Diablo 4 Glossary

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Diablo 4 Glossary

Diablo 4 is a pretty straightforward game. You battle the forces of evil and Lilith. Along the way, you’ll need to upgrade your gear constantly until you see better and better numbers when you attack enemies. Simple enough, but there are a lot of things that the game doesn’t tell you beforehand.

If you look at the Skill Tree of your character, you’ll see some underlined words. Those are keywords that relate to specific status effects, bonuses, or many other things in the game. Diablo 4 doesn’t tell you what these keywords mean from the get-go, so here’s a quick guide to help you out with it.

This guide will also explain a few other terms that you’ll come across in the game.

Enemy Archetypes

Enemy Type



Commonly found at the end of Dungeons and in campaign missions. Stronger than all enemy types.


Enemies are typically larger and have higher health pools. Can deal significant damage but is slow.


Mage-style enemies are often in the backline. Aside from dealing magic damage, they can offer support to their allies too.


Basic enemies that serve in the frontline of mobs. Have average stats overall.


Huge mobs of enemies that are easy to kill. Despite their high vulnerability, they can overwhelm unsuspecting enemies.

Player Stats

Stat Type


Attack Power

An evaluation of the damage that you deal. This will scale with your primary attributes, attack damage, and attack speed.


An evaluation of how much damage you can mitigate from enemies.


  • Increases critical strike chance (Barbarian, Sorcerer, Necromancer, Druid)

  • Increases skill damage (Rogue)

  • Increases dodge chance


  • Increases skill damage (Sorcerer, Necromancer)

  • Increases critical strike chance (Rogue)

  • Increases resource generation (Druid)

  • Increases resistance to all elements

Item Power

Used for comparing items. An evaluation of an item’s strength based on its combined stats.


Your total life, including base life and bonuses.


  • Increases resource generation (Rogue)

  • Increases skill damage (Barbarian)

  • Increases armor


  • Increases resource generation (Barbarian, Sorcerer, Necromancer)

  • Increases skill damage (Druid)

  • Increases healing received

  • Increases overpower damage

Status Effects

Status Effect



This grants 25% increased damage and 15% increased Movement Speed. This effect lasts for 5 seconds. Duration may increase with equipment and passives.


Inflicts physical damage over time.

Blood Orbs

Can heal you for 15% of your Life whenever it’s picked up. Frequency of drop and intensity of heal can be increased with equipment or skills.


Enemies that are chilled will have a slower movement speed. When enemies are chilled consecutively, they’ll eventually freeze.

Crackling Energy

Can cause magic damage to surrounding enemies when picked up.

Crushing Blow

Gives additional damage based on your Life and Fortified Life when Overpowered.


When this happens, you or enemies can’t attack or use skills but you can still move.


Anyone inflicted by Fear will run away from other units.


Gives a 10% damage reduction buff. Happens when you have more Fortify than current health.


Frozen enemies cannot move or attack. This happens when units are chilled repeatedly.


Units that have more than 80% of their maximum life.


Units that cannot move but can attack or use skills.


Effect where units cannot be damaged. Additionally, all negative effects are removed and prevented as well.


Units that have less than 35% of their maximum life.


Deals bonus damage based on the sum of the units current life and fortified life.


Units moving at a reduced speed.


Units that cannot be directly targeted by enemies. Using attacks or taking damage can remove Stealth instantly.


Have all Crowd Control effects removed and prevented.


Units can take 20% increased damage.

Misc. Keywords



Armor Contribution

The amount of damage that your armor mitigates from non-physical attacks.


A shield that absorbs damage from all sources.


Enemies that are within the range of melee attacks.

Crowd Controlled

Enemies that are affected by effects that hinder their movement.


Enemies that are not within the range of melee attacks.


Happens when you or enemies are forcefully repositioned.


Happens when you or enemies cannot do any actions.

Lucky Hit

A type of chance on-hit mechanic


Happens when you or enemies are forced to attack a specific target that uses a taunt.


A link that chains together enemies or you and your allies.


Damage is dealt to attackers when they attack a target. The damage dealt is dependent on your dexterity.

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Master Diablo 4

This glossary can help you fully understand the ins and outs of Diablo 4. There’s a lot of hidden mechanics in the game. Understanding every keyword will help you maximize your character’s effectiveness on the field too. If you’re ever lost in the game, consult this guide!

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