D2R Jabzon Amazon Build Guide

19.04.2023 - 17:12:17
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D2R Jabzon Amazon Build Guide


This is a guide for the Jabzon in the current D2R patch (2.6). This comprehensive guide aims to help new players unlock the full potential of their Jab Amazon character focussed on her jab skill. While not one of the more popular builds, the Jabzon is a powerful melee character not unlike a Zealer, Frenzy Barb or other melee physical damage dealer. With the right gear, and proper playstyle she can be a powerful character for PvM and PvP content. We'll cover everything from essential gameplay strategies, talent builds, gear selection, and leveling tips to ensure you dominate with a powerful, but non-flashy skill that will surprise with damage output. The Jabzon sees some use as an Uber or DClone killer. Usually fend is used in conjunction with Jab as an additional way to deal damage.

Table of Contents:
The Jab Amazon: A Brief Overview
Stat Allocation
Skill Tree Breakdown
Gear Selection
Leveling Tips
Combat Strategies
Party Synergy
Endgame Content


The Jab Amazon: A Brief Overview

The Jab Amazon is a melee-focused character specializing in the use of spears or javelins. She is a versatile and powerful warrior, capable of dealing massive amounts of physical and elemental damage (if equipped to do so). Her high attack speed and mobility make her a formidable opponent in both PvE and PvP content, and provides an interesting alternative to the standard bowazon or javazon.

Stat Allocation:

As you level up, distribute your stat points as follows:

  • Strength: Enough to equip your desired gear.
  • Dexterity: Primary focus for increased attack rating and damage.
  • Vitality: Secondary focus for added survivability.
  • Energy: Minimal investment, as you'll rely on leech and potions for mana.

Skill Tree Breakdown

The Jab Amazon's skills are divided into three trees: Javelin and Spear, Passive and Magic, and Bow and Crossbow. Focus on the following skills for a potent Jab Amazon build:

Skills to max:
1. Jab has no damage synergizers which is beneficial as you will have additional points to wield.
2. Fend provides you damage to adjacent targets and is useful for farming areas like the Cow level.
3. Penetrate increases your attack rating substantially increasing your chance to hit for Jab and Fend.
4. Critical Strike provides you a massive boost to % in doubling your on hit damage. This combined with Deadly strike is a potent combo.
5. Valkyrie is a great option to use all your remaining skillpoints and provides you with a powerful ally in combat who can help soak damage.

Other skills and pre-requisites:
1. Impale as a pre-req to Fend.
2. Invest 1-5 Points into Dodge, Evade and Avoid.
3. Inner Sight and Slow Missiles as prerequisites to Valkyrie, and powerful combat buff tools to either increase your chance to hit, or reduce enemy missile speed.
4. Decoy provides you an additional soaker and is a pre-req to Valkyrie.

Gear Selection:

When selecting gear for your Jab Amazon, prioritize the following stats:

  • Increased Attack Speed (IAS): Essential for maximizing your Jab and other attack skills.
  • Enhanced Damage: More damage means faster killing.
  • Life Leech and Mana Leech: Keep your health and mana replenished during combat.
  • Resistances: Aim for maximum resistances to mitigate incoming elemental damage.

Detailed gear suggestions with alternatives


  • Primary: Titan's Revenge (Unique Ceremonial Javelin) for enhanced damage, skills, and replenish quantity. An Ethereal one with High ED and Life leech will provide a powerful one handed option and is a go-to for many Jabzons.
  • Alternative: High-damage rare spear or javelin with IAS, enhanced damage, and leech.
  • Alternative: Ethereal Breath of the Dying in a 2-handed spear provides the highest damage option if you are willing to forgo the shield and extra defenses.


  • Primary: Fortitude (Rune Word) for enhanced damage, resistances, and life. This is the most powerful armor choice given the huge boost to damage.
  • Alternative: Chains of Honor (Rune Word) for +skills, resistances, and damage reduction. Consider this option if survivability is an issue.


  • Primary: Guillaume’s Face is the highest damage option providing a significant boost to Crushing Blow and Deadly Strike. Use this for the fastest clear possible. 
  • Alternative: Andariel's Visage (Unique Demonhead) for IAS, +skills, and life leech. This is a powerful option but keep in mind you should offset the negative fire resistances with Ral or from some other source.
  • Alternative: Vampire Gaze (Unique Grim Helm) for damage reduction, life leech, and mana leech. Great Mid-tier option that is quite easy to find.
  • Crown of Ages is the best defensive option with 30 to all res and 15 damage reduction. The two open sockets can be used for ias/ed jewels, Ber runes or Um runes depending on what you need. Keep in mind the high stat requirement means you can invest less in dexterity or vitality.


  • Primary: Laying of Hands (Set Bramble Mitts) for IAS and enhanced damage against demons. A good option for IAS and a powerful buff in PvM content.
  • Alternative: Dracul's Grasp (Unique Vampirebone Gloves) for life tap, life leech, and strength. The Lifetap gives you near immortality once proc’d, so is fantastic for Ubers.


  • Primary: Gore Rider (Unique War Boots) for crushing blow, deadly strike, and open wounds. The best Uber boots for a reason, this will be the standard boot for Jabzons.
  • Alternative: War Traveler (Unique Battle Boots) for added damage, magic find, and stats. A great option for Magic Find builds. 




  • Primary: String of Ears (Unique Sharkskin Belt) for Life Leech, physical damage reduction, and magic damage reduction, A great well rounded belt for self-sustain.
  • Alternative: Verdungo’s Hearty cord is another great option providing a big boost to survivability with DR and HP.




  • Primary: Highlord's Wrath (Unique Amulet) for IAS, deadly strike, and +skills. The best amulet for max damage builds.
  • Alternative: Cat’s Eye is a good option for the iAS and FRW which will help you clear faster.
  • Alternative: Mara’s Kaleidascope is a good option if you are having resistances issues and need a buffer. Along with the +2 skills and stats, this make Maras a good choice.


  • Primary: Raven Frost (Unique Ring) for cannot be frozen, attack rating, and dexterity. One is always used for cannot be frozen. The other mods are very useful for a Jabzon.
  • Secondary: Dual leech rare ring with life/mana leech, resistances, and attack rating. These are the most useful mods for a Jabzon.


Standard Anni, Torch and Gheeds should be used. Sunder is optional but recommended for certain areas if you don’t have amplify damage to get past physical immunes. Use as many life/ar/max damage charms as you can find. Alternatively, use resistances or FHR charms for extra survivability. 

Breakpoint Graph (IAS Breakpoints for Jab Amazon):

The breakpoints listed below indicate the number of frames between each Jab attack. To reach specific breakpoints, ensure your gear provides the required IAS:















Aiming for the 13-frame breakpoint (46% IAS) is a good balance between speed and gear investment. If you can afford it, pushing for the 12-frame breakpoint (86% IAS) will significantly boost your damage output.


Ideally an Act 2 Might Mercenary Aura will be utilized for a powerful Might aura. Options for his weapon include Pride (powerful Concentration aura), Reaper’s toll (Decrepify procs on attack), Infinity (to lower defenses, and empower your lightning damage if you have decided to go with a hybrid build. A standard Fortitude should be used, as well as an Andariel’s Visage, for the powerful life leech and attack speed, or G-Face for powerful boss-killing mods (like Crushing Blow and Deadly Strike).

Combat Strategies

  • Progress through the game at your own pace, focusing on completing quests and killing monsters.
  • Team up with other players to increase experience gains and share loot.
  • Prioritize the Javelin and Spear tree while leveling to unlock your primary skills early.
  • Use a combination of Jab, Lightning Fury, and Charged Strike to deal with various enemy types and situations.
  • Keep an eye out for gear upgrades, paying special attention to items that boost your attack speed, damage, and survivability.
  • Use Jab as your primary attack against single targets and small groups of enemies, or if they’re in a line like in Maggot lair. 
  • Fend is a fantastic option where monsters are spread in front of you. 
  • Cast Valkyrie to act as a tank and draw aggro, giving you more space to attack from a safer distance. Decoy serves the same purpose to a lesser extent. 


Party Synergy

The Jab Amazon excels in parties due to her versatility and damage output. However, she contributes very little in terms of auras or buffs herself. She does frontline well with enough life leech and survivability from gear. Consider teaming up with characters that provide complementary auras or buffs, such as:

  • Paladin: Auras like Fanaticism, Conviction, or Salvation can greatly enhance your damage and survivability.
  • Druid: Oak Sage summons and Cyclone Armor can provide additional health and elemental protection.
  • Necromancer: Curses like Amplify Damage or Lower Resist can increase the damage you deal to enemies.

Endgame Content

As you approach the endgame, the Jab Amazon is well-suited for tackling various challenges, such as:

  • Uber Tristram: With the right gear and skill build, you can effectively take on the Uber bosses and acquire powerful Hellfire Torches.
  • The Pandemonium Event: Your elemental and physical damage output can help your party quickly clear these difficult areas.
  • Key Runs: The Jab Amazon's versatility allows her to efficiently farm Countess, Summoner, and Nihlathak for keys.
  • PvP Combat: Use your speed, mobility, and high damage output to engage and eliminate opponents in PvP duels.


The Jabzon is a unique build that will surprise people with your damage output. You can farm very effectively with the right gear and build. Remember to balance your damage with ensuring you can survive in all areas, as the Amazon is a naturally fragile character. Good luck! 


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