Diablo 4: Most Rewarding Sidequests In Sanctuary

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Diablo 4: Most Rewarding Sidequests In Sanctuary

Diablo 4 features a lengthy and captivating campaign that sees you fighting against the forces of Hell and Lilith. You might be so drawn into the main story, that you’re forgetting that there are other narratives and quests to explore throughout Sanctuary. 

Whether you’re a completionist, or you just want to experience all that Diablo 4 has to offer, you need to get into these side quests when you can.

The sidequests we’ll be listing below aren’t just rewarding. They also feature some of the best mini-storylines that the game has to offer. There are over 200 side quests in Diablo 4. Not everyone has the time to do all of that. As such, you should focus on doing these quests first.

  1. Mount: Donan’s Favor

Arguably the most important side quest to finish is Mount: Donan’s Favor. By completing this quest, you’ll get a trusty steed that will help you get around Sanctuary much quicker. The good news is that this quest is not missable. All you need to do is progress through Act 4 and you’ll get this quest automatically.

From there, all you need to get your mount is to talk to the stable master in Kyovashad.

  1. Specialization Quests

All classes in Diablo 4 have a unique class mechanic. To unlock this mechanic, you’ll need to complete a specialization quest that automatically unlocks once you reach a certain level. Needless to say, completing these quests is a must if you want to dominate the forces of Hell. 

Here’s a quick guide on all of the quests for each class.

Barbarian: Masters of Battle 

  • Unlocks at level 15.

  • Dry Steppes

When you've successfully reached level 15, your next destination awaits: the desolate landscape of Ked Bardu, or as it's commonly known, the Dry Steppes. Your first point of contact will be Forgemaster Kerdi, who will kick off your thrilling quest. If you're not quite sure where to go, don't worry, your world map will guide you.

Your mission then involves finding a character named Katra, who's conveniently located in a blue zone in the Wayward Plains. The area isn't overwhelmingly large, so you should be able to locate her without much trouble. Look for her distinctive silhouette standing on a ridge at the center of the area. Let her know you're eager to become a part of the Oxen Tribe.

Your adventure continues as you head north to a marked area. Prepare to fight as you'll need to eliminate 30 bandits and 20 wildlife creatures in this area. Prompt Katra with the question, "What is in this cave?" and brace yourself for the impending battle against the Beast of the Steppes. Remember, you can disregard the shadows it conjures, your primary focus should be on completing the main Diablo 4 quest objective.

Finally, claim your trophy - the Beast's head - and present it to Katra. Then, return to Forgemaster Kerdi in the Dry Steppes to complete your quest.

Druid: Spirits of the Lost Grove

  • Unlocks at level 15

  • Scosglen

This particular quest is a bit harder than others because you’ll need to beat the Stronghold Tur Dulra in Scosglen first. At level 15, this should be doable with the right build.  Once that's off your to-do list, go and meet Druid Ardreth, who's hanging out in the lower part of Tur Dulra.

Your mission then sends you to the hallowed grounds of the Shrine of the Spirit Lord, located to the southeast. Here, you'll need to interact with the Ancient Druid Stones and the Altar to call forth the Spirit Lord. Gathlen, the Tormented Spirit Lord, is who you'll be chatting with at this point.

Your adventure leads you next to Fainne, the eerily Abandoned Grove situated in the northeast. Your challenge? Defeat the unruly Goatmen. If you’ve beaten the Tul Dulra Stronghold, this should be a walk in the park. 

But there's more - you're also tasked with eliminating Gorefeast before you can set the Spirit Lord free. Having accomplished all this, it's time to head back to Ardeth. Your final act will be to ceremoniously mount the Skull of the Stag Lord.

Necromancer: Call of the Underworld

  • Unlocks at level 25

  • Fractured Peaks

Upon reaching the milestone of level 25, your next specialization quest can be initiated in the Western Ways region of the Fractured Peaks.

Look for an NPC named Maltorious. After speaking with him, your task will involve heading to a nearby area to defeat skeletons and collect 12 Unbroken Bones. The enemies are pretty weak so this should be easy.

Once done, your journey continues as you set your sights on the Bitter Cave. To advance further, players must acquire an artifact named the Jar of Souls. Interact with this jar, and defeat the malevolent Vengeful Spirits that appear to fill the jar.

Maltorious will come to the Bitter Cave. A few lines of dialogue later, you’ll have the ability to summon a Golem.

Rogue: True Potential

  • Unlocks at level 15

  • Fractured Peaks

Your guide through the Rogue's class quest to unlock the Specialization System is Eyrana. After a chat with her at Fractured Peaks, she'll point you toward a designated area on your map. Here, you'll encounter a corpse nestled that you need to interact with.

Head east and there, you'll stumble upon another corpse with which your Rogue needs to interact. Conveniently situated near a cliff to the southwest, this one's relatively easy to spot. Your next stop on this journey is the cryptic Forsaken Quarry dungeon.

Eyrana awaits your arrival here, and following some dialogues, she'll reveal what treasures lie within the dungeon for you to unearth. Dive headfirst into the dungeon and navigate your way to the first section. Here, a locked door stands as a hurdle, and the only way to overcome it is by eliminating every enemy in the vicinity.

After you've breached the locked door, follow the trail leading to Bakira's Shattered Soul. By engaging with the corpse close by, you'll initiate a mini-boss fight. Bakira isn’t dangerous and a level 15, should be very easy to beat.

The final step of your quest is a conversation with Eyrane which will reward you with your class mechanic.

Sorcerer: Legacy of the Magi

  • Unlocks at level 15

  • Fractured Peaks

The Sorcerer class boasts an intriguing quest in Diablo 4. You can start Legacy of the Magi by teleporting to the Nevesk Waypoint. You'll journey back to where you started your Diablo 4 journey. Mordarin will be waiting for you there.

From here, set your compass towards the Lost Archives, a dungeon northwest of your current location. There will be a  pair of Demonic Vanguards along the way but they’re easy to beat. Go through the and get inside the dungeon. 

Venture deep into the Halls of Knowledge and you'll uncover a chest housing the coveted Codex. With this in hand, it's time to circle back to Mordarin and make your way to the Abandoned Shack. Once you ignite the braziers in this confined space, prepare for one final skirmish. Stand your ground against several waves of demons and, upon their defeat, you’ll get the Sorcerer’s unique class mechanic.

  1. Best Side Quests For Beginners

One of the challenges when starting a new game in Diablo 4 is lacking the crafting materials for armor, potions, and more. The good news is that there are several side quests that reward you with caches filled with goods to keep your inventory filled with the necessary ingredients. 

Focus on doing these quests if you want quick access to essential crafting materials.



Herb Caches for making potions and elixirs.

・Raising Spirits

・A Cold Faith

・Ravenous Dead

・Gory Display

・Forgive Me

Murmuring Caches for easy access to Whispering Keys and good loot.

・The Cleansing Flame

・Cries of Innocence

・The Woodsman of Nevesk

Gem Caches for improving your gear.

・Gold Well Spent

・Bound by Blood

・Chain of Possession

Salvage, ore, and leather caches for gear improvements

・Legacies of Light's Watch

・The Beast's Challenge

・Legacy Unmade

・Better Days

・Shattered Tribute

・The Sealed Door

・The Dread Martyr

Are Sidequests Worth It In Diablo 4?

The short answer is that yes, most of them are worth it. Aside from unlocking crafting gear, your mount, and your unique class mechanic, you can also get Renown points for your character. This is important if you want to get more skill points, Paragon Points, and potion slots as well.

As we’ve said, all of the sidequests in Diablo 4 feature short storylines for your character to uncover. Believe it or not, some of these questlines are actually very amazing and worthwhile.

Your Diablo 4 Journey Doesn’t End With Lilith

Beating Lilith is only one part of your Diablo 4 journey. With so many sidequests to choose from, you’re bound to find more amazing stories and content in the game. These sidequests are essential for helping your character grow in the game. 

As more content unlocks in the coming seasons, we’re bound to see more and more rewarding quests in the future.

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