FIFA 23 Guide: FUT Coins Invest, Make & Trade

21.10.2022 - 08:13:14
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FIFA 23 Guide: FUT Coins Invest, Make & Trade

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is EA Sports' most popular mode in FIFA, players will need a lot of FUT Coins in this mode, and many people spend real money on the game to get more FIFA points. To turn players' hard-earned Coins into funds to upgrade the team, RPGStash will introduce the FUT 23 Coins, production methods and rewards in detail. Read on if you're interested.

Best fodder investments For FUT trading

Invest in an SBC fodder card

Investment deals are also lucrative in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Buy or collect items whose prices will increase over time, which players can place on the auction house for sale to earn the difference. You can also invest in assets for the Squad Building Challenge (SBC), a popular card among SBC solutions.

Buying these cards in bulk at a trough and then waiting for EA to release a popular SBC that requires a high-rated card to complete can suddenly increase demand. If you are lucky, the price of the card you invest in may increase by 3-5 times.If you're willing to be patient, pick up a cheap SBC feed card and buy as many as you can. Don't spend all your Coins on them because you want the rest to be spent on other things, but it's probably a good rule of thumb to put 50% of your Coins on investments like this.

Invest in Team of the Week cards

If you find yourself with a pile of coins early on, the Week 1 team players will probably be yelling because they will be the least in the supply of all the cards and either end up going extinct or sell immediately for the biggest buy now ( BIN) price. The price of other TOTWs will also go up as they become more useful to SBC, so buying them at or near it is also a pretty solid investment.

Make Coins with Rewards and Lightning Rounds

Every Thursday morning at 07:05 UTC (08:05 BST, 09:05 CEST, 03:05 EDT, 00:05 PDT), EA releases Division Rivals rewards. Then on Sunday at 08:00 UTC (09:00 BST, 10:00 CEST, 04:00 EDT, 01:00 PDT), EA releases Squad Battle rewards. Loyal players instantly rip open their reward packs and list their items, creating additional supplies for everything from SBC feeds to meta players.


If you have a few hours a week for trading and want a reasonably quick return, we recommend flipping items during the bonus period and Lightning Rounds. You buy something when it's cheap and sell it when it goes up.During Lightning Rounds, the supply will increase. For example, Black Friday may have a Lightning Round, with the Rare Player Pack (1000 FIFA Points), Treasure Rare Player Pack (2000 FP) and Ultimate Pack (2500 FP) available at 6 pm, 7 pm and 8 pm UK time respectively. Recent FIFA has seen other Lightning Rounds at other times.

There are two ways to engage in price cuts during these times

1. 'Snip' CardsIdentify ahead of time the players you want to target and note their usual prices. When a bonus or lightning bolt comes up, just search for them for a lower price than usual and buy whatever you find. Wait a few hours for the extra supply to drain and the price to recover, then keep selling.2. BiddingBidding or Bidding at scale may be more effective. Wait until the reward or lightning round drops to find the list of target players. You can usually bid low on cards that should be more expensive, and the sheer number of cards processed means that some of those bids will pass uncontested. During particularly busy times, it's not uncommon to win auctions of dozens of SBC feed cards for thousands of coins below the usual price.

FIFA 23 Bronze Pack Method

The Bronze Pack Method (BPM), is one of the most reliable methods of making FUT Coins in Ultimate Team, but also one of the most time-consuming. There are already a lot of players getting plenty of FIFA 23 Coins this way.


The operation is not complicated either. Buy the Premium Bronze Pack for 750 Coins and sell anything of value inside. Depending on where we are in the game cycle, certain bronze players will be valuable enough to SBC Solutions to fund more Bronze Packs. Excess and duplicate players can then be put into regular "Bronze Upgrade" SBCs, resulting in a pair of Silver players.BPM is more or less useful at different times of the cycle. For example, at the time of this writing, we are in the launch phase, which means that basic and premium SBCs are in high demand from certain subsets of Bronze players. Later, EA will introduce League SBC, which requires players from specific leagues to complete, which will increase the price of bronze medalists in major competitions such as the Premier League, League 1, etc.BPM may be less effective when league SBCs have expired or the game is a bit quiet. But it's a way that can work in the long term, because after a cycle the league SBC re-launches and you can open the bronze pack again, keeping the previously valuable players, which are valuable to sell when EA brings back the SBC set.


It is worth mentioning that BPM takes a lot of time to grind, you need to open a lot of bags and organize a lot of fodder. But if you have the time, either of the above will be very satisfying. In addition, RPGStash not only provides FIFA information or guides but also provides safe FUT 23 Coins For Sale, if you need, you can quickly buy FUT 23 Coins from here and enjoy the game, enjoy the game!

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