How to find Annihilus in D2R’s First Ladder Season

22.02.2022 - 13:40:02
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How to find Annihilus in D2R’s First Ladder Season

D2R Anni hunting

Getting the Annihilus Unique Small Charm works by completely different mechanics compared to legacy D2. Diablo clone spawns on a whole server's core once enough stone of jordans have been sold. As an example, if hundreds of Sojs have been sold

on US east HC ladder, a diablo clone will spawn on all East HCL games. Due to this, if you join realm and core once it has high sold soj count and idle in the game, there is a good chance that a diablo clone will spawn in your game.

While stone of jordans are being sold on the server, 6 different messages appear in the game depending on how many SOJs have been sold so far. The messages are as follows:

1. Terror gazes upon Sanctuary

2. Terror approaches Sanctuary

3. Terror begins to form within Sanctuary

4. Terror spreads across Sanctuary

5. Terror is about to be unleashed upon Sanctuary

6. Diablo has invaded Sanctuary

To maximise your chances of finding an Anni, the best time to join a server and the core is at "Terror Spreads across Sanctuary", or at "Terror is about to be unleashed upon Sanctuary". You can track sold Stone of Jordan progress here.

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Legacy D2 Anni hunting (Only works in legacy diablo 2)

The Annihilus Unique Small Charm is a must have item if you want to climb the upcoming 2.4 Patch's Ladder rankings quickly in Diablo 2 Resurrected. It has unmatched properties, making it one of the most useful and expensive items in the game.

Small Charm

Required Level: 70

+1 To All Skills

+10-20 To All Attributes (varies)

All Resistances +10-20 (varies)

+5-10% To Experience Gained (varies)

Farming an Annihilus is a quite complicated task. Uber Diablo is the one and only monster which if killed, drops an Unid Anni 100% of the time. An important note is even if there are multiple players in a game, only one Annihilus will be dropped.

How does Uber Diablo spawn?

Uber Diablo spawns on every Hell difficulty game on a single server, if 75-125 Stone of Jordan Rings have been sold to NPC merchants/vendors on that particular server. Ladder and Nonladder games run from separate servers, so in order to spawn Diablo Clone on Ladder, the SOJs must be sold on Ladder as well. However, Hardcore and Softcore Ladder servers are shared, so Diablo Clones will also spawn on Hardcore Hell games on the same server.

Once enough (randomly between 75-125) Stone of Jordan rings have been sold, each Hell difficulty game's display will start shaking on that particular server, and a "Diablo Walks the Earth" message will appear. Diablo Clone will spawn at the place of the first Boss or Superunique monster's place that your character gets near.

How to find a game on the right server:

Every time you create a game, your character will be assigned to a server. Each server has a unique IP Address, and can host over 200 games.

When an Anni Hunting event starts, one of Diablo 2's servers will be selected by the group/individual who will sell the 75-125 Stone of Jordans, and the IP address of that server will be disclosed with the group of people who take part in the event.

Then the group will start creating games on Hell difficulty, until their games are on the selected server's IP Address. To find out how to search for game IPs efficiently, read the Diablo Clone Hunter's Guide.

How to get Free Annihilus:

Free-to-join Anni Hunting events are organised once in a while. Lucky Luciano is a Youtuber who hosts such events, and occasionally there are free events on the D2jsp Forum as well.

Paid events are regularly hosted on D2jsp, where the requirement for joining is usually providing 1 or 2 Stone of Jordans to the hoster.

Best Places to spawn Diablo Clone

Once you see the "Diablo Walks the Earth" message, it's time to find a Superunique, or Boss monster to spawn Diablo Clone. If your character's survivability isn't super strong, the best place to Spawn Dclone is Blood More, since it has the weakest monsters, which will surround Uber Diablo. You should just run out of act1 town, search for Uber Diablo, kill the surrounding monsters and then finish him off.

If your character's survivability is great, the quickest way to get your Annihilus is by entering Act5's Frigid Highlands waypoint and running upwards to Eldricht the Rectifier, who always spawn very near the Frigid Highlands waypoint.

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