D2R Metamorphosis Druid Build Guide

25.04.2023 - 11:12:33
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D2R Metamorphosis Druid Build Guide


Welcome to this comprehensive guide on Metamorphosis D2R. This guide aims to provide you with everything you need with a useful guide for beginners and veterans alike, for the brand new Metamorphosis Druid build, including gameplay tips, skill and stat point allocation, as well as a detailed gear breakdown with a breakpoint table. This druid is predicated on the new runeword Metamorphosis which provides a powerful pre buff no matter which type of shapeshifter you decide is your primary one (Wolf or Bear). The werewolf is the most popular variant and is the higher DPS of the two, while Werebear provides more tankiness and utility (a fantastic option for team play). 


Metamorphosis Druid, commonly known as Shape-Shifting Druid, specializes in transforming into a powerful were-form, allowing for devastating melee combat. The two primary forms are Werewolf and Werebear, each with unique abilities and playstyles. Werewolf form focuses on high attack speed and life leech, while Werebear form emphasizes damage absorption and powerful attacks.

(Io + Cham + Fal in a 3 socket Helmet)
Werewolf strikes grant Mark for 180 seconds
Mark of the Wolf:
     +30% Bonus to Attack Rating
     Increase Maximum Life 40%
Werebear strikes grant Mark for 180 seconds
Mark of the Bear:
    +25% Attack Speed
    Physical Damage Received Reduced by 20%

Generic Stats

+5 to Shape Shifting Skills (Druid only)
+25% Chance of Crushing Blow (No longer attached to Mark of the Bear)
+50-80% Enhanced Defense
+10 to Strength
+10 to Vitality
All Resistances +10
Cannot be Frozen

The Metamorphosis runeword unlocks the power of either of the forms by providing a huge pre buff bonus by attacking once in one form and switching to your main form to activate the second bonus. The bonus will last 180 seconds which is a significant length of time. Both buffs increase both your offense and defensive capabilities vastly increasing the power of the shapeshifter in general when both buffs are active.


Skill Point Allocation

Primary Skills

  1. Werewolf or Werebear (20 points) - Choose your preferred form for your playstyle.
  2. Lycanthropy (20 points) - Increases the duration of your were-forms and grants bonus life. Max this regardless of transformation choice. 
  3. Fury (Werewolf) or Maul (Werebear) (20 points) - These are the primary attack skills for each form. Max the chosen ability.


Secondary Skills

  1. Feral Rage (Werewolf) or Shockwave (Werebear) (1-20 points) - Feral Rage grants life leech and movement speed, while Shockwave provides crowd control.
  2. Fire Claws (1-20 points) - Provides elemental damage and synergizes well with Fury or Maul. Use all extra skills after maxing primary skills and one of your sages, on these secondary abilities.

Summoning Skills

  1. Spirit Wolf, Dire Wolf, and Grizzly Bear (1 point each) - These summons can now be stacked which make them more useful together as a collective meatshield.
  2. Oak Sage (1-20 points) - Grants a big life boost to you and your party and is a prerequisite to Heart of Wolverine if you are going that route. 
  3. Heart of Wolverine (0-20 points) - Provides a damage and attack rating boost. Use this when survivability is not an issue.

Stat Point Allocation

Strength - Enough to equip your desired gear.

Dexterity - Enough to reach max block (75%) with your chosen shield or none if you intend to use a two-handed weapon. 

Vitality - All remaining points to increase life and your sustainability. Remember your life is further multiplied by Oak sage and battle orders so a high base life is desirable. 

Energy - None.

Gear Breakdown


Primary: 'Breath of the Dying' Rune Word in an Ethereal Beserker Axe or Ettin Axe for very high damage and life leech, as well as other desirable defensive mods and stats. Two handed pole-arms or mauls are also good options where extra survivability and block is not required. The extra leech you receive from the additional damage may be able to sustain you depending on the purpose, especially given the high life post-buff Shapeshifters possess. 

Alternative: 'Grief' Rune Word in a Phase Blade or Ettin Axe for damage and attack speed. A fantastic damage orientated option that lacks leech and other mods but deals the highest DPS.

Other Alternatives: There are a whole host of options you can consider as a SS druid including ribcracker, Tombreaver, or even 2 handed swords. 


Primary: Fortitude Rune Word for huge enhanced damage, resistances, and life. The extra blanket enhanced damage on Fort is incomparable from a damage perspective in both PvP and PvM content. This is considered the BiS armor choice.

Alternative: 'Chains of Honor' Rune Word for resistances, skills, and damage to demons/undead. A very solid PvM option for capping resistances where lacking and providing additional survivability that Fortitude does not (including 8% damage reduction).

Primary: Metamorphosis, the premise of this build.


Primary: Stormshield for damage reduction, block, and resistances. The best defensive option and an easy shield to max block with minimal dexterity investment.
Alternative: There are no great alternative shields for a shapeshifter, though Spirit may be adequate (don’t try to maxblock on this shield however). One option that you may consider is a 2-handed weapon, like an Ebotd Thunder-Maul. 


Primary: Dracul's Grasp for life leech, open wounds, and strength. A fantastic option that lacks IAS which may be problematic depending on your breakpoint needs. Lifetap is a powerful buff that can quickly take you from 1-100% hp in a few hits, once proc’d. Consistent procs will rely on high IAS.

Alternative: Laying of Hands for increased damage to demons and IAS.This is low budget and should be easy to trade for or find and fantastic for PvM gameplay. 



Primary: Gore Riders for crushing blow, open wounds, and deadly strike. An all-rounded damage boot with great attack modifier buffs. 

Alternative: Aldur's Advance for life, fire resistance, and 40 FRW. A survivability and mobility option that is cheaper than Gores.



Primary: Verdungo's Hearty for damage reduction, vitality, and life. Great for capping out your Damage reduction at 50% though not required if you are running stormshield (remember your prebuff gives you damage reduction, and overcapping is wasted). 

Alternative: Thundergod's Vigor for  lightning absorb, strength, and vitality. A great option for lightning intense areas where Soul’s are present.


Primary: 1x Bul-Kathos Wedding Band for +skills and life and 1x Ravenfrost for Cannot be Frozen and dexterity.

Alternative: 1x Raven Frost for cannot be frozen and dexterity, and 1x Carrion Wind Ring for leech and resistances.


Primary: Highlord's Wrath Amulet for +skills, deadly strike, and IAS. The IAS and huge boost to DS make this the BiS choice for amulet. 

Alternative: Mara's Kaleidoscope +skills and resistances. A caster option that doesn’t quite fit, but provides good survivability in the form of resisitances.


  1. Hellfire Torch
  2. Annihilus
  3. Grand Charms with +skills to shape-shifting and life. Alternatively you can use Max/ar/life charms. 

Small Charms with life, resistances, or FHR if you are seeking more defensiveness, otherwise max/ar/frw for damage and mobility.



Here's a table of important FHR breakpoints to achieve for your Metamorphosis Druid, IAS is a more difficult equation, we recommend an IAS calculator to calculate your needs with your particular weapon, as weapon speed differs:

Faster Hit Recovery (FHR):
Werewolf: 86% (9 frames)
Werebear: 86% (6 frames)



This guide should provide you with a solid foundation for building your Metamorphosis Druid. Remember that the skill and stat allocation, as well as the gear choices, can be adjusted to your personal preferences and playstyle. Good luck and have fun tearing through your enemies with the newly empowered Shapeshifter. 


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