Diablo 4: Quick Leveling Build For Rogues

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Diablo 4: Quick Leveling Build For Rogues

Sometimes, fighting the dark forces of Lilith in the shadows is the best way to dispose of them. Like in any RPG, the Diablo 4 Rogue class is known as a high-risk, high-reward class. You can deal insane amounts of damage up close, but unlike Barbarians, Rogues aren’t durable.

Instead of brute force, Rogues rely on their agility in the field. It’s a very tempting class to start considering how cool its moves are. With this guide, you can breeze through the Rogue class with ease and style.

Diablo IV Rogue Class Overview

When it comes to the battlefield, Rogues can use a variety of weapons including bows, crossbows, daggers, and swords. The class can deal insane amounts of damage but it’s vulnerable to damage as well. 

Gameplay-wise, the Rogue relies heavily on positioning. It’s not just to avoid direct enemy attacks. Some of Rogue’s skills benefit from where you’re located around your target. It can be quite confusing to use the Rogue at first, but once you get used to its fast-paced playstyle, you’ll have an amazing character right in front of you.

The Rogue uses a primary resource called Energy. You can wait for energy to refill. However, there are some basic skill upgrades that can help you replenish Energy much quicker.

Rogue Specializations

The Rogue’s Unique class mechanic is called Specialization. As you progress through the levels, you’ll unlock different Specializations by completing questlines. Unfortunately, you can only have one Specialization at a time.

Combo Points

At level 15, you’ll have the chance to unlock the quest, True Potential. It’s located in Sarkova Pass at Fractured Peaks so it’s pretty easy to access. Beating the quest unlocks your first Specialization, Combo Points.

Once you use this Specialization, you’ll get a combo point every time you use your basic attack. As you ramp up your combo points, you can use your other skills for special bonuses. You can see your combo points above the skills bar and you can get up to 3 points only. Here’s what you get for having points.

Core Skill

1 Combo Point

2 Combo Points

3 Combo Points


+20% Damage

+6 Arrows fired

+40% Damage

+7 Arrows fired

+60% Damage

+8 Arrows fired

Rapid Fire

+13% Damage

+6 Arrows fired

+26% Damage

+6 Arrows fired

+39% Damage

+6 Arrows fired

Penetrating Shot

+30% Damage

+10% Knockdown chance

+60% Damage

+20% Knockdown chance

+90% Damage

+30% Knockdown chance


+30% Attack Speed

+25% Damage

+1.5 Second Bonus

+30% Attack Speed

+50% Damage

+3 Second Bonus

+30% Attack Speed

+75% Damage

+4.5 Second Bonus

Inner Sight

At level 20, you’ll unlock your next specialization which is Inner Sight. This allows you to attack marked enemies. Attacking these enemies will fill up your Inner Sight gauge. Once the meter fills up, you can use it to gain unlimited energy for four seconds.

This might sound simplistic in nature. However, having unlimited energy will help your Rogue unleash massive damage-dealing attacks on enemies around you. Partner it with cooldown replenishing gear and you can take out anyone.

Once Inner Sight ends, you’ll have a full Energy bar too.


You’ll unlock the next Specialization, Preparation at level 30. With this, you can use your Energy to reset the cooldown of your ultimate ability. Additionally, using your Ultimate will reset the cooldown of your other skills as well.

Rogue Imbuement System

Aside from Specializations, Rogues also have access to an entire skill tree dedicated to imbuements. When you select one of the three Imbuements, that will add that type of damage to your skills - that is, if the skill can be imbued.

With this system, you can add Cold, Shadow, or Poison damage to your abilities.

Diablo 4 Rogue Quick Leveling Build

This Diablo 4 Rogue quick leveling build will focus on improving the assets of the Rogue more while covering any vulnerabilities that you have.

You’ll get a lot of mobility opportunities with this build, and you’ll also get rewarded for inflicting crowd control on your enemies. Your Rogue is still going to be vulnerable and squishy with this build. However, you’ll have a lot of means to replenish your health or to get out of trouble.

For your Aspect, make sure to get Inner Insight as soon as possible. This build is pretty skill-heavy, so you’ll need all of the opportunities to cool down your skills.

As for Imbuement, you’ll need Poison for this build which is a good way to whittle down the lives of bosses and Elites, while killing weaker enemies in a mob.

Active Abilities

Puncture - This is arguably one of the best basic attacks that the Rogue can have. Aside from the heavy damage and critical chance, the enhanced version can also help you generate Energy. Since this build will be very reliant on your skills, Energy recharging is a must.

Twisting Blades - This core skill is the heart and soul of this build. It’s the perfect weapon against tanky bosses and Elites because of how much it can ramp up your damage. Twisting Blades relies heavily on positioning to help you get the most out of it though so practice it first. Advanced Twisting Blades also help reduce the cooldown of your skills. As you spam Twisting Blades, you’ll have your other abilities ready in no time.

Dash - One of a Rogue’s biggest assets is their mobility. Dash helps improve your mobility further. It’s a good offensive and defensive skill for Rogue. This is also a critical skill as it helps you position yourself better on the field.

Shadow Step - This is one of the best skills of the Rogue class in our opinion. Not only does it help with mobility, but it also helps you focus on enemies on the backline, such as those that heal their allies or those that raise the dead.

Dark Shroud - Though it has offensive capabilities, Dark Shroud will be best used as a defensive skill for this build. With it, you can rampage through the enemy ranks to, again, focus on annoying enemies in the backline. It helps a lot when it comes to survivability too.

Poison Trap - This skill will serve primarily as a means to crowd control the enemy. The extra damage caused by the poison will be good to kill off any lesser enemies within a mob as well. 

Passive Abilities

Exploit - This passive ability basically makes you deadlier to all enemies on the map. You’ll have more bonuses against Healthy and Injured enemies on this build too so Exploit is essential.

Sturdy - You’ll be close to the enemies with this build so you’re going to need Sturdy as a passive to increase your survivability.

Innervation - This is one of the primary abilities that you have that can help you gain more Energy. Again, this build is heavy on the skills so Energy sources are a must.

Adrenaline Rush - As a Rogue, you’ll constantly have to move for better positioning or to get out of trouble. This makes sure that all of your efforts in mobility won’t be wasted.

Haste - With Shadow Step and Dash giving you constant movement speed bonuses, Haste will make you even faster on the field so long as you keep your health up.

Trap Mastery - You’re going to be using PoisonTrap for this build so Trap Mastery is a must. This further enhances your damage against mobs.

Momentum - This passive gives you bonuses for hitting crowd-controlled enemies and enemies that you hit from behind. Needless to say, it makes you more deadly as a Rogue that traps enemies and constantly moves around them.

Concussive - This offers the same benefits as Momentum. However, this will benefit enemies who are knocked back or knocked down. With this, you’re covered in virtually all crowd-controlled effects against enemies.

Siphoning Strikes - This build will grant you many opportunities for critical strikes. That said, the healing you get from this passive will make you more tanky even for a small bit.

Deadly Venom - This makes Poison Trap deadly, apart from being a good crowd control skill.

Alchemical Advantage - Again, this benefits you for every enemy that you poison. With the Poison Imbuement, you’ll have a lot of opportunities to poison enemies.

Debilitating Toxins - The last skill that will give you benefits for Poisoning enemies is this. It helps increase your damage against poisoned enemies so you can clear out mobs quicker once they get hit with Poison Trap.

Weapon Mastery - This is one of the best passive skills for Rogues. However, it will only really benefit you during the late game, so we’re placing this for last. Still, it will help you take your character to the next level.

Diablo 4 Rogue Levelling Build Skill Distribution






Enhanced Puncture


Twisting Blades


Enhanced Twisting Blades


Advanced Twisting Blades


Fundamental Puncture




Shadow Step


Twisting Blades Level 2


Twisting Blades Level 3


Twisting Blades Level 4


Dark Shroud


Enhanced Dark Shroud


Subverting Dark Shroud


Poison Trap


Enhanced Poison Trap


Twisting Blades Level 5


Enhanced Shadow Step


Methodical Shadow Step
















Adrenaline Rush








Trap Mastery


Trap Mastery


Trap Mastery










Siphoning Strikes


Siphoning Strikes


Siphoning Strikes


Deadly Venom


Alchemical Advantage


Debilitating Toxins


Debilitating Toxins


Debilitating Toxins


Weapon Mastery


Weapon Mastery


Weapon Mastery


Stutter Step

Early Game Tips For Necromancers In Diablo 4

  1. Play With Friends

Being near a player nets you a 5% XP bonus while being in a party with a friend gives you 10% XP bonus. Needless to say, this is one of the best ways to speed up the leveling process early on in the game.

  1. Do A Ton Of World Events

World Events are some of the easiest ways to level up quickly. There’s one just south of Kyovashad. This lets you in on some vital Murmuring Obols and a ton of XP from elites. Since the area is near Kyovashad, it’s easy to walk to and from it to grind for XP.

  1. Don’t Waste Time On Your Equipment 

Your first hours in the game should just be focused on leveling your character to 50. It’s not wise to focus on loot farming because you’re bound to get better loot once you reach World Tier 3. For now, just focus on XP grinding and some dungeons that reward you with good Aspects for your Barbarian.

  1. Craft XP Potions

Once you reach level 10, you can unlock the Alchemist feature. Focus on crafting XP potions to make leveling faster. For Barbarians, the best potion is the Weak Ironbarb Elixir. It nets you a 5% XP bonus, 100 armor, and 50 thorns for 30 minutes. To make it, you need 5 Gallowvines and 5 Biteberries.

  1. Move Often

The Rogue class is the most active class of all in Diablo 4. Moving often will keep you clear of harm’s way. Additionally, you can deal more damage with your skills depending on how you and your enemies are positioned.

Focus on getting equipment that gives movement speed bonuses, so you can navigate all areas more efficiently.

Kill From The Shadows

Rogues are meant to stay in the shadows but this build will make you strong, even if you go against enemies in an open area. It’s a well-balanced build that covers many of Rogue’s vulnerabilities. It’s also good enough to use, even after you’ve unlocked your Paragon Board.

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