Diablo 4 World Events: Strategies

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Diablo 4 World Events: Strategies

There are lots of things to do in Diablo 4. As you explore Sanctuary, you’ll find that there’s a lot more than dungeons and demons in the land. If you want to gain XP fast, while gaining access to good loot simultaneously, you must do World Events.

What Are Diablo 4 World Events?

In Diablo 4, you can come across various events distinguished by an orange tracker. These are called World Events. Completing a World Event rewards you with tons of loot and Murmuring Obols. You can then spend Murmuring Obols at Purveyors of Curiosities for more loot or Whispering Keys.

Diablo 4’s World Events are some of the best ways to grind for XP early because of the mob density and the Elites that appear in them. Additionally, if you complete an extra objective for world events, you’re going to get even more rewards too. These extra objectives are called Mastery.

If you’re having issues beating the World Events and their extra objectives then look no further. We’re going to give you a few quick tips on how you can beat each of them.

  1. Ancient Obelisk



Inspect the Obelisk and stand on the pressure plates to satiate the figure.

Satiate the Obelisk by activating the four pressure plates before the timer runs out

This World Event is easy for classes like the Barbarian and Druid, who have a means of tanking huge mobs of enemies. The goal is pretty straightforward. You need to stand on a pressure plate until a ritual for that area finishes. There are audio and visual cues that tell you when you can leave a plate.

The key to finishing this event with Mastery is to manage your potions and defensive abilities properly. Don’t spam heal as you’ll run out of potions to use rather quickly. Each pressure plate takes more than 10 seconds to get satiated to keep calm and focus on killing enemies.

Your progress will be retained if you leave the plate. Don’t be afraid to take out annoying long-range enemies if they’re giving you a hard time.

  1. Ancient Siphon



Inspect the statue and satiate it by killing enemies within proximity of the siphons.

Satiate the three siphons before the timer runs out.

This World Event is similar to Ancient Obelisk in a way. There will be three siphons around the statue. You’ll need to kill enemies near the siphon to satiate the statue and finish the World Event. Mastering the event simply means satiating all siphons before the timer runs out.

This is a lot easier than Ancient Obelisk because you’ll have more space to move around in. The key is to focus on satiating one siphon first. Stay in the far ends of the siphon so that enemies are lured to get inside the siphon with you.

As tempting as it can be, don’t move around the siphons and kill enemies to satiate them at the same time. This will make the process last longer.

  1. Caravan Under Siege



Survive the enemy ambush.

Keep the survivors alive.

This is one of the most challenging World Events to master if you’re playing alone. There are three defenseless survivors around the area and you need to keep them all alive to Master the event.

The good news is that the enemies don’t always attack the survivors at the same time. Focus on the survivors that are getting mobbed by multiple enemies. If there are any long-ranged foes flinging attacks from afar, take care of them immediately as they can deal a lot of damage to the survivors.

Moving around the small area to get agro of the mobs is a good way to keep the survivors healthy too.

  1. Cull The Wicked



Kill all enemies in the area.

Beat the Elite that appears before the timer runs out.

This World Event is straightforward and simple. The only time constraint is beating the Elite that appears once you’ve killed all enemies.

If you find yourself constantly running out of time, keep in mind that the Elite almost always spawns at the center of the area. As such, make sure to kill the remaining monsters near that spot so that you’re able to charge at the Elite quickly once it appears.

  1. Defiled Ground



Kill the Elites to end their ritual. Survive the assault after.

Kill the corrupted growth before time runs out.

The objective here is pretty easy. The tough part is killing the Elites at the beginning of the World Event as they can overwhelm you if you’re not prepared. To avoid dying from the ambush, move around the corrupted growth and never stay in one place.

Killing the corrupted growth is easy. If you want to clear out mobs while damaging the corrupted growth, you should focus on using AoE skills. The mobs are not that hard to deal with but they can become bothersome once a few Elites join the fray.

  1. Hold Your Ground



Survive all the enemy waves that appear.

Make sure that your companion survives the assault.

This event is similar to Caravan Under Siege. However, your companion isn’t vulnerable this time. In fact, they’ll fight alongside you as waves of enemies appear on the map. This might seem simple enough, but the companion can get into a lot of trouble without you noticing it.

If you want to Master the event, make sure that you stay as close to your companion as possible. Focus on the hard-hitting enemies that appear as they can easily overwhelm the two of you.

A variation of this event gives you three allies to work with. What’s good there is that you don’t need to have everyone survive the ambush to Master the event.

  1. Insatiable Hunger



Survive all the enemy waves that appear while a ritual is happening.

Prevent possessed enemies from being sacrificed for the ritual.

This is another wave survival World Event. The main difference is that there will be a ritual at the center. As it happens, possessed enemies are going to get near the ritual to be sacrificed. Possessed enemies are distinguished by a line that connects them to the ritual.

To Master the event, you need to kill the possessed enemies before they get sacrificed. You only have three chances for this and you need to make sure that your chances don’t run out until the assault is over.

This will be easy early on as the possessed enemies are relatively weak. Eventually, there will be speedy or tanky enemies who will be used for the ritual. Focus on the weaker enemies first so that you don’t get overwhelmed while stopping the sacrifice.

  1. Jar of Souls



Fill the jar by defeating enemies and collecting souls.

Fill the jar before the time runs out.

The only challenge with this event is that the enemies can be scattered throughout the map. You only need 30 souls to fill the jar but that can be challenging as enemies aren’t abundant in this event.

Since the focus is to fill up the jar, make sure to grab the souls the moment that they appear. If there are single souls that are too far from where the rest are, just leave it be and focus on getting clumps of souls instead. This is the more practical approach to this event.

  1. Liberation



Free the six prisoners around the area.

Kill the Elite before the timer runs out.

This event is similar to Cull the Wicked, with the exception that you need to free 6 prisoners first. To make the battle with the Elite easier, focus on killing all of the mobs within the area first as they can be deadly while you’re fighting the Elite. There’s no time limit when freeing the prisoners so take your time.

Again, the Elite monster will appear at the center of the area. Make sure you’re nearby before it appears, so you can damage it as soon as possible. With the mobs in the area cleared out, this should be an easy feat for you.

  1. Raze The Effigies



Burn down the three effigies within the area.

Kill the Elite before the timer runs out.

You should approach this event, just as you would Liberation. Take your time in burning down the effigies and clear out all mobs first. Again, there won’t be a time limit while you’re doing this. The time limit will appear once the Elite appears after you burn down all effigies.

You’ll have an easier time with the Elite with the mobs cleared out. The maps for Raze the Effigies are typically smaller so clearing the mobs is a must.

  1. Rites of Ascension



Kill enemies that are tethered to the Elite to disrupt the ritual.

Kill the Elite before the timer runs out.

This is one of the most challenging World Events in the game right now. The Elite is there at the start of the event. You can’t damage it as long as there are tethered enemies who are performing the ritual. You need to constantly kill the tethered enemies who appear in various places on the map to kill the Elite.

The key here is to be as agile as possible. The tethered enemies come in groups of 3-4 every time you kill them. Stopping them from performing the ritual can be very time-consuming. However, this is the only way you can Master the event.

Save your highest-damaging abilities for the Elite because you’ll only have a limited time to damage it once the tethered enemies are destroyed.

  1. Waves of Darkness



Survive all enemy waves until the timer runs out.

Kill 5 waves before the timer runs out

This is another easy World Event to complete. You just need to kill five waves before the timer runs out so it’s relatively easy. The enemies per wave aren’t something to fear too as you can easily kill them.
The only challenge here is the Elite enemy that appears in some of the waves. In most cases, the Elite will appear on the third and fifth waves. Make sure to save all of your best skills for when that arrives. The mob will count into your wave once they are all killed. 

Make sure to clear the map of all enemies. Those with the Teleporting modifier might make this event more challenging. 

  1. Wayward Soul



Escort the Wayward Soul by staying within its circle.

Help the Wayward Soul find its objective before the timer runs out.

To complete this event, you need to escort a soul into three spots in the area. The soul will not move if you’re not inside the circle around it. To Master the event, you simply need to escort the soul into the third spot before the timer runs out.

Just focus on sticking close to the soul. It has no life bar so you don’t need to protect it. Let the waves of enemies come after you inside the circle and then kill them there.

Start XP and Obol Farming Now!

Diablo 4’s World Events are an excellent source of XP, loot, and Obols. Now that you know the strategies for each of the World Events, you’ll find it easier to Master them as you progress throughout the game.

Keep in mind that the levels of the enemies within the event are going to scale along with you. As such, you’re always going to have a slight bit of a challenge every time you start an event.

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