Diablo 4 Season 3: Season Of The Construct Patch Notes

12.02.2024 - 12:26:15
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Diablo 4 Season 3: Season Of The Construct Patch Notes

Diablo 4 Season 3: Season of the Construct is certainly a big hit with players. If you haven't had your hands on the latest season, then you're missing out. While the additions are great, the season is far from being perfect. However, the latest patch notes are a massive improvement on what's in the game right now.

Diablo 4 Season 3 Patch Notes

The team behind Diablo 4 says that they've been very close when it comes to our feedback for the current season. The result of their efforts are the updates we've been getting the last couple of days. Just recently. We got a new update across all platforms or Diablo 4. Here's what's coming to the game.

Uber Unique Item Changes

One of the major changes coming with the new patch are changes being made to how Uber Uniques works.

  • As per the developers, you can now salvage Uber Uniques into Resplendent Sparks. If you're able to accrue 5 Resplendent Sparks, you can then bring this to the Alchemist to Transmute an Uber Unique from your inventory.
  • The Refine Resourcs tab at the Alchemist will be named to Transmute. You can craft an Uber Unique Item using your Resplendent Sparks through this new option.
  • Drop rates of Uber Unique items have been increased, except for Uber Duriel encounters. This means you'll start seeing more Uber Unique items with simple farming.

The new Uber Unique changes make it so that you'll have a lot of other chances to start creating builds that really fit your playstyle. There are tons of Uber Uniques in the game and it can be frustrating to never get the ones you really need. At least now, getting more Uber Uniques is a lot easier.

With regards to the update, the developers had this to say:
Uber Unique items are highly sought after. With Season of Blood, we introduced target-farming Uber Unique Items with Uber Duriel to gives players another source of acquiring this type of item. However, we want to give players increased autonomy in obtaining their desired Uber Unique by addressing feedback that expressed how acquiring duplicate or undesired Uber Unique Items lessens that feeling of triumph. A new system empowers players to make use of duplicate and undesired Uber Unique items by salvaging them for a new resource which can be used to eventually craft an Uber Unique of their choosing. Additionally, the chance for Uber Unique Items to drop everywhere but in Uber Duriel encounters has been increased.


If you love doing the Cursed Shrine event, you're going to love the new changes made to it. Now, the Shrine bonus will be given at the start of the event. Previously, it was only given after the event itself. This means you're able to use the Shrine bonus during the event itself, thus making it significantly easier.

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Bug Fixes And QoL Changes

The rest of the patch notes detail the bug fixes and QoL changes being made for the game. You can expect a smoother experience in Diablo 4 Season 3 moving forward. Here are the patch notes below.


Several accessibility issues have been addressed in this update. Previously, there was an issue with the Screen Reader failing to read the Claimed status for Lunar Awakening rewards. Additionally, the Screen Reader was not correctly reading Ancestral Favor Tiers and misreading Ancestral Favor upgrade text. These issues have been fixed to improve accessibility for all players.

Season of the Construct:

In the Season of the Construct, several issues have been resolved to enhance gameplay. Vizier Wasp Constructs now properly respond to Immobilizing effects. The tooltip for Igneous Cores now displays all relevant information, and Journal pages now drop during the Kulle's Heart Quest as intended. Furthermore, party members will now receive credit for looting Obelisks Whispers, and Arcane Tremors in Hawezar and Scosglen now contain interactable Voltaic Brazier's. Additionally, attacks from Malphas no longer damage players after his defeat, and the Season Journey Objective Keeper of Nothing now references Igneous Cores instead of Pearls of Warding to summon Echo of Malphas.

Lunar Awakening:

Issues specific to the Lunar Awakening questline have been resolved. Players can now start the final quest even if they already have maximum Ancestral Favor. Furthermore, the missing Shrine related to the Cleanse the Northshore Shrine Whisper has been restored, and the Ancestral Favor window now closes automatically when walking away from Ying-Yue.


Various gameplay issues have been addressed in this update. Treasure Goblins now reliably spawn during encounters with Avarice, and enemies killed via an execute effect can now drop loot. The Melted Heart of Selig now consistently rolls the maximum value for its movement speed affix, and the Echoing Fury aspect correctly grants bonus Fury if Tactical Rallying Cry is learned. Additionally, Advanced Rapid Fire no longer overrides bonus Critical Strike Damage from other sources, and the damage increase and resource reduction cost from Ring of the Starless Skies now calculate correctly. Finally, the final Lieutenant now spawns properly in The Onyx Watchtower, allowing for completion without a reset.

User Interface and User Experience:

Improvements have been made to the user interface and experience. It is no longer possible to accidentally reopen the friend menu when adding a friend while playing with a controller, and setting a note on a friend no longer triggers the friend menu to reopen. Additionally, icons for Animus are now correctly displayed on the mini-map in the Betrayer's Row Dungeon.


Various miscellaneous issues have been addressed in this update. Players will no longer experience Socketed Gems disappearing from Legendary or Unique Items when dropped, and stability has been improved for players using NVMe Solid State Drives. Additionally, visual and performance improvements have been implemented across the game.

Diablo 4: The Gauntlet Delayed

The Season of the Construct commenced on January 23, introducing numerous additions including a fresh boss battle, a new creature, a seasonal dungeon, and more. Unfortunately, the anticipated addition of the Gauntlet to this lineup has been postponed.

The Gauntlet, a feature in Diablo 4 that offered unique challenges on a weekly basis, has been indefinitely delayed. Rod Fergusson, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Diablo at Blizzard, confirmed this disappointing news for the RPG via X (formerly Twitter) on February 5.

Fergusson stated, "It's great to see the excitement about the Gauntlet and Leaderboards. While we remain on schedule for Season 3, we've decided to take additional time to refine certain aspects, so its launch on February 13, as previously mentioned on a recent podcast, is no longer feasible."

Fergusson referred to an episode of the Official Xbox Podcast where he initially announced the Gauntlet's opening in the horror game on February 13. This dungeon would provide a unique layout and a specific set of monsters each week, along with fresh rankings across various categories such as Solo Druid, Solo Necromancer, and parties of up to 4.

Players could then attempt to conquer the area to their heart's content, aiming for the top spot and valuable prizes. The anticipation surrounding this feature is palpable - particularly for competitive players - and the responses under Fergusson's post indicate player dissatisfaction.

Many expressed disappointment, with some suggesting it should simply be rolled over into Season 4. Fergusson concluded by stating, "We will share more details and the new launch date soon," hinting at a plan to make the Gauntlet available for play in the near future.

As for when exactly that will be, only time will tell. It's very likely that we'll hear about whether or not that new gameplay mode will arrive during the reveal of the next season.

Diablo 4 Season 3 is already well on its way. While it's disappointing that the game isn't getting the acclaimed Gauntlet mode yet, we're at least happy that Blizzard is taking steps towards improving the game. These patch notes are proof that the game is headed in the right direction.

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