D2R Quest Rewards

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D2R Quest Rewards

Act 1

Act I: Quest 1: Den of Evil

+1 Skill Point, 1 Free Respec (reset stat points/skill points)

Simply reach the Den of Evil in Blood Moor and kill all monsters within, then return to speak with Akara to receive your reward


Act I: Quest 3 :  The Search for Cain

Unlocks Cain in every town to unlock the option to identity all unidentified items at once.

To save Cain you will first need to reach the Dark Wood and get a special scroll item by examining a tree which will be marked on your map with a red sign and is guarded by some Enemies. Travel back to Akara and show her the scroll to then examine it once. Travel to the Stony Field and find a circle of monoliths where the superunique monster Rakanoth spawns, defeat it with its pack of minions and then touch the stones in the correct order (or keep touching them randomly until they will be all active) to open a red portal to Tristram where you will find Cain caged at the center of the map. (You can also get a Wirt's Leg while you are here by examining wirt's corpse, for a future Secret Cow Level run)


Act I: Quest 5: Tools of the Trade (Imbue)

Creates a new rare item out of the base item you want to Imbue. The stats of the base item do not matter using this process. Also, the quality of the item used (Superior, Normal, Damaged, etc.) will not affect the new item. All properties of the old item are lost when the item is imbued. Your character level determines what magical properties your new rare item might get, so imbuing with higher levels will give more options available. Since the magical properties on the item created are random, you will rarely receive a very good item from Imbue, but with some luck you can possibly get incredibly prestigious and sought-after items.

It's often best to save your Imbue for an Elite Item unless you are gearing a very low level duel character or similar purposes. 

Only character level matters for this practice so if you want to get the best items it is best to wait for an high enough level to spawn the desired affix such as +2 all class skills on a Diadem plus other good stats.


Act 2


Act II: Quest 1: Radament's Lair

+1 Skill Point / 10% Reduction in prices

To activate this quest you need to talk to Atma in town, then going through the Sewers until the 3rd floor and kill Radament, don't forget to pick up the "Book of Skill" item which will grant the skill point upon consuming it (takes 2x2 inventory slots).


Act 3


Act III: Quest 1: The Golden Bird (A Jade Figurine)

+20 health points (permanently)

Once you arrive in Act III town, talk to Alkor and Cain, then go into the Spider Forest to hunt for a Champions/Elite pack, kill them to receive a Jade Figurine, follow the instructions in the quest menu by talking to Meshif, then Cain and finally Alkor twice or thrice to receive your special Life Potion reward, consume it to gain +20 base life.


Act III: Quest 4: Lam Esen's Tome

+5 Stat points / Kurast shopping discounts

You can start this quest after Act 3: Quest 2 Blade of the Old Religion by speaking to Alkor or by picking up Lam Esen's Tome in Ruined Temple. Pick up Lam Esen's Tome and return it to Alkor. You're looking for a small pedestal which you'll need to click on to retrieve the tome. You will not get the credits for this quest unless you are in the Ruined Temple when Lam Esen's Tome is examined.

Act 4


Act IV: Quest 1: The Fallen Angel

+2 Skill Points

Speak with Tyrael to start this mission, then find Izual in the Planes of Despair to defeat him. Examining his spirit that will appear after you defeat him to proceed with the mission, return to the Pandemonium Fortress and speak to Tyrael to get your 2 Skill points as reward.


Act IV: Quest 2: The Hellforge Reward


Before reaching the Chaos Sanctuary from the River of Flame waypoint, you can make your way towards the Hellforge to kill its guardian and use the Hellforge Hammer to destroy Mephisto's Soulstone, receiving some gems and perfect gems plus one rune from the following ranges based on difficulty:

Normal: El - Amn

Nightmare: Sol - Um

Hell: Hel - Gul


Act 5 (expansion)


Act V: Quest 1: Siege on Harrogath (Add Sockets)

To unlock your reward you'll need to approach Shenk the Overseer in the Bloody Foothills to defeat him and then speak with Larzuk.

You cannot use the Add Socket Quest reward on already socketed Items. You can only add Sockets to items that allow sockets in the first place.

Specifically, it does not matter in which difficulty the quest reward is used. Larzuk will add the maximum number of sockets to a chosen item, based on ilvl, determined by the monster level that dropped the item. It makes no difference if the item is low (Cracked, Crude, Damaged, Low Quality), normal, high quality (Superior) or Ethereal.

Magic Items may receive 1 or 2 Sockets.

Set Items, Rare Items, Unique Items, and Crafted Items add 1 Socket (1 Socket Max).


Act V: Quest 2: Rescue on the Arreat

Unlocks Act 5 Barbarian Mercenary

To complete this quest you need to reach the Frigid Highlands and free all the Barbarians trapped in the three different open air "prisons" areas, once you've done that go back to Harrogath and talk to Qual-Kehk to receive Ral Ort Tal runes and the ability to hire Act 5 Mercenaries in that difficulty.


Act V: Quest 3: Prison of Ice

All Resistances +10 (Scroll of Resistance), rare class-specific item for your class.

Speak with Malah in Harrogath to start this quest or find Anya in the Frozen River zone and speak with her, then return to Harrogath and speak with Malah again to retrieve a special Thawing Potion that you'll need to use on Anya.

Once Anya has been saved, return to Harrogath and speak with both Malah and Anya for your rewards. Use the scroll given to you by Malah to permanently increase your resistances by 10% and talk to Anya to get your reward.


Act V: Quest 4: Betrayal of Harrogath (Personalize)


To complete this quest you'll need to reach the Halls of Vaught where Nihlathak resides and defeat him.

Personalize adds your character name to an item, such as "Emilio's Frostburn Gauntlets". The item is also repaired and recharged. Keep in mind that items might lose trade value with a name on it if you decide to trade them. 


Act V: Quest 5: Rite of Passage 

(Massive Experience)


You cannot get credit for this quest unless your character is at least level 20 in Normal, 40 in Nightmare and 60 in Hell difficulty. The exact maximum experience points gained are as follows:

Normal: 1,400,000 (1.4 million)

Nightmare: 20,000,000 (20 million)

Hell: 40,000,000 (40 million)

This is however limited to at most 1 level-up.

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