D2R Rushed Levelling Guide

17.06.2022 - 12:15:48
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D2R Rushed Levelling Guide

Rushed levelling is a practice that has been around for 10+ years in Diablo 2 and Diablo 2 Resurrected. In short, it requires a high level character that carries low level characters from Normal Difficulty to the very end of Hell, and helps level them up super quickly on Hell Difficulty. Carrying services are usually done for some kind of payment, as the higher level character does most of the work to boost the lower level characters.

If you want to order a levelling service, the best place to do it is on the D2R Services. By paying a relatively small amount of Money, you will be able to get yourself boosted from level1 to level60 Hell Act5 by a professional within 2 hours.

G-rush levelling service

G-rush is the practice of boosting Expansion characters from level 1 Normal difficulty’s start to Act5 Hell Ancients, and to level boost the starter characters up to level 80. G-rushing services are available in Hardcore as well. The goal is to level up your character as quickly as possible.

The service consists of completing the essential quests in order to reach higher Acts and Difficulties. The following tasks must be done to reach higher Acts:

  • Act1 Andariel Kill

  • Act2 collecting parts for the Horadric Staff, Killing the Summoner, Killing Duriel

  • Act3 collecting body parts, breaking the Compelling Orb, Killing Mephisto

  • Act4 Diablo Kill

  • Act5 Ancients Kill, Baal Kill

  • Repeat the process on Nightmare and Hell difficulty

The bottleneck to reach higher difficulties is completing the Ancients quests, as the level requirement to complete the quest is lvl20 on Normal, lvl40 on Nightmare, and lvl60 on Hell. The party requires a so-called “Bumper” character, which is at least level40  and has not completed the Ancients quest on any difficulty. By having a bumper in your party, you will be able to get to Baal, complete the Baal quest and reach a higher difficulty. Hell Ancients quest are not part of a G-rush, as it would require a level60 character to complete the quest and kill Baal on Hell.

Level Boosting

Once the difficulty/act boosting is complete, the high level booster character will do Chaos Sanctuary runs on Hell difficulty to help quickly level up the boosted characters, as at this point they will still be at level 1. By entering Chaos Sanctuary and following the booster’s character during monster kills, the low level characters will receive an amazing amount of XP in a very short time. You will be able to gain about 10 levels each Chaos Sanctuary run up until level50, when the process starts to slow down. Over level60 you can expect to gain 2 levels per run, and over level 70 it will take about 2 runs to gain an extra level. The boosting service is only effective until around level80, at that point you should join Baal or Chaos runs instead where the whole party works on killing monsters as fast as possible.

C-rush levelling service

A C-rush is essentially the same as a G-rush, but instead of expansion the characters are in Classic. The benefit of rushing in classic is that there is no “bumper” required for the Ancient’s quests, you can simply move to a higher difficulty by a Diablo kill. Because of this, C-rushes can be completed faster than a G-rush. Once your character has reached Hell Act4 difficulty, you can convert it to an expansion character and follow your journey from there.

Enchant boosted levelling

The levelling process of a low lvl character can be multiplied in speed by casting a higher level enchant on it, resulting in hundreds of extra damage and one-hit kills of any normal monsters. This requires an Enchant sorceress, but even a level23 Enchant cast by a Demon Limb’s charge can hugely boost levelling efficiency.


If you decide not to farm for hundreds of hours, you can quickly buy runes from our D2R Store.

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