Diablo 4 Donan's Favour Quest

03.07.2023 - 12:13:41
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Diablo 4 Donan's Favour Quest

How to complete Donan’s Favor Quest and Earn a Horse Mount in Diablo 4

This guide explains how you can unlock your mount at Diablo 4. You might already run into a stable early on in the game, however you will only be able to access mounts later on in the campaign. 

Donan’s Favor is a quest early on in Act4, and can only be accessed if you have completed A Master’s Touch quest - Also in Kyovashad- after reaching Level 30. When completing A Master’s Touch, you will need to speak to Donan, who will give you this quest. Go back to the Kyovashad, and speak to the Stable Master, Oskar to complete it. You will then be able to unlock the mount option and be able to purchase one.

Later on in the game, you will unlock many horse customizations, including from D4 world bosses and Helltides. You can change the appearance of your horse by heading back to the stable occasionally. 

Once you have your horsey, by pushing the Z button you can summon your horse. Once you dismount or get attacked, there is a short cooldown until you can hop back on your mount. However, if your horse gets attacked and flees, the cooldown will last for longer than 20 seconds.

By using the X button, you can do a leaping attack while you dismount. It is also possible to ride your horse faster by pushing the Z button multiple times. With each charge, your horse will run faster and faster.

Use your mount to discover and get to distant places on the map. In most cases you will be able to travel undisturbed as monsters will be unable to catch up to you.


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