Diablo 4 Better Days Quest

03.07.2023 - 12:19:19
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Diablo 4 Better Days Quest

Better Days Side Quest Walkthrough and Rewards

This guide covers the Better Days Side Quest in the Fractured Peaks area of Diablo 4, along with information on where to find it, what goals must be completed, and information on maps, tactics, prerequisites and follow-up quests.

LocationFound in: Dobrev Taiga, Fractured Peaks
Quest StartFaded Old Painting (Dropped Item)
Quest EndReturn to Zalan Coste
Prerequisite(s)Legacies of Light's Watch
Leads ToUnwritten End

This side quest's rewards are 20 zone renown, gold, experience, and most importantly a Salvage Cache.

Firstly, you will need to have Legacies of Light's Watch side quest finished. Next you should find the Faded Old Painting. Click every corpse and chest you can find in Dobrev Taiga, as any of these can drop the Faded Old Painting quest item. Once you have it, head to Margrave and bring the item to Zalan Coste.

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