Diablo 4: Druid Leveling Build Guide

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Diablo 4: Druid Leveling Build Guide

A Druid that’s well-built can destroy Lilith’s hordes instantly in Diablo 4. To get to that point, you need to go through the early game and plow through 49 levels first. That might seem simple but it can be quite a slog if you don’t have the right build.

As such, we’re sharing with you an optimized build for Druids that will make those World Event and Dungeon runs a lot easier. Let’s first talk about the Druid class.

Diablo 4 Druid Class Overview

While the Necromancer harnesses the power of the dead, the Druid class calls forth the powers of nature. Druids can use this power to create wild storms, make pillars of hard-hitting rocks, and even transform into a Werewolf or Werebear.

In their human form, Druids are squishy but they can dish out heavy damage using their magic. A Druid’s true strength lies when they transform into one of their Were-forms. By then, they become tanky savages that can 1-v-1 nearly every enemy, Elite, and Boss in the game.

The unique class mechanic of Druids is Spirit Boons. You can unlock this at level 15, at which point you’ll be directed to the Tur Dulra Stronghold in Scosglen. You’ll need to complete a short quest called Spirits of the Lost Grove to unlock the mechanic.

The toughest part of this venture is clearing the Tur Dulra Stronghold first. Luckily, the area scales with your level so it’s possible to beat it early on.

All Druid Spirit Boons

There are a total of 16 Spirit Boons in Diablo 4 but you can only equip 4 at a time. You can’t use all of the Spirit Boons from the get-go though. Instead, you’ll need to make Spirit Offerings. Luckily, for you, all enemies have a chance of dropping them so farming isn’t hard.

Deer Spirit Boons

  • 25 Offerings: Gain 4 Thorns

  • 50 Offerings: Gain 10 Max Spirit

  • 75 Offerings: -10% damage from Elite enemies

  • 100 Offerings: -15% duration of CC effects on player

Wolf Spirit Boons

  • 25 Offerings: Lucky Hit: Crits have 20% chance to reset Companion skill cooldowns

  • 50 Offerings: Lucky Hit: 15% chance to restore 10 Spirit on hit

  • 75 Offerings: +10% of Max Health granted as Fortify when Defensive skill used

  • 100 Offerings: +25% to duration of Ultimate skills

Snake Spirit Boons

  • Every 20 kills, the next Earth-based attack becomes Overpowered

  • Lucky Hit: +20% chance for Lightning damage to create a Static Discharge

  • Crits with Shapeshifting skills heal for 3% of Max Health

  • Lucky Hit: Nature skills have a 10% chance to reduce Ultimate cooldown by 2s

Eagle Spirit Boons

  • 25 Offerings: +5% Crit Chance

  • 50 Offerings: +10% Health

  • 75 Offerings: +10% Attack Speed

  • 100 Offerings: 30% extra Crit Damage

Diablo 4 Druid Quick Leveling Build

Although the main highlight of the Druid are its companions and Were forms, this build will primarily focus on making your character a caster class instead.

This build will make you more vulnerable as Druids are squishy in their human form. However, your damage output will be high with this build. Additionally, you’re going to get a few essential survivability Passives and Actives along the way so keeping alive won’t be too hard.

Spirit Boon Setup

  • Deer - Gain 10 Max Spirit

  • Wolf - +10% of Max Health granted as Fortify when Defensive skill used

  • Snake - +20% chance for Lightning damage to create a Static Discharge

  • Eagle - 50 Offerings: +10% Health and 30% extra Crit Damage

Active Abilities

Storm Strike - This is the best choice for your Basic skill. This build will focus mainly on using Tornado, as such you’ll need a steady stream of Spirit. We’ve found that Storm Strike is the most reliable Basic ability to generate spirit. The upgrades we’re getting for Storm Strike help out with crowd control.

Tornado - This core skill will be the bread and butter of this quick leveling build. As such, you’re going to want to maximize upgrades to it as early as possible. The upgrades we’re getting can maximize the damage potential of Tornado.

Earthen Bulwark - Since Druids are vulnerable in human form, you’ll need Earthen Bulwark to mitigate the damage for a bit. This creates a ring of rocks around your character. It absorbs a large amount of damage. It’s a great counter for when you’re under crowd control effects. Further upgrades will give you the Unstoppable effect when this skill is used.

Wolves - The only companion you’ll need for this build are Wolves. Their main purpose is to give you more survivability, by absorbing damage in your stead. The upgrades you get will also help increase the lethality of the wolves.

Trample - The best mobility skill for Druids has to be Trample. It’s an excellent means to get in and out of trouble, especially in heavy mobs. You don’t need to upgrade it further as its main purpose is to give you a way out when needed.

Hurricane - Aside from dealing damage to large groups of enemies, an upgraded Hurricane can also make enemies Vulnerable. This is the last active ability for this build but it’s sure to be helpful in many situations.

Passive Abilities

Nature’s Reach - As a Druid, it’s wise to keep enemies from a distance. This passive will make that feat more rewarding by giving your skills and attacks extra damage. It’s a perfect passive to combine with Tornado.

Elemental Exposure - This build will mostly use Storm skills so Elemental Exposure is a rewarding passive to have. While Vulnerable, you can take out more Elites and mobs quicker.

Defiance - Aside from Elemental Exposure, a useful passive for this skill is Defiance. This can grant you extra damage to Elites when you use Nature Magic. Tornado and Hurricane are both Nature Magic.

Circle of Life - For extra survivability, you’ll need Circle of Life. It will give you healing each time you use Nature Magic. Since you’ll be spamming that mostly, you’ll have a constant stream of HP outside of potions.

Resonance - This skill rewards you for using Storm magic consistently. Aside from that extra damage boost, you’ll get a bonus for using Earthen Bulwark after Tornado and Hurricane.

Heart of the Wild - This helps increase your Spirit immensely. One of the challenges of this build is that you’ll be needing a constant source of Spirit. Increasing your resource pool with this and equipment is going to be beneficial.

Perfect Storm - Both Tornado and Hurricane are going to give crowd control effects to your enemies. This makes your skills deal more damage when that happens so make sure to get it as well.

Wild Impulses - Since this skill increases the Spirit needed to cast skills, you should only get it after you have Heart of the Wild. It’s a double-edged sword but the rewards are far greater than the penalties.

Abundance - Another way to counteract Wild Impulses is by getting Abundance. This will make Spirit generation a WHOLE LOT easier on your end.

Endless Tempest - This increases Hurricane’s duration for a bit. It’s not exactly necessary at this point but the extra damage and crowd control will always be welcome against heavy mobs.

Defensive Posture - Fortify will be your main source of survivability. This passive ability will give you even more durability in combat.

Diablo 4 Druid Levelling Build Skill Distribution




Storm Strike


Enhanced Storm Strike




Enhanced Tornado


Raging Tornado


Fierce Storm Strike


Tornado Level 2


Tornado Level 3


Tornado Level 4


Tornado Level 5


Earthen Bulwark


Enhanced Earthen Bulwark


Nature’s Reach


Nature’s Reach


Nature’s Reach








Enhanced Hurricane


Natural Hurricane


Elemental Exposure


Elemental Exposure


Elemental Exposure








Circle of Life


Circle of Life


Circle of Life








Heart of the Wild


Perfect Storm


Wild Impulses


Wild Impulses


Wild Impulses








Preserving Earthen Bulwark


Enhanced Wolf Pack


Ferocious Wolf Pack


Endless Tempest


Endless Tempest


Endless Tempest


Defensive Posture


Defensive Posture


Defensive Posture

Early Game Tips For Druids In Diablo 4

  1. Play With Friends

Being near a player nets you a 5% XP bonus while being in a party with a friend gives you 10% XP bonus. Needless to say, this is one of the best ways to speed up the leveling process early on in the game.

  1. Do A Ton Of World Events

World Events are some of the easiest ways to level up quickly. There’s one just south of Kyovashad. This lets you in on some vital Murmuring Obols and a ton of XP from elites. Since the area is near Kyovashad, it’s easy to walk to and from it to grind for XP.

  1. Don’t Waste Time On Your Equipment 

Your first hours in the game should just be focused on leveling your character to 50. It’s not wise to focus on loot farming because you’re bound to get better loot once you reach World Tier 3. For now, just focus on XP grinding and some dungeons that reward you with good Aspects for your Barbarian.

  1. Craft XP Potions

Once you reach level 10, you can unlock the Alchemist feature. Focus on crafting XP potions to make leveling faster. For Barbarians, the best potion is the Weak Ironbarb Elixir. It nets you a 5% XP bonus, 100 armor, and 50 thorns for 30 minutes. To make it, you need 5 Gallowvines and 5 Biteberries.

  1. Farm Spirit Offerings Early

You can get a ton of Spirit Offerings simply by wandering around. The bonuses you get for them are really helpful though so we suggest doing a bit of farming first. The best place to farm them are in World Events, Helltide Events, and any dungeons with a thick mob density. You’ll get a ton of XP along the way too!

Time To Cause A Storm

This amazing build for quick leveling is far from what you’ll see on endgame builds for Druids. However, it’s going to help you go through levels 1-50 a lot quicker than other builds. Tornado and Hurricane are going to be helpful skills with this build. In time, you’ll see yourself unlocking the Paragon Board eventually.

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