Best Way to Farm Barrows - OSRS Trailblazer League

08.12.2023 - 14:33:21
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Best Way to Farm Barrows - OSRS Trailblazer League

So you want to farm Barrows in the new Trailblazer Reloaded OSRS League, to get those juicy item bonuses but you don't want to spend days going through each crypt? Then this method in this guide is just for you. Following this method will get you a lot of Barrows chest KC in the shortest amount of time.

The Setup

The setup is pretty simple you require one of the following (any one of these is fine):

  • Globetrotter relic
  • Morytania legs 3 or 4
  • Arceuss spellbook with 83 Magic

After obtaining one of these 3 you will also need to have an altar in your POH which is only level 45 Construction. After the altar, to speed up the kills you will need to have a 1 minute or less cooldown crystal of memories. To achieve a 1 minute cooldown crystal you will need to have at least a total level of 1500, to have no cooldowns at all you will need a total level of 1800.


The Cycle

First pick the brother that you want to farm and do a regular Barrows run. After reaching the chest and opening it, teleport to your house and restore your prayer for free. After restoring it teleport directly to Barrows or Burgh de Rott. Teleporting to somewhere from your crystal will not change your crystal's last saved point. Go to the crypt of the brother that you want to armour off. Kill the brother and use your crystal to immediately teleport near the final chest. If a tunnel appears on your desired coffin simply teleport to the chest and open it to kill that brother. Doing this will not grant you any runes from the chest but you will always have the chance of getting the item pieces that you want to get. You will also be skipping the most tedious parts of Barrows which is running around in the crypt.

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