate Armor.

Aside from having decent bonuses, the armor also has bonuses to your Prayer points which is very important early on.

  • Completion of Black knight's Fortress
  • Completion of Druidic Ritual
Items RequiredNone
Recommendations10 Combat level
  • 1 Quest point
  • 1,000.5 Prayer experience
  • 1,000.5 Agility experience
  • 1,000.5 Herblore experience
  • Access to initiate armor and free sallet (you can also buy subsequent sallets for 6,000 coins from Sir Tiffy Cashein, the cuisse for 8,000 coins, the hauberk for 10,000 coins, or even the full set for a total of 20,000 coins.)
  • The Gaze of Saradomin
  • Go to the White Knight's castle. On the third floor, you will find Sir Amik Varze. Talk to him (1).
  • Empty you inventory and bank all your equipped items.
  • Go to the park and talk to Sir Tiffy Cashien to begin test (3).
  • Five out of seven puzzle rooms will show up in a random order but you will allways have to fight with Sir Kuam Ferentse. Below are the puzzle rooms and how you can survive it.

Sir Kuam Ferentse

  • Get the steel warhammer and equip it.
  • Kill Sir Leye.

Lady Table

  • Look for the right statue.
  • Check which weapon is missing.
  • Choose the one that was added after the time is up or take a screenshot to see which statue is missing.

Sir Ren Itchood

  • Look for the clue to the door.
  • The first letter of each sentence is the answer.

Sir Tinley

  • Left click on Sir Tinley and finish the conversation. Wait for him to speak to you again.

Sir Spishyus

  • Get the cross and the chicken. Once done, make sure to remove the chicken and then head back.
  • Cross and grab the grain. Remove the grain and take the chicken, and head back.
  • Grab the fox and cross after unequipping the chicken. Remove the fox and head back.
  • Grab chicken and cross. Then, unqeuip the chicken.
  • Head to the door.

Ms. Hynn Terprett

  • "Deth sentence" riddle - Fed to wolves
  • "Husband and daughter" riddle - 10
  • "Identical stones" riddle - Bucket A (32 degrees)
  • "Fingers on the left hand" riddle - 0
  • "Which is true" riddle - Three False

Miss Cheevers

First door

  • Search for following starting from the south-west corner:
  • The south-westernmost bookshelf for a knife.
  • All the southernmost shelves with vials and take all of them.
  • Middle-sized crate on the north-eastern corner for a cake tin.
  • All shelves in the north for the remaining vials and take all of them.
  • Use the spade on the bunsen burner.
  • Utilize the spade on the door.
  • Use cupric sulfate on door.
  • Use a vial of liquid on the door.
  • Open the first door but don't walk through it.

Second door

  • On the cake tin, use a vial of liquid.
  • Apply gypsum on tin.
  • Use tin on a key that is on the ground near the entryway.
  • Apply both tin and cupric ore powder on the tin.
  • On a bunsen burner, use tin.
  • Use knife on tin.
  • Use key on the door then exit.

The Knight's Sword



If you're currently on the path to training your Smithing in OSRS, then make sure to do this quest first. Finishing it unlocks the ability to smelt blurite ores into blurite bars. Additionally, you're going to get a blurite sword as a reward for completing the game. While not exactly one of the best swords in the game, the blurite sword is a pretty decent melee weapon early on. You can expect to put this to good use for a good chunk of your early adventures.

The Knight's Sword Quick Guide

  • Level 10 Mining
  • Enough ability to run from level 75 ice warriors and level 53 ice giants.
Items Required
  • Redberry pie, which you can buy from Romily Weaklax in Cooks Guild.
  • 2 iron bars. If you want your own blurite sword, you will need 4 iron bars. You'll find one that spawns west of the Graveyard of Shadows in the Wilderness.
  • Blurite ore
  • Any pickaxe
  • 20 combat level
  • Fast travel to Varrock
  • Fast travel to Falador
  • If you're a member, fast travel to Rimmington (such as Pest Control minigame teleport, Fairy Rings to aiq, Rimmington Teleport or Teleport to house if your house is in the village)
  • Armor and some food
  • 1 Quest point
  • 12,725 Smithing experience
  • Blurite sword
  • Capability to make blurite bars from smelting blurite ore (for members only)
  • Go to the White Knight's castle and talk to the Squire (1•2•1•1).
  • Head to varrock Palace's library and talk to Reldo (3). If you already encountered Thurgo in The Giant Dwarf, skip this step.
  • Give Thurgo a redberry pie and have a conversation with him at the anvil, north of the fairy ring aiq, south of Port Sarim (2).
  • Talk to him again (1).
  • Head back to the castle and talk tot he Squire.
  • Ascend the stairway located on the eastern front of the castle to reach the second floor. Navigate westward and up the stairs. Look for a portrait in Sir Vyvin's bedroom cabinet without him looking.
  • Give the portrait to Thurgo (1) and bring iron bars with you.
  • Take the trapdoor east of Thurgo to the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon.
  • Once inside, proceed east, then north, and west along the route. Mine a blurite ore while staying in the icy area around the southern wall. If you intend to complete the Falador Easy Diary, mine another.
  • Bring your iron bars and blurite ore an dtalk to Thurgo (1)
  • Hand the sword to the Squire.

X Marks The Spot



Clue scrolls are a complex but rewarding system in OSRS. These involve a variety of puzzles that you can solve to get rewards ranging from armor, ore, to many others. X Marks The Spot serves as the introductory quest for Clue Scrolls. If you don’t have a clue scroll yet, you’ll get one as a reward for completing this quest.

X Marks The Spot Quick Guide

Items RequiredSpade
  • Stamina or energy potions
  • Fast travel to Draynor Village (you can use either the amulet of Glory or necklace of passage to get to the Wizard's Tower).
  • 1 Quest point
  • 200 coins
  • Antique lamp (which will provide you 300 experience in a skill of your choosing)
  • A beginner clue scroll (if you don't have one yet)
  • Go to Lumbridge and talk to Veos (1•1).
  • Dig directly beneath the small room's north-western window, one tile west of the plant leaning against the wall in Bob's Brilliant Axes.
  • Dig one tile to the south-west of the large crate, behind Lumbridge Castle, directly outside the kitchen door.
  • Walk or teleport (using an Amulet of glory) to Draynot Village.
  • Dig four tiles north of the bush close to Leela, just north-west of the Draynor Village jail, by the wheat field.
  • Dig in the pig pen adjacent to Martin, the Master Gardener.
  • At the Port Sarim docks, south of the Rusty Anchor Inn, use the ancient casket on Veos.

Good Luck On Your OSRS Journey!

These quests can give you a huge advantage during those early hours in OSRS. There are still over a hundred more quests to go. Don't forget to take in all of the surprises and twists that these quests has to offer along the way!

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