D2R Lightning Fury/Charged Strike Amazon Build Guide

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D2R Lightning Fury/Charged Strike Amazon Build Guide

The Lightning Javazon is one of the favorite classes in Diablo II. This class combines single target power high single-target damage output with the (Charged Strike Charged Strike) skill and crowd control and clearing speed with (Lightning Fury) which is combined with (Pierce).

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The Javazon is considered the fastest boss-killing character in D2R and the Javazon is extremely useful in high monster density areas such as The Secret Cow Level and the Chaos Sanctuary, making the Javazon versatile character used in single boss runs and monster clears. A caveat of the Javmazon is her Lightning-type damage which she solely relies on and is subject to Lightning Immune monster and her vulnerability since she is focused on high damage output making her a bit of a glass cannon. Making the Javazon a character that requires a modicum of skill since you are going to need to position yourself in order not to die.

With outstanding single-target and area of effect damage, the Javazon is the character with the highest damage output in the game. After securing an ACT II Mercenary equipped with (Infinity), her ability to farm efficiently and quickly becomes one of the best in the game arguably second only to a Nova Sorc, with no area where she cannot farm efficiently.

Javazon Skills & Stats Build

First we are going to go through the skills & stats that you are going to be needing for an end game Javazon. Keep in mind that skills & stats are increased through certain quests. With that in mind this skill build assumes that you have completed all quests up to hell.


First of all, you are going to want to add 1 skill points on each of the prerequisite skills and the skills in the Passive & Magic tree for the Crit / Pierce / Valkyrie / Dodge / Avoid. With skiller charms you will be able to improve those skills even with only 1 point in them.

Next you are going to want to max out both your damaging skills which are (Lightning Fury) - This is going to be your main area of effect damage skill; max this out as soon as possible. Next you are going to want to max out (Charged Strike) as soon as possible - this is going to be your main single-target damage skill.

After you have maxed out your main damage skills you are going to want to max out the skills that are going to supplement your main skills and give them more damage. (Lightning Bolt) & (Lightning Strike). You are going to want to increase the level of (Lightning Bolt) first since every point is going to increase the damage of your Lightning Strike) which is going to be a safe skill while you are in your earlier levels. Next you are going to max out (Lightning Fury) this is going to improve your (Charged Strike) damage.

Lastly, the important skills in the Passive & Magic Skill tree that is going to aid in your survival & increase your efficiency & damage output is going to be (Pierce) & (Valkyrie).

  • (Pierce) - You are going to want to increase (Pierce) until you have approximately 63% piercing. Combined with the Razortail & Skiller Charms you will be able to reach 100% piercing for your (Lightning Fury).
  • (Valkyrie) - This is a skill that you are going to want in the later stages, although it isn't required it can be a huge bonus to help in your survivability. The early levels that you get from Rune Words and Skillers are going to improve the Valkyrie's stats. Additionally, you are going to want this skill to be at least 17. This is to maximize the gear of the Valkyrie and give her potential to improve her elemental damage immunities.


Strength: Enough to equip your final gear

Dex: Enough to equip your final gear

Vitality: Dump it all in here

Energy: None

Equipment & Gear

For the Equipment & Gear section I am going to breeze through what you are going to need in the early, intermediate, and final stages of your gear, which you are going to use to climb your way up to hell.

First we are going to talk about the initial gear that is going to take you through normal. Usually you don't need to farm anything in normal since you will be able to finish the game easily at this difficulty. Some notable things that you are going to want to keep in mind while going through normal are:

  • Rune words: Tal & Eth or strong>(Stealth). This rune word combined with Studded Leather gives you decent stats to carry you through Normal and a little of Nightmare.

Magic Damage Reduced By 3

+6 To Dexterity

+15 To Maximum Stamina

Poison Resistance +30%

Regenerate Mana 15%

25% Faster Run/Walk

25% Faster Cast Rate

25% Faster Hit Recovery

  • Set items: If you find a full Sigon Set while you are running around in normal then that set will be able to take you through normal and nightmare.
Partial Set Bonus

+10% Life Stolen Per Hit (2 Items)

+100 Defense (3 Items)

Complete Set Bonus

+10% Life Stolen Per Hit

+100 Defense

+20 To Mana

+12% Fire Resistance

+24 To Max Fire Damage

Attacker Takes Damage of 12

Damage Reduced By 7

Sigon's Visor

+25 Defense

+30 to Mana

+ (8 Per Character Level) 8-792 To Attack Rating (Based On Character Level) (2 Items)

Sigon's Shelter

+25% Enhanced Defense

Lightning Resistance +30%

Attacker Takes Damage of 20 (2 Items)

Sigon's Sabot

20% Faster Run Walk

Cold Resistance +40%

+50 To Attack Rating (2 Items)

+50% Better Chance To Find Magic Items (3 Items)

Sigon's Guard

+1 to All Skills

+20% Increased Chance To Block

Sigon's Wrap

Fire Resistance +20%

+20 to Life

+ (2 Per Character Level) 2-198 To Defense (Based On Character Level) (2 Items)

Sigon's Gage

+20 to Attack Rating

+10 to Strength

30% Increased Attack Speed (2 Items)

  • Charms Small, Large, and Grand: As much as possible you will want to pick up every charm. Note that charms in normal aren't that powerful yet, but they have the potential to assist you through Nightmare & Hell. So make sure to save all resist small charms and lightning resistant charms. Lightning resistance is going to be important.
  • Unique Items: The items that you are going to want to lookout for are Moser's Blessed Circle, Thunderstroke, & Titan's Revenge. The Moser's Blessed Circle paired with 2 Perfect Diamonds is going to be able to give you the resistances that you need to offset the effects of the Lightning Sunder Charm & HELL. The Thunderstroke is a common unique that can be a placeholder for a Titan's Revenge. Although If ever you find a Titan's Revenge then congratulation that's your end game.

End Game Gear:

Weapon: Ethereal Titan's Revenge or Titan's Revenge

Weapon Swap: Call to Arms (This is good to improve your skills and swap back)

Shield: Spirit Monarch

Body Armor: Chains of Honor

Helm: Griffon's Eye socketed with a 5/5 Lightning Rainbow Facet

Gloves: Magic gloves with +3 to Javelin and Spear Skills and 20% Increased Attack Speed (commonly known as as 3/20s) or Rare gloves with +2 to Javelin and Spear Skills, 20% Increased Attack Speed, and other useful stats

Boots: Ethereal Sandstorm Trek, Sandstorm Trek, Waterwalk, or Aldur's Advance Aldur's Advance

Belt: Razortail

Ring 1: Raven Frost

Ring 2: The Stone of Jordan or Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band

Amulet: The Cat's Eye

Important Charms:

Amazon Hellfire Torch


8xJavelin Skiller Grand Charms with Life or Faster Hit Recovery to reach at least 86% Faster Hit Recovery

Lightning Sunder Charm

10x Small Charms mainly for the Resistances, but it's also good to have options like Life, Mana, or Faster Hit Recovery, depending on your needs

Break Points for the Amazon

In D2R, stats affect action speed or frames differently. For example if you equip an item that increases your attack speed by 20% that doesn't immediately translate to an increase of attack speed instead it's going to add up until it reaches a breakpoint. Which means to be able to achieve faster attack speed, a certain breakpoint must be reached. These break points vary from class to class. Below is a chart for the Amazon:

Faster Hit Recovery Breakpoints

Frames to perform action13121110987654
Faster Hit Recovery required to reach frame0%5%10%16%24%37%54%86%152%360%

Faster Block Rate Breakpoints

Frames to perform action5432
Faster Block Rate required to reach frame0%13%32%86%

Increased Attack Speed Breakpoints with Ceremonial/Matriarchal Javelins for Throwing (Lightning Fury)

Frames to perform action14131211109
Increased Attack Speed required to reach frame0%6%16%30%52%89%

Increased Attack Speed Breakpoints with Ceremonial/Matriarchal Javelins for Stabbing (Charged Strike)

Frames to perform action1110987
Increased Attack Speed required to reach frame0%10%26%50%95%

Javazon Mercenary

You can either choose a Defensive Act IImercenary which uses (Holy Freeze) or an Offensive Act II mercenary (Might). Take note that these mercenaries are only available after you beat the game in Nightmare mode.

Javazon Mercenary Gear

Weapon: Ethereal Thresher (Infinity)

Body Armor: Ethereal (Fortitude)

Helm: Ethereal Andariel's Visage socketed with a Ral Rune to offset the -15% Fire resistance that Andariel's Visage comes with.

Note: The choice of Ethereal equipments for mercenaries is good because durability isn't affected when it's worn by a mercenary.


The Javazon is a good option for someone who wants to do a lot of solo farming for uniques or runes especially with Bosses, The Secret Cow Level and the Chaos Sanctuary. The Javazon also excels in Terror Zones. The Javazon is also a good team player, being able to clear mobs easily with a Conviction Paladin or power up with an Enchant Sorceress with an (Insight) Mercenary. The Javazon suffers from equipment dependency & is mana hungry as do most physical DPS classes. For the Javazon to be effective it needs the proper Rune Words& equipment to be able to start dealing significant damage. The Javazon also requires somewhat of an understanding about positioning as not to die instantly. Overall, the Javazon is a fun and powerful Tier S build for the player looking for an overall DPS for multiple and single opponents.

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