Diablo 4: Best Aspects for All Classes

27.07.2023 - 12:48:20
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Diablo 4: Best Aspects for All Classes

Aspects play a huge role in min-maxing your character in Diablo 4. It's one of the core mechanics of gear progression once you hit World Tier 3 and up. If you want to get the most out of your classes in the game, then you need to familiarize yourself with Aspects, Imprints, and what bonuses your class should have.

What Are Aspects?

Aspects provide stat bonuses and specific skill upgrades to characters in Diablo 4. You can get them by beating the game's many dungeons. You'll be rewarded with the Codex of Power for that Aspect once you beat the dungeon's boss.

Overall, there are 114 Aspects to collect in the game but this doesn't include the ones you get from loot. Now that Diablo 4 season 1 is going live, we're going to get 7 new Legendary Aspects too.

Aside from class-specific Aspects, these are categorized into 5 types depending on what they do. The Aspect categories can also be only equipped on specific pieces of equipment.

AspectEquipment Compatibility
OffensiveGloves, one-handed weapons, two-handed weapons, rings, amulets.
DefensiveHelms, chest armor, pants, shields, amulets
Utility Helms, chest armor boots, gloves, amulets
MobilityBoots and Amulets

What's good is that Aspects are shared by all characters in an account so you don't need to recollect them for each of the class that you have. Additionally, loot with Legendary (orange) rarities carries unique Aspects as well. 

Once you hit level 25, you unlock the town feature called the Occultist. They can add Aspects to your gear or replace bonuses with new ones as well.

You can also destroy Legendary gears to get their bonuses. Putting these bonuses on another gear is called Imprinting. Unlike the Codex of Power Aspects, you can Imprint bonuses only once so use them sparingly.

We highly recommend focusing on Aspects and bonuses once you beat the game and you hit World Tier 3. You're bound to find better loot eventually so using valuable materials for Imprinting and adding Aspects to gear is going to be a waste of your time.

That said, there are a few standout Aspects that you should get early on. That way, you can begin Imprinting your gear with these amazing bonuses for your late-game boss runs and dungeon raids.

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Best General Aspects

General Aspects are ones that can be equipped by all classes. They offer amazing bonuses without having to rely on any class skills.

1. Rapid Aspect

You should grab this Aspect as soon as you can as it helps boost your attack speed by 15%. It greatly increases your DPS. Unlike other Aspects that increase attack speed, this doesn't have any prerequisites before it's activated. Some loot even has Rapid Aspect but with a higher attack speed bonus attached to them.

You can find this Codex of Power in Buried Halls at Dry Steppes.


2. Needleflare Aspect

Thorns might not seem much as a primary stat but you'll be surprised at how helpful it can be. With this Aspect, your Thorns can do even more damage to those around you. It's a great Aspect for classes that need to be up close and personal.

You can find this Codex of Power in Yshari Sanctum at Kehjistan..


3. Edgemaster's Aspect

This is perfect for all classes, but it's especially helpful for casters. With this, all of your Skills can deal up to 10% increased damage based on your available primary resource. At full resource, you can launch devastating skills on unsuspecting enemies.

You can find this Codex of Power in Oldstones at Dry Scosglen.


4. Aspect of Disobedience

If you're having issues with sustainability, then get this Aspect ASAP. You can gain up to 25% increased armor for four seconds whenever you deal any damage. At its base, this gives you 0.25% bonus armor whenever you're hit by an enemy.

You can find this Codex of Power in Halls of the Damned at Kehjistan.


5. Aspect of the Umbral

The mobs in Diablo 4 can overwhelm you in an instant. With this, you can restore your primary resource whenever you crowd-control an enemy. It can be used by any class but it's particularly perfect for Sorcerers because most of their skills inflict crowd-control effects.

You can find this Codex of Power in Champion's Demise at Dry Steppes.


Best Aspects for Rogues

1. Aspect of Encircling Blades

This Aspect empowers Flurry by increasing its damage and making its attack radius cover your entire character. It's one of the best bonuses to have when you're in the middle of a huge mob. If you have high Thorns, you can prevent being overpowered by mobs in Diablo 4.

You can get this Codex of Power in Forsaken Quarry at Fractured Peaks.


2. Aspect of Synergy

As a Rogue, you'll find yourself using Agility skills most of the time. With this Aspect, you can help reduce the cooldown of your next Subterfuge Skill by 20%. Moreover, using a Subterfuge skill increases your Agility skill damage by 13%. It's quite a deadly combination for Rogues.

You can get this Aspect as a random bonus from loot.

3. Aspect of Volatile Shadows

Dark Shroud is a good offensive and defensive skill for Rogues. It's used in many situations too. With this Aspect, your Dark Shroud will explode and deal Shadow damage if they're removed. This makes it an excellent skill to engage bosses and mobs with so it's a must-have.

You can find this Codex of Power in Ancient's Lament at Dry Steppes.


4. Enshrouding Aspect 

Since you're already building off of Dark Shroud, get this Aspect too. With this equipped, you can generate a Dark Shroud by standing still for 3 seconds. Additionally, your Dark Shroud also gets a 2% damage reduction, giving you more survivability on the field.

You can find this Codex of Power in Ghoa Ruins at Hawezar.


5. Aspect of Surprise

This Aspect makes your Rogue drop stun grenades every time you dodge or Shadow Steps. Aside from dealing damage to enemies, it can also stun them for 2 seconds. It's a skill with high-utility. When used offensively, you can use dodge to jump in the middle of enemies, stun them, and then use your best skills.

You'll need a bit of luck with this Aspect though as it only drops from random loot.

Best Aspects for Barbarians

1. Aspect of Anemia

 With this Aspect, enemies that are directly damaged by Bleed have a 35% chance of being stunned for 2 seconds. Many of the best Barbarian builds are focused on inflicting the Bleed status effect. With this bonus, you can have better crowd-control capabilities for your character.

You can get this Codex of Power in Zenith at Fractured Peaks.


2. Aspect of Grasping Whirlwind

Whirlwind serves as one of the best Barbarian skills due to its ability to deal heavy damage to groups of enemies. This Aspect can make Whirlwind even more deadly as it pulls in enemies as long as the skill is active. Unfortunately, you'll need to rely on luck when finding this one as you can only get it randomly from dropped loot.

3. Iron Blood Aspect

Taking advantage of the Bleed status effect again, this Aspect gives you up to 10% damage reduction for every Bleeding enemy nearby. With Aspect of Anemia, this makes for a powerful combination that will help you plow through enemies with ease.

You can get this Codex of Power in Forgotten Ruins at Kehjistan.


4. Aspect of Berserk Ripping

When you're Barbarian is Berserking, this Aspect lets you deal 20% of your base damage as extra Bleeding damage. This effect will last for 5 seconds. Again, this takes advantage of the Barbarian's main status infliction for maximum output. 

You can get this Codex of Power in Mournfield at Dry Steppes.


5. Aspect of Echoing Fury

If you're going to be heavy on the Barbarian's skills you'll need this Aspect. When using your Shout skills, you can generate two Fury per second as long as it's active. This gives you a consistent stream of your primary resource so you can use skills constantly.

You can find this Codex of Power in Sirocco Caverns at Kehjistan.


Best Aspects for Sorcerers

1. Recharging Aspect

Almost all of the best Sorcerer builds use Chain Lightning for its consistent damage against groups of enemies. You can damage even more enemies with this Aspect as it helps you regenerate 4 mana every time the lightning bounces off your character. Perfect against bosses.

You can get this Codex of Power in Zenith at Fractured Peaks.


2. Aspect of Concentration

Since Sorcerers need mana heavily, this Aspect is crucial for all stages in the game. It helps you regenerate 15% mana if you haven't taken damage in the last 3 seconds. This means you can regenerate more mana while Frost Shield is active. You can get this Aspect from random loot throughout Sanctuary.

3. Aspect of the Three Curses

This Aspect is only applicable if you're using a build that uses Meteor as the Ultimate skill. When using Meteor, you deal 35% more damage against targets that are healthy. This is a good way to thin out crowds when you're just about to engage with them.

You can get this Codex of Power in Serpent's Lair at Hawezar.


4. Aspect of Control

One of the best things about Sorcerers is that they can inflict all sorts of crowd-controlling abilities regardless of your build. With this Aspect, you can deal 35% more damage to enemies that are Immobilized, Stunned, or Frozen. Great for dungeons that have dense mobs.

You can get this Codex of Power in Sunken Library at Kehjistan.


5. Aspect of the Unwavering

If you're having trouble with sustainability, you should get this Aspect ASAP. It helps refresh the cooldown on your Defensive skills whenever you get hit by an enemy. 2% might seem low but that will trigger a lot of times when you're dealing with a huge mob.

You can get this Codex of Power from Putrid Aquifer in Kehjistan,


Best Aspects for Necromancers

1. Exploding Mist

Many builds - including ones for quick leveling Necromancers use Blood Mist as a primary source of damage. This Aspect makes Blood Mist more dangerous as it triggers Corpse Explosion on nearby corpses. Additionally, the Blood Mist cooldown is reduced by 2.6 corpses if it makes a corpse explode.

This amazing Aspect can be found in random loot across Sanctuary.

2. Blood Getter's Aspect/Viscous Aspect

If you hate being alone in Sanctuary, you'll love this Aspect. Blood Getter's Aspect and Viscous Aspect increases the number of Skeletal Warriors/Mages by 2 respectively. That's a total of 4 warriors and 5 mages fighting by your side.

Unfortunately, this amazing Aspect can only be found in random loot, so get grinding.

3. Aspect of Grasping Veins

If your build is focused on Corpse Tendrils as a damaging ability, get this skill. You get a 10% increased critical strike chance when you cast that skill. Additionally, you deal 30% bonus critical strike damage for those who are hit by Corpse Tendrils.

You can get this Codex of Power from Corrupted Grotto in Kehjistan.


4. Cold Bringer's Aspect

Your Cold Skeletal Mages are getting a huge power boost with this. Once you equip this Aspect, all of your Cold Skeletal Mages will cast a blizzard that deals damage and chills enemies for 6 seconds. Any squishy Necromancer will benefit from enemies that are constantly chilled. You'll need to get this at a random loot in Diablo 4.

5. Aspect of Shielding Storm

Bone Storm is an excellent skill for Necromancers. Using this Aspect grants your Bone Storm the ability to create a Barrier equal to your base life for 10 seconds. It's a good way to improve your Necromancer's sustainability, which is arguably one of the biggest challenges for the class.

This Aspect is acquired from random loot.

Best Aspects for Druids

1. Stormclaw's Aspect

With this, you can deal more damage with Druid builds that use Shred. It basically makes Critical Strikes with the skill deal 20% of the damage as Lightning damage. Not only that, it damages the target and those around him as well. Great for crowd-controlling huge mobs.

You can get this Codex of Power from Anica's Claim in Fractured Peaks. It's worth noting that Anica's Claim is also one of the best XP farms in the game right now.


2. Aspect of the Stampede

This is an amazing Aspect to get early on as it increases your Companion count by one. Aside from that, your Companion's skills also deal 110% increased damage, making it seriously helpful whether you're in the early or endgame portions of Diablo 4.

This Aspect can be acquired from random loot in the game.

3. Aspect of the Trampled Earth

With this Aspect, your Trample will now summon 6 Landslide pillars as long as it's active. Additionally, this turns your Trample into nature magic and earth skill. This can turn Trample into a powerhouse ability that can dispose of mobs quicker than any of your other skills. 

You can get this Aspect from random loot.

4. Shockwave Aspect

This Aspect also modifies one of your abilities. In this case, it's Pulverize. With it, Pulverize can now create a shockwave that moves forward. Enemies hit in its path will be damaged, making Pulverize more helpful.

To get this Aspect, you'll need to find it from random loot,

5. Aspect of Retaliation

Druids can be tanky thanks to their ability to activate Fortify. Using this Aspect, your Core skills can deal up to 20% extra damage based on your  Fortify. Not many Aspects can improve a Druid's offensive and defensive capabilities so this is a must-have.

You can get this Codex of Power from Seaside Descent at Dry Steppes.

Maximize Your Potential In Diablo 4

Keep in mind that some of these Aspects are only good for specific builds. With so many Aspects to choose from, it can be overwhelming to look for ones that best fit your character. May this guide serve as a good reminder of the Aspects that you need to focus on getting first. That way, you'll have an easier time with dungeons in the future.


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