D2R Quests - Skill, Stat, Life, Resist Bonus

17.06.2022 - 12:18:55
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D2R Quests -  Skill, Stat, Life, Resist Bonus

D2R Quests - Skill, Stat, Life, Resist Bonus

In D2R there are a few quests that every character should complete in order to get stronger. These quests boost your character's skills, stats, life and all resistance, and help make your character get much stronger.

Skill Bonus Quests

Act1 Den of Evil: By completing the first quests in Act1 (Clearing Den of Evil), you will receive a +1 skill reward from Akara. You will also receive a Stat/Skill reset option bonus.

Act2 Radament's Lair: Killing Radament will grant you a Book of Skills, which also rewards you with +1 skill point.

Act4 Izual: Killing Izual will grant you +2 skill points

Overall the three quests on the 3 difficulties will grant you a very significant +12 Skill Points.

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Life Bonus Quests

Act3 The Golden Bird: By completing this quest, Alkor will grant you the Potion of Life which increases your base life by +20. Completing the quest on all 3 difficulties will give a +60 life boost to your character

Stat Bonus Quests

Act3 Lam Esen's Tome: By completing this quest you will receive +5 Stat point as a bonus. Completing it on all difficulties will grant your character +15 Stats.

Resistance Bonus Quests

Act5 Prison of Ice: You will need to enter the Frozen River within the Crystalline passage and set Anya Free. Malah will give you the Scroll of Resistance, which boosts all of your resistances by 10%. Completing this quest on all difficulties makes a huge +30% All resistance difference!

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