Gearing guide: “Super” rares in WOW Dragonflight

09/12/2022 09:38:46
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Gearing guide: “Super” rares in WOW Dragonflight

The community coined “super rares” in Dragonflight are a small collection of the rare mobs available in the new expansions’ zones that offer above average item-level loot drops relative to regular rare mobs.

Why do we care?

Regular rare mobs in dragonflight can drop up to 369/372 item-level gear, with “super rares” being able to offer up to 385 item level with some pretty insane effect trinkets. The loot dropped from super rares (and rares as well) are both scaled to your item level, so going out of your way to farm these super rares before you hit about item level 365-368 is not worth it, as the items gained from them are not going to be in the 375+ range, but once you break the 365 threshold, looking to kill all of these mobs once a day will net you a significant item-level gain if you’re lucky and help put you ahead of the competition and in a more comfortable spot for season 1 of Dragonflight!

These super-rares are unique in that they don’t contain loot for every specialization in the game, they have a set loot table that offers a static set of items so the benefit to killing them all might not be the same for you as it is another class, but luckily we have all of the loot tables on wowhead! To view the item drop tables for each of these rares, you can click on the link provided in the name to view the wowhead loot tables for each rare! 

Where to find these super rares?

The super rares are all clustered up - in The Waking Shores they are around the Obsidian Citadel, in Azure Span they are all around Brackenhide Hollow, and in Thaldraszus in Tyrhold, it is fairly easy to do a quick lap, repeatedly, in each respective zone to look for these rares! It doesn’t take long and most of them will spawn frequently enough that in 20-30 minutes you should be able to knock out a majority of them and have your chance at some really nice 379+ item-level loot! 

This list below is the current list the community has put together, note that not all have been discovered yet, surely, so this list will continue to grow as we progress further into Dragonflight. Make sure you’re keeping an eye out for any rare on your map - at the very least they all give reputation, so it’s always worth a small detour to double check by tagging a rare just in case!

The rares in The Waking Shores:

The rares in the next zone - The Azure Span:

Note for The Azure Span: once you’re in the area that these specific rares spawn in, you will get a notification across the center of your screen to alert you when one spawns!

There is one more rare, in Thaldraszus:


There’s some WeakAuras that make keeping track of this list easier, linked below. These basically create a checklist for each super rare that will help you keep track of the ones left to kill, as they’re all on a daily, 24 hour long loot lockout.


Good luck hunting!

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