Diablo 4 Season 4 Release Date

04.05.2024 - 13:34:20
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Diablo 4 Season 4 Release Date

Blizzard has a long-term plan for Diablo 4 and they’re going to make it possible with the help of Seasons. The journey doesn’t end after beating the forces of Lilith in Sanctuary as there’s always going to be something new to explore in the endgame for Diablo 4. Let’s first talk about the next Season.

Diablo 4 Season 4 Release Date

Each Season of Diablo is intended to be at least 3-months long but the third season lasted longer than usual because development on the fourth season had to be extended. Here’s a look at the current seasonal releases.

Diablo 4 Season

Release Date

End Date

Season of the Malignant

July 20, 2023

October 17, 2023

Season of Blood

October 17, 2023

January 24, 2024

Season of Construct

January 24, 2024

May 14, 2024

Loot Reborn

May 14, 2024

Sometime in August

If Blizzard won’t expect any delays like in the previous season, we can expect Diablo 4 Season 4 Loot Reborn, to end sometime in August after which, the new Season will start immediately.

In the past Seasons of Diablo, Blizzard added unique mechanics which were in line with the theme of the season. Season of the Construct, for instance, allowed you to partner up with robotic allies called Constructs.

Season 4 is going to be different, however. Instead of the traditional title format, it’s simply titled as Loot Reborn. This new season is going to primarily focus on revamping the Itemization in the game. Without going into too much detail, you can expect to see better loot and better loot progression in the endgame. The game is also going to get new mechanics for crafting such as Masterworking and Tempering.

Unlike in previous seasons, the new mechanics introduced in Loot Reborn are going to be permanent. Blizzard was planning on creating a new system to completely revamp how players enjoy the game which is why the Itemization changes are here for the long-haul.

It’s worth noting though that Loot Reborn will have some content that won’t be transferable to the Eternal Realm once the Season ends.

How Do Diablo Seasons Work?

If you’ve played Diablo 3 before, then Seasons should be pretty easy to understand as this type of content progression is the same. Basically, Blizzard is planning to add at least four Seasons per year to Diablo 4. Each season will bring in new story content, questlines, endgame activity, cosmetics, and much more. To put it simply, it’s Blizzard’s way of keeping the game alive even after the credits roll.

The Seasons also serve as a means for Blizzard to add or test new gameplay mechanics to Diablo 4. 

Each Season of Diablo 4 isn’t just purely for content though. Blizzard wants to reveal more about the world and Sanctuary in the game. As such, each of the storylines per Season are canon to the game’s story and will in fact progress the world forward. Expect to see new characters and returning ones every time a content drop happens.

While the stories in the Seasons are made to complement the story, they aren’t a continuation of the main campaign. For that, Blizzard is going to release an expansion with the first one being Diablo 4: Vessel of Hatred which is expected to launch next year but we don’t know much about it yet.

Seasonal And Eternal Realm

The concept of Seasons is pretty simple but a lot of players tend to be confused with how the Eternal Realm and the Seasonal Realm works. To put it simply, the Eternal Realm serves as the permanent server of Diablo 4. Your character here will last indefinitely and will only be deleted if you yourself delete them.

Characters in the Eternal Realm stay in the Eternal Realm. You cannot use them in other Seasons. Each Season is a start of almost a clean slate as you’ll have to create a new character for it. Now, we say “almost a clean slate” because there are some things that carry over between the two accounts.

For starters, you should aim on completing the main campaign as soon as you can before jumping into one of the seasons. Once done, you’ll have the ability to do the following on your Seasonal Realm character:

  • Skip the Diablo 4 campaign.

  • Make the moun readily available for easy exploration.

  • Have all of the Altars of Lilith you unlocked in your Eternal Realm character unlocked in the Seasonal Realm. This includes the Renown rewards related to them.

  • Have all of the areas you’ve explored in your Eternal Realm character unlocked in the Seasonal Realm. This includes the Renown rewards related to them.

Once a Season ends, all of your Seasonal Characters and their progress are going to be added to your Eternal Realm. The transfer will include all of your items and Seasonal stash. What won’t remain are the Season-gameplay mechanics added. For instance, if you had access to Malignant Hearts during Season 1, you won’t have access to it in any way once the Season ends.


Each Season will be accompanied by a Battlepass. Simply playing the game or completing specific tasks will allow you to level through the Battlepass to collect Season-exclusive rewards such as cosmetics.

Like other Battlepasses in video games, there’s a free and a premium version of the Diablo 4 Battlepass. The premium version gives you access to more items.

Diablo 4’s Future Is Secured

Considering the steady stream of content, we’re pretty excited for the future of Diablo 4. Hopefully, we get more exciting features in the future but for now, we’re just hoping that Loot Reborn is really all that it’s hyped up to be.

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