D2R Charms Guide

17.06.2022 - 12:24:54
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D2R Charms Guide

D2R Charms Guide

Charms are amongst the most seeked and most useful items in Diablo 2 Resurrected. Every single character builds greatly benefit from having useful charms in their inventory. As the inventory has 40 slots, players can fill up to 10 Grand Charms, or up to 40 Small Charms inside.

Unique Charms

There are three unique charms available in the game, and they are being used by almost every single character build due to their huge benefits. The Annihilus unique small charm provides 1 to all skills, 10-20 all resistance and all stats, and 5-10% extra XP. The Hellfire Torch large charm provides 3 to Class skills, and 10-20 all resistance and stats. The Gheed’s Fortune grand charm provides 20-40% magic find, 10-15% vendor price reduction, and up to 160% extra gold find. If you can afford these items, you should have all of them in your inventory, as they are amongst the best and most useful items in the entire game!

Most Important Charm Prefixes

The most beneficial defensive charm prefixes include All resistances for each 3 types of charms for any character that requires extra resistance, single resistances to reach the 75% cap on hell for any resistance that hasn’t reached the cap yet, +defense if the character lacks in defense, and +Skills on Grand Charms for specific skill trees where you want to increase skill levels.

The most beneficial offensive prefixes are again +Skills on Grand Charms if they help boost skill damage, maximum damage and/or attack rating for builds that deal physical damage, extra mana for builds that use high mana cost skills, and possibly poison damage for a few specific builds. Having +Cold damage on a single charm will help you chill and slow down enemy monsters.

Most important Charm Suffixes

The most beneficial defensive charm suffixes include +Life, which is the single most important factor in survivability, Faster Hit Recovery which helps in order to not be stunned, and stat points which are useful in general.

The most beneficial offensive and magic finding charm suffixes are +% Better Chance of getting Magic items, as your inventory should be the main source for +magic find for most character builds, and +Faster run and walk, as a quicker movement speed will allow you better mobility and faster monster clearspeed.

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