Diablo 4 Season 4: All Details Revealed By Blizzard

04.05.2024 - 13:32:40
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Diablo 4 Season 4: All Details Revealed By Blizzard

Months since launching, Diablo 4 continues to struggle when it comes to finding the perfect update that will bring back the joy and love that the game should’ve maintained the past years. The good news is that Blizzard has been very keen on rekindling this love for the game and now, they’ve been more active when it comes to asking feedback from the fans.

There’s a new season coming up and this one seems like it could be the content drop that the game has been needing all this time. Now, Blizzard has unveiled everything that’s to come in the coming season and we’ve got all the juicy details.

Diablo 4 Season 4 Release Date

The fourth season of Diablo was supposed to launch last April but it was actually delayed. Now, the new season will arrive on May 14, 10AM PT. Blizzard has given us a taste of what’s to come during a short PTR released last month. Now, the season is raring to go alongside the changes made because of player feedback from the PTR.

What Is Diablo 4 Season 4 About?

The past seasons of the game centered on themes and a recurring title. The first season was Season of the Malignant. Season 2 was Season of Blood. While Season 3 was called Season of the Construct. The fourth season is taking a different approach, at least title-wise, as it’s called Loot Reborn.

The unique title of Diablo 4 Season 4 signifies the major changes being made to the game in general which focuses more on itemization and how the loot system works. Keep in mind that the changes being made this season won’t just be for this season as it will be a part of the game moving forward.

Diablo 4 Season 4: All New Details Revealed By Blizzard

The main purpose of the PTR last month was to get player feedback on the upcoming changes to come in Loot Reborn. Now, Blizzard is well on its way into releasing all of the promising new changes - with player feedback considered. Here’s everything coming to the game on May 14.


While there are many changes coming this season, most of it will be focused on itemization. The loot system has been changed in a way that loot will be more rewarding on your end. It’s also going to be easier to find loot that will complement your build and will grow with you as you progress through the game.

Better Loot

One of the key changes in the upcoming season comes in the form of better quality loot. When the new season arrives, you’re going to get Legendary items with 3 affixes and Rare items with only 2 affixes. While the affixes are fewer, they have better quality as well which means they’ll add more value to your build.

The affixes themselves are going to work differently. For example, you’ll see affixes which are set to increase some of your based stats or ranks of Core Skill. In doing so, these abilities are going to be much more useful to you and can even be of value for a long period.

While the quality of loot has significantly improved, the new update will also reduce the number of loot that drops whenever you kill enemies in the game. Blizzard is basically going to impose a new system where you waste time simply by checking out everything that you’ve acquired during a farming run.

On top of that, Loot Reborn will also revamp the Salvaging and Crafting system but we’ll talk more about this later. One of the key changes makes it so that there are fewer materials needed when it comes to doing anything at the Blacksmith. The Gold you need to spend when re-rolling Enchanted items now has a ceiling price instead of the usual system where it increases by a set amount each time you re-roll. This makes it easier to improve and stay on with gear that you realy love.

Regarding the drops, the World Tier you are in will now significantly reflect the type of loot you earn. For instead, you can only get Sacred Items or higher while in World Tier III. If you’re in World Tier IV, you’re going to get Ancestral Items or higher. Lastly, you can now start finding Unique items starting on World Tiers I and II, and Uber Uniques will start dropping once you start fighting and killing monsters with a level of 55.

If you come across items that drop from level 95 enemies, the Item Power will now always be at 925.


Tempering and Masterworking are both set to completely spice up how you build your characters from Diablo 4 Season 4 onwards. Let’s talk about Tempering first. 

As you explore Sanctuary in the fourth season, you’ll eventually learn about Tempering Manuals. All Blacksmiths in the world can use this item to further enhance the current equipment that you have. In this case, Tempering is the process that let’s you add specific affixes to your gear.

The good news is that you can start finding the manuals anywhere once you start playing Diablo 4. The manuals are used pretty much like the Codex of Power whereas they can be used as many times as you want to once you learn the. The Crafting Manuals for Crafting can be split into different categories: Weapons, Offensive, Defensive, Mobility, Utility and Resource.

With the manuals in your inventory, all that’s left to do is to head to a Blacksmith to have your gear tempered. In doing so, you’re able to create the perfect gear that fits what you need for the build you’re eyeing. Ancestral items can have at least two unique Tempered affixes but it’s only possible if these are from different categories.

While you can use manuals as many times as you want, the items you use them on does have a limit referred to as Tempering Durability. This dictates how many times an item can be tempered. Also, keep in mind that the manuals earned during the Seasonal Realm will last up until that season ends. On the other hand, manuals from the Eternal Realm will stay in your inventory permanently.


Now we’re going to talk about Masterworking. While Tempering can be used at any point in the game, Masterworking can only be used during the end-game. The materials required to do this will be acquired through the Pit of Artificers which we’ll discuss later on.

To put it simply, Masterworking allows you to upgrade your end-game gear even further. It does so by improving the quality of your affexes on your weapons. Upgrades are calculated per tier and each time you Masterwork a gear the 4th time, you’ll receive a massive upgrade on one of the affixes that you have. Affixes that receive the major upgrade will turn blue and if it does so during the 8th and 12th time, it will turn yellow and then orange respectively.

What’s great about Masterworking is that you can reset  the improvements you’ve acquired but this will not refund you the materials that you used in the process. Still, it’s great that we’re given the chance to redo any major upgrades for our gear.

Codex Of Power Changes

As of Loot Reborn, all of the Aspects that you get from Legendary items will now bw placed inside your Codex of Power which can then be used as many times as out like. What’s great is that the most powerful version of the Aspect you extract will be stored so the potential to create overpowered gear in the future will be a lot easier. You need to keep in mind however that there are limits to just how powerful a certain Aspect can get. Once you’ve found the max power of an Aspect, it will be highlighted with a yellow border.

In that regard, managing Aspects will be a lot easier in Season 4 as well. You can now set as favorite your preferred Codex. Lastly, the Codex of Power will reset and affixes learned during the Seasonal Realm will be gone while those acquired in the Eternal Realm will be kept. If you have two of the same Aspects, the game will only retain the one that’s more powerful.

Greater Affixes

The new season will introduce a new level of affixes called as Greater Affixes. These will only appear on the Ancestral Legendary and Unique items that you get. These are 150% more powerful compared to normal affixes making them an excellent addition to any builds given that the affixes compliment your current one.

To make them more distinct, you can hear a unique audio cue whenever there’s a loot with a Greater Affix that drops in your world.  Once you start playing on World Tier III and IV, the affixes on the items you get has a chance to be a Greater quality. It’s worth noting that there’s no other way to get a Greater Affix other than to come across it in loot.


The last of the itemization updates has something to do with Gems. As per Blizzard, these are now going to be easier to manage and overall more effective. Once the new season drops, you can no longer get any Crude Gems and all of the crafting levels have been shifted back to the original.

Normal Gems are going to be at Level 51, Flawless Gems are going to be at Level 71, Royal Gems at level 91. The value of Diamonds have increased as well making them more effective when it comes to improving resistances. Topaz gems can now increase Intelligence, Sapphire for Willpower, Amethyst for Strength, and Emerald for Dexterity. Thanks to these changes, it’s now worth actually adding Gems to your sockets. 

New Items

As usual, the new season will introduce a selection of new items for each class.





Yen’s Blessing

463 Armor

  • +2 Maximum Evade Charges

  • [10.0 - 14.0]% Damage Reduction from Close Enemies

  • +[12.5 - 17.5]% Movement Speed

  • +[14.0 - 19.5]% Vulnerable Damage

  • Lucky Hit: Up to a 5% Chance to Restore +[14.6 - 20.2]% Primary Resource

  • Casting a Skill has a [20 - 30] chance to cast a Non- Mobility, Non- Ultimate Skill that is currently on Cooldown. This effect can only occur once every 12 seconds.

General-Chest Armor

Tyrael’s Might

1,619 Armor

  • +11.2% Resistance to All Elements

  • +5.0% Maximum Resistance to All Elements

  • +18 All Stats

  • 10.0% Damage Reduction

  • While at full Life, your Skills unleash a divine barrage dealing 98 damage.


Arreat’s Blessing

925 Armor

  • +[638 - 873] Maximum Life

  • [7.5 - 10.7]% 

  • Ultimate

  •  Cooldown Reduction

  • +[28 - 42] Strength

  • [5.1 - 7.3]% Damage Reduction

  • Ancients you summon are empowered.


Twin Strikes

463 Armor

  • +[11.9 - 16.6]% Attack Speed

  • Lucky Hit: Up to a 5% Chance to Restore +[10.0 - 14.0]% Primary Resource 

  • +[12.5 - 17.5]% Damage 

  • +[2 - 3] to Double Swing

  • After casting Double Swing 4 times, your next Double Swing will hit 2 additional times, each dealing [10 - 25]% [x] increased damage.



  • +8.0% Resistance to All Elements

  • +8.0% Cold Resistance

  • [12.0 - 17.0]% Spirit Cost Reduction

  • +[7.6 - 10.7]% Willpower

  • +[11.9 - 16.6]% Attack Speed

  • Lucky Hit: Up to a +[14.6 - 20.2]% Chance to Slow for 2 Seconds

  • Casting Landslide causes tectonic spikes to continue to deal [90 - 135] damage over 2 seconds.

  • Summoning Landslide pillars in tectonic spikes has a [20 - 30]% chance to causes extra Landslide pillars to spawn in the spikes.


Wildheart Hunger

463 Armor

  • Attacks Reduce Evade's Cooldown by 0.8 Seconds

  • +[90.0 - 126.0]% Overpower Damage

  • [5.1 - 7.3]% Damage Reduction

  • +[30.0 - 42.0]% Critical Strike Damage

  • +[12.5 - 17.5]% Movement Speed

  • When you Shapeshift into a Werewolf or a Werebear, you gain Wildheart for 5 seconds. Wildheart grants you [1.0 - 1.5]%[x] increased damage every 0.0 seconds, stacking 20 times.


Cruor’s Embrace

463 Armor

  • +[45.0 - 63.0]% Overpower Damage

  • +[20.0 - 28.0]% Core Damage

  • Lucky Hit: Up to a 5% Chance to Heal +[779 - 1,055] Life

  • +[2 - 3] to Blood Surge

  • Blood Surge consumes Corpses to cause mini novas, dealing [40 - 56] damage. Damage is increased by 10% per target drained by the initial cast, up to 50%. Damage is also increased by 20% for each Corpse consumed.



  • +19.0% Resistance to All Elements

  • +[14.0 - 19.5]% Shadow Damage Over Time

  • [8.6 - 12.0]% Damage Reduction from Shadow Damage Over Time-Affected Enemies

  • [12.0 - 17.0]% Essence Cost Reduction

  • +[12.5 - 17.5]% Movement Speed

  • Blight also shoots 4 smaller projectiles that pierce enemies and deal [300 - 900] Shadow damage over 3 seconds.


Scoundrel’s Kiss

  • +8.0% Resistance to All Elements

  • +8.0% Poison Resistance

  • +[1.8 - 5.0]% Critical Strike Chance

  • +[2 - 3] to Rapid Fire

  • [5.0 - 7.0]% Imbuement Cooldown Reduction

  • +[12.0 - 17.0]% Attack Speed for 4 Seconds After Dodging an Attack

  • Rapid Fire now lobs exploding arrows that deal [15 - 25]%[x] increased damage.


Saboteur’s Signet

  • +8.0% Resistance to All Elements

  • +8.0% Shadow Resistance

  • +[8.5 - 12.0]% Damage to Crowd Controlled Enemies

  • +[3.0 - 8.0]% Critical Strike Chance

  • +[638 - 873] Maximum Life

  • +[15.0 - 21.0]% Critical Strike Damage

  • Casting Flurry has a [15 - 30]% chance to release Stun Grenades that deal [128 - 150] Physical damage and Stun enemies for 1.00 second.

Sorcerer - Amulet

Fractured Winterglass

  • +19.0% Resistance to All Elements

  • [5.0 - 7.0]% Cooldown Reduction

  • +[18.5 - 26.0]% Non-Physical Damage

  • +[1 - 2] to Conjuration Mastery

  • +[14.0 - 19.5]% Vulnerable Damage

  • Casting Frozen Orb has a [35 - 50]% chance to spawn a random Conjuration when it explodes.

  • Lucky Hit: Your Conjurations have up to a [70 - 100]% chance to launch a Frozen Orb at Nearby enemies.

Sorcerer - Gloves


463 Armor

  • +[11.9 - 16.6]% Attack Speed

  • +[25.0 - 35.0]% Damage to Burning Enemies

  • +[2 - 3] to Fire Bolt

  • +[1 - 2] to Devouring Blaze

  • Casting Fire Bolt through your Firewall causes it to split into 4 bolts, each dealing [10 - 30]%[x] more damage.

Revamped Helltide

Helltide Events are also going to be more exciting and rewarding once the new season arrives. If you’ve played the Blood Harvest event during Season of Blood, the changes for the Helltide this season might feel familiar to you as it’s heavily inspired by that. With the new changes, there’s even more depth to the difficulty of Helltide, thus making it a more engaging as a form of endgame content.

All New Threat Levels And Hell-Marked Status

One of the unique mechanics coming to the Helltied are threat levels. As you fight more enemies and kill them, you can generate Threat. The higher your Threat levels, the more difficult the Helltide is going to be. Of course, there will be better rewards as well. As of next season, there will be three threat levels. Hitting Level 3 unlocks a unique status called Hell-Marked.

Once Hell-Marked, you’ll find yourself facing off against even more enemies. There are only two conditions that will reset your Threat Level. The first being when you die and the second being when you summon a Hellborn. Hellborns are strong bosses based off one of the classes in Diablo 4. They’ll appear if you’re able to kill a set amount of enemies while being Hell-Marked. Kill the Hellborn and you’ll be rewarded heavily.

The Accursed Ritual

You can acquire Tortured Gifts while participating in the Helltide. You’ll have more of it even you have a higher Threat Level. Opening Tortured Gifts will reward you with Baneful Hearts. You can also get Baneful Hearts by killing the Hellborn. What are these hearts for?

As the Helltide happens, you can come across the Accursed Ritual. If you deposit three Baneful Hearts during the ritual, you’ll trigger an event wherein you’ll have to fight even more waves of enemies. If you kill enough at a certain time, you will summon the Blood Maiden which is an ultra powerful enemy that drops lots of rewards upon death.

This new mechanic adds a layer of difficulty to the already challenging Helltide. You’ll need to prepare all that you can for the Blood Maiden as she’s expected to be one of the toughest challenges in the game.

As this new Helltide is more challenging, Blizzard will now make the challenge accessible as early as World Tiers I and II. Of course, the Helltides in these World Tiers will be easier but less rewarding. Still, you’re at least able to practice out better strategies as you progress through the game.

Additional Changes

If you’re still not satisfied with the new depth of the Helltide, you can make things even more challenging. You can do so by using a Profane Mindcage. Using this item will help increase the level of the monsters in the even by 10. Your efforts will be rewarded though as it will also increase the drop rates of Cinders. This special item will only be available up until the end of Season 4.

You can also face off against the Iron Wolves throughout the Helltide. These are new enemies that are set to come with unique mechanics.

The Pit Of Artificers

Once you reach World Tier IV, a new Quest will task you with finishing at least a Tier 46 Nightmare Dungeon. Doing this unlocks the ability to do a new endgame activity called the Pit of Artificers. After beating the Nightmare Dungeon, you can start to get a new currency called Runeshards. They can be found in nearly everywhere from Helltide Chests to Whisper Bounties.

Once you have a lot of Runeshards, head to Cerrigar and interact with the Obelisk. Doing so will let you explore The Pit which is somewhat like a horde mode in Diablo 4. The Pit itself is littered with powerful enemies and a timed system that you shouldn’t fail at all costs less you want to waste the precious Runeshards.

Once inside The Pit, you’ll have to kill a certain amount of monsters within 10 minutes. This might seem simple enough but keep in mind that each time a player dies, 30 seconds will be removed from the time. A second death results in a 60-second penalty, while the third death and upwards will results in a 90-second penalty. You can do The Pit in parties of four.

If you manage to kill enough monsters within the alloted time, you’ll be taken to a boss arena. Your next goal is to then kill the boss within another set timer as well. Beating the boss will grant you with materials needed for Masterworkin, as well as new Tiers of the Pit. There are 200 levels of difficulty of The Pit and each one grants better rewards than the next.

Players who spends Runeshards to get to The Pit will earn more rewards than the others. Aside from the regular rewards, the Runeshard user will also get Stygian Stones which can be used to summon Tormented Echoes.

Andariel - Tormented Echoes

If you want even more challenge in Diablo 4 Season 4, then you should definitely take on Andariel’s new form. She joins as a new opponent in the boss ladder and she’ll be up to par with Duriel in terms of difficulty and Uber Unique drop rates. Andariel’s new form will use nearly all types of damages including her trademark Poison attack.

To fight Andariel, you must first farm materials from the Beast in Ice and Lord Zir. With the right materials, you can then locate Andarial’s summoning pool east of Tasarak, within the Hanged Man’s Hall.

Every boss that you can summon can now be fought at their strongest at Level 200 as a Tormented Echo. You can get he materials to summon these uber bosses on the Pit. While difficult and costly to summon, the Tormented Echoes bosses offer rewards far greater than any in the game. Beating any of the bosses for the first time will give you a Resplendent Spark.

The Iron Wolves

The season will introduce a new faction of enemies called the Iron Wolves, led by Soudeh the Anvil. These mercenaries are in the southern area of Sanctuary. While they may front themselves as noble warriors, there’s more to the Iron Wolves than meets the eye as there are murders within their ranks.

This Season’s new storyline will have you helping out Soudeh in Khejistan to uncover the mystery within their group. Progressing through the quest will reward you with coveted Tempering Manuals.

Miscellaneous Changes

Aside from there, there are loads of minor changes and adjustments made to certain items in the game. To give you a bit of a heads up with your preferred classes, here’s a list of changes being made to all Diablo 4 classes in the next season.





  • The 10% innate Damage Reduction of the Barbarian has been eliminated.

  • Call of the Ancients no longer has the necessary prerequisites for legendary powers.

    • In the past, Dust Devils' durations, speeds, and patterns of movement varied according to which legendary Aspect generated them. Currently, they all act in the same way regardless of the aspect they belong to. Furthermore, Dust Devils have been updated with the following:

      • There is now a maximum of 15 Dust Devils that can be active at once. Now, dust devils travel faster and disappear sooner.



  • 250% damage was lowered to 180%.

Power Charge

  • The reduction in cooldown time per target hit was from three to two seconds.

  • The reduction of the cooldown time for defeating a boss was from six to four seconds.

  • Six seconds is the new maximum cooldown reduction, down from nine.

Furious Hammer of the Ancients

  • Previous: When you use Hammer of the Ancients, the damage is enhanced by 1%[x] for every point of fury you have.

  • As of right now, Hammer of the Ancients increases your Critical Strike Chance by 2%[+] for each 10 fury you used.

Violent Rend

  • Rend's damage raised from 12%[x] to 25%[x] against vulnerable opponents.


  • Rupture's initial damage now comes with an Overpower guarantee.

Call of the Ancients

  • Damage from Korlic Leap went up to 156% from 104%.

  • Damage from Korlic Frenzy rose to 59% from 39%.

  • Damage from Talic Whirlwind raised to 98% from 65%.

  • Damage from the Madawc Upheaval rose to 293% from 195%.


  • Damage range expanded to 3 meters from 2.2 meters.

  • From 70% to 105% more damage is dealt to an enemy when they are knocked into a wall.

Power Kick

  • Damage increases from 20% to 25% for every ten fury consumed.


Unbridled Rage

  • Bonus damage is now 100%[x] instead of 135%[x].

Weapon Expertise

Polearm Expertise

  • From 10%[x] to 15%[x], the chance of a lucky hit increases.

  • The percentage of damage while healthy went from 10%[+] to 15%[x].

Two-Handed Mace Expertise

  • Fury gain increased to 5 from 2.

    • Previous: When you Berserk, you deal 15%[x] more Critical Strike damage to vulnerable and stunned opponents.

    • Now, while berserking, you deal 15%[x] more damage with Critical Strikes.

Two-Handed Axe Expertise

  • From 15%[x] to 10%[x], the amount of vulnerable damage was decreased.

One-Handed Axe Expertise

  • The critical strike chance of 10%[+] against wounded foes was raised from 5%[+].


Spirit Boons


  • The cooldown reset chance was raised to 25% from 20%.


  • Spirit restoration increased to 20 from 10.


  • The percentage of Critical Strike Healing rose from 3% to 5%.


  • Reduced damage from Elites increased to 15% from 10%.



  • Damage went boosted by about 10% (.25 to.28).

  • Enhanced Claw

    • Attack Speed was raised to 20% from 15%.


  • Damage went up by about 10% (.24 to.26).

  • Enhanced Maul

    • Fortify was raised to 8% from 5%.

Raging Pulverize

  • 3 seconds was added to the stun duration.


  • Damage rose by ten percent.

  • Enhanced Shred

    • The rate of healing went from 2% to 4%.

Debilitating Roar

  • Currently classified as a shout skill.


  • Unstoppable is now gained by Wolves when the Skill is used.

  • The health gained 200%.

  • Respawn time was cut to 5 seconds from 10 seconds.


  • Damage rose from 134% to 187%.


  • Prime Petrify

    • Prior: The effects of Petrify last an extra second.

    • Currently, Petrify increases the duration of its effects by one second and grants 50 Spirit upon casting.

  • Supreme Petrify

    • Prior: 25 Spirit is awarded for eliminating an opponent who has been petrified.

    • Now - Petrify's Cooldown is lowered by 1 second when an enemy is killed. Petrify's cooldown is shortened by ten seconds when it hits a boss.


  • Damage went boosted by 22%.

  • Prime Lacerate

    • Heal for 3% Maximum Life, doubled on Critical Strikes, with Lacerate hits.

    • Currently, Lacerate deals 3% Maximum Life Heal, which is doubled on Critical Strikes. There is a 150% damage increase and a guaranteed first critical strike.

  • Supreme Lacerate

    • Previous - Lacerate causes 150% more damage on its first attack, which is guaranteed to Critically attack.

    • Now, whenever Lacerate Critically Strikes, your Shapeshifting Skills deliver 4% additional damage for 10 seconds, up to 40%. This effect is cumulative.


Call of the Wild

  • The damage went from 10% to 12%.


  • Previous - You take 7% more damage when using a Shapeshifting Skill to change your shape.

  • Now, for three seconds, when you shapeshift into a new animal form, you deal 1% more damage, up to 6%.

Heightened Senses

  • Previous: For five seconds, when you shapeshift into a werebear or werewolf, you will receive 4% damage reduction against elite opponents.

  • Presently, both the werebear and the werewolf provide 2% Movement Speed and 2% Damage Reduction, respectively, for six seconds when they shapeshift into an animal form. While both are engaged, bonuses are doubled.


  • Previous: When you change into human form, you will gain two spirit.

  • Now - After using a Companion Skill, you can raise the damage and Critical Strike Chance of your next Core or Wrath skill by 5% to 15%.

Digitigrade Gait

  • The movement speed was raised to 4% from 3%.



Enhanced Blight

  • Now, the defiled area is correctly referenced in the Tooltip for the Slow effect.

Blood Mist

  • Eliminated the decrease in movement speed.


  • It is now possible to use this skill when under crowd control. When this ability is used, the player becomes unstoppable.


  • Description changed to make it more in line with the usage of corpses.

  • interval shortened to 1 second from 1.5 seconds.

  • boosted the production of channeling essence from 8 to 10 per second.

  • Instead of channeling for one second, upgrades now activate upon the spawning of corpses.

  • Enhanced Decompose

    • Now, when Decompose creates a corpse or when the target dies, it explodes (doing 40% weapon damage).

    • now produces 10 essence when a corpse is created.

  • Acolyte's Decompose

    • Previous: Decompose renders enemies vulnerable for four seconds every 1.5 seconds.

    • Decompose explosions now expose opponents.

  • Initiate's Decompose

    • Channeling has been replaced with a Movement Speed benefit on Decompose explosions.

    • The duration of Bonus Movement Speed been extended from 5 to 8 seconds.

Army of the Dead

  • 50% more Volatile Skeletons are spawning now.

  • To match Volatile Skeletons, the spawn rate of Supreme Army of the Dead has been changed.

  • Currently classified as a Summoning skill.


Inspiring Leader

  • Previous - Your minions and you gain 4/8/12%[+] Attack Speed once you have been healthy for at least 2 seconds.

  • Currently, you have an increased critical chance of 4/8/12%[+] and your minions have an increased critical strike chance of 6/12/18%[+] while you are healthy.

Kalan’s Edict

  • Previous - Your Minions receive 15% Attack Speed once you haven't taken any damage in the last two seconds. You receive a double bonus when you have seven or more minions.

  • Currently, for every minion that is active, your minions receive 3% attack speed.

Book of the Dead

  • Now that they may commence combat, Skeletal Warriors are more likely to run ahead of the Necromancer.

  • Skirmishers: The second upgrade's three-second limit was removed.

  • Reapers

    • First Upgrade

      • Previous: Reaper attacks that deal damage to enemies that are stunned, immobilized, slowed, or vulnerable shorten the duration of their potent wind-up attack by 2 seconds.

      • One of your active cooldowns is now reduced by 3 seconds when you wind up an attack.

  • Defenders

    • Instead of removing damage every 6 seconds like in the original update, they now taunt everyone in their vicinity.

    • The second improvement moved your inherited Thorns to Defenders, which 99% lessen damage taken.

  • Shadow Mages

    • Now the attacks pierce.

    • First upgrade

      • Previous: There is a 10% chance that a Shadow Mage attack may stun for two seconds. The same enemy cannot experience this more than once every 5 seconds.

      • Now, for every Shadow Mage that is active, you deal 3%[x] more damage.

    • The second improvement reduced the number of Shadow Bolts unleashed 4 assaults to 3. After the second upgrade, every second assault now results in an extra Shadow Bolt.

  • Cold Mages

    • Attacks now benefit from the initial upgrade's three Essence.

    • Vulnerable is now applied unconditionally by attacks.

  • Bone Mages

    • First Upgrade

      • The attack of your Bone Mages can now be used for 10% instead of 15% in life. Bone mage damage is increased by 40%[x] for 5 seconds after being alive.

      • Now, if Bone Splinters or Bone Spear are on your Action bar, Bone Mages will cast them every 6th attack. If they have equipped skills, Bone Mages have a 25% chance to cast Bone Spear or Bone Splinters.

    • Second Upgrade

      • Previous - A corpse is left behind after a Bone Mage dies from its own attack, and Fortify you for 20% of your maximum life each time.

      • Now, upon dying, Bone Mages leave behind a body. Attacks from Bone Mages will return 3% of Maximum Life Fortify.

  • Blood Golem

    • Golem now takes 30% of the first upgrade, up from 15% previously.

    • For every opponent that is drained, the player is also healed for 5% of their maximum life by Golem's second upgrade active ability.

  • Bone Golem

    • First Upgrade

      • Previous - Your Bone Golem will expel a corpse every time damage to it equals to up to 20% of its Maximum Life.

      • Now, spawn five corpses close to the golem so that it can use its power.

    • Second Upgrade

      • Previous: The number of Thorns your Bone Golem inherits from you is increased from 30% to 50%, and it gains 10% more Maximum Life.

      • Now, whenever your Bone Golem takes damage, Bone Spikes are released.

  • Iron Golem

    • First upgrade

      • Instead of every four attacks, it now casts the shockwave every two.

      • Damage from shockwaves rose from 40% to 154%.

    • Second upgrade

      • Now pulls adversaries in rather than using Vulnerable.


  • The base stun length of stun grenades (given by several factors) was extended from.5 to 1 second.


Inner Sight

  • For 4 seconds, you additionally earn 25%[+] Critical Strike Chance while the Inner Sight gauge is full.

  • While attacking unmarked enemies will fill the gauge, it will do so at a rate of 5% slower than usual.


  • Energy needed was cut from 100 to 75.


  • Damage rose from 66% to 75%.


  • Now cancelable a little bit sooner from another skill.



  • The problem that prevented this from activating and scaling in some cases has been fixed.

  • Proc probability increased from 45% to 50%.


  • Currently, Core Skills are also regarded as Mastery Skills.


Frost Nova Enchantment

  • The probability of using conjuration skills to summon a Frost Nova rose from 30% to 35%.

Frost Bolt Enchantment

  • The level of chill was raised to 18% from 15%.

Flame Shield Enchantment

  • Previous: Flame Shield turns on by itself after it sustains fatal damage. Only once per 120 seconds is this effect possible.

  • Now, Flame Shield initiates automatically upon accumulating a 100% Maximum Life loss. is limited to occurring once every 30 seconds.


Frozen Orb

  • New Functionality: The distance traveled can now be adjusted.

  • Damage rose by 20% (.34 to .41).

  • Enhanced Frozen Orb

    • Previous - Frozen Orb's explosion damage is raised by 45% against Elites and 30% against all other opponents when it is cast with more Mana than 40.

    • Presently - Frozen Orb explodes with 45% more damage when in a healthy state.

Greater Frozen Orb

  • The duration grew from two to three seconds, and the vulnerable probability went from 30% to 40%.

Ice Armor

  • Enhanced Ice Armor

    • The rate of Mana Regeneration was raised to 30%.

  • Shimmering Ice Armor

    • Previous - You have a 15% chance of becoming frozen for 3.23 seconds if an enemy hits you while Ice Armor is activated.

    • Now - For every 50 Mana spent, you can shorten Ice Armor's cooldown by 1.2 seconds while it's active.

  • Mystical Ice Armor

    • Previous: Ice Armor's Barrier is increased by 50% when damage is dealt to vulnerable enemies.

    • Now - You can deal 15% more damage to frozen enemies and occasionally chill close targets for 20% while Ice Armor is active.

Shimmering Frost Nova

  • Previous: With every opponent hit, Frost Nova produces 4 Mana.

  • Frost Nova now increases Dodge Chance by 3% for each opponent hit, up to 15%. Gaining the most comes from hitting a boss. You retain this effect for the following 8 seconds, during which time successful dodges will grant 20 mana.

Flame Shield

  • Enhanced Flame Shield

    • Previous: When active, Flame Shield increases movement speed by 25%.

    • The burn radius of Flame Shield is now 50% greater.

  • Mystical Flame Shield

    • Previous: When Flame Shield is active, you receive a 25% reduction in mana costs.

    • Now, after Flame Shield finishes, all nearby enemies are stunned for 3 seconds, and you may always count on a critical strike with your next skill within 10 seconds.


  • Enhanced Teleport

    • Previous: The cooldown of Teleport is shortened by 0.5 seconds for each enemy hit, with a maximum of 3 seconds.

    • Now, after teleporting, you have a 3-second bonus in movement speed of 30%.

  • Mystical Teleport

    • Previous: Crackling Energy attacks two more enemies for four seconds following a teleportation.

    • Now - Teleport deals 500% more damage. For each opponent it defeats, up to 3 Crackling Energies are also formed.

Supreme Deep Freeze

  • After it ends, apply Vulnerable for 5 seconds.

Ice Shards

  • Damage rose from 1.25 to 1.6, a 28% increase.

  • Improved Ice Shards

    • Ricochet chance rose to 40% from 50%.


  • Baseline maximum quantity was raised to two from one.

Lightning Spear

  • 8% more damage was done (.15 to.16).

Greater Charged Bolts

  • Damage went from 25% to 35%.


  • Improved Feature: While channeling, receive a 15% baseline damage reduction.

  • Damage changed to 10% (.76 to .84).


Elemental Attunement

  • Cooldown reset chance increased to 7% from 5%.

Mana Shield

  • Damage Reduction rose to 8% from 7%

Devouring Blaze

  • Instead of immobilized, enemies controlled by crowds now grant a damage bonus.

Conjuration Mastery

  • Previous: Every conjuration you have active increases your damage by 1%.

  • Now, for every active conjuration, you get 1% more damage, 1% faster movement, and 2% more mana generated.


  • Lucky Hit Chance rose to 5% from 3%.

Shocking Impact

  • Damage rose from.2 to.4 (a 100% increase).

Elemental Dominance

  • Damage went up to 4% from 3%.

Diablo 4’s Future Is Looking Promising

Diablo 4 Season 4 is looking very promising. It seems as though the delay was well worth it as these coming changes to itemization and endgame could make the experience more fun for everyone once again.

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