Gearing guide: “Super” rares in WOW Dragonflight

09.12.2022 - 09:38:46
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Gearing guide: “Super” rares in WOW Dragonflight

The newest region introduced in WoW: Dragonflight is expansive and rich with things to do. Whatever you're playing as in Azeroth, there's certainly something that will drive you to grind more and more in the latest expansion. Like all players, you're most likely interested in getting Super Rares for your character too.

WoW: Dragonflight introduces new Super Rares, unlike any others. If you're able to find a good source of Super Rarers in Dragonflight, the chances of finding amazing loot increase significantly. Before we talk about where you can find Dragonflight Super Rares, let's first discuss what they are.

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What Are WoW Super Rares?

Super Rares are technically non-existent in World of Warcraft. It's a community-coined term that refers to special mobs in the game. Regular mobs in WoW can drop 369/372 item-level gears. On the other hand, Super Rarers are able to drop 385 item-level gears. On top of that, they drop some insane trinkets too.

Another thing to know about Super Rares is that they don't contain loot for all specializations in the game. This might seem like a bad thing but if you're farming for specific gear, then this means you only need to look for specific Super Rares if you want to look for specific items in the game.

When To Farm WoW Super Rares?

The loot that Super Rares drops scales with your item level. As such, it's not wise to farm Super Rares from the get-go since you're bound to get better gear earlier on. Super Rares pose quite a bit of a challenge too so the effort will be wasted.

The best time to farm Super Rares in the game is when you finally break the 365 threshold. This will help you get better items that you can take well into the end of the expansion. Now, you're probably excited to start farming for Super Rares. If that's the case, let's move forward to where you can find them in Dragonflight.

Waking Shores Super Rare Locations

Super RareCoordinatesdrops
Rohzor Forgesmash30.6, 61.1Plate Helm
1H Str Mace
Turboris33.1, 55.5Leather Boots
Plate Legs
2H Int Staff
Primal Ritual Shell
Battlehorn Pyrhus28.5, 58.81H Int Mace
Plate Legs
Mail Helm
Leather Shoulders
Cloth Boots
Crit/Haste Ring
1H Agi Fist Weapon
Leather Chest
Blazing Essence
Primal Ritual Shell
Seasoned Hunter's Trophy
Lucky Hunting Charm
Cauldronbearer Blakor26.2, 57.8Plate Helm
1H Str Mace
Char30.6, 51.5Plate Shoulders
2H Int Staff
Mail Shoulders
Plate Leg
Captain Lancer27.0, 76.42H Str Polearm
Plate Helm
1H Str Mace
Enkine the Voracious59.1, 30.7Volcanic Chakram Agi 1H Fist
Regurgitated Stone Handaxe Str 1H Axe
Inextinguishable Gavel Int 1H Mace
Molten Flak Cannon Agi Gun
Ring of Embers Crit/Haste Ring
Primal Ritual Shell
Blazing Essence

The Azure Span Super Rare Locations

Super RareCoordinatesDrops
Gnarls14.1, 37.5Shield
Plate Hands
Blisterhide14.1, 31.1Mail Helm
Leather Shoulders
Cloth Boots
Crit/Vers Neck
1H Warglaive
1H Dagger
Primal Ritual Shell
High Shaman Rotknuckle16.2, 33.6Leather Legs
1H Agi Sword
Snarglebone10.9, 32.2Leather Legs

Thaldraszus Super Rare Locations

Super RareCoordinatesDrops
Ancient Protector59.1, 58.72H Agi Polearm
Dreamweaver Acolyte's Staff
Plate Chest
1H Agit Sword

WoW Tips For Farming Super Rares

The risks behind Super Rare farming are just as big as the rewards themselves. If you want to make sure that you're going to be successful with your loot hunt, keep these tips in mind.

1. Know Your Quarry

Before embarking on any farming endeavor, it's imperative to familiarize yourself with the targets. Super rares in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight often have specific spawning conditions, locations, and associated mobs. Research and compile a list of the super rares you wish to pursue, their abilities, and the areas they frequent. Understanding their behaviors will give you a tactical edge when engaging them.

2. Optimize Your Gear and Spec

Efficiency in farming super rares is directly linked to your gear and specialization. Tailor your character's equipment and talent choices to enhance your farming capabilities. Choose talents that boost your damage output, survivability, or movement speed, depending on the nature of the super rare. A well-geared and specialized character will significantly expedite the farming process.

3. Timing and Spawning Patterns

Super rares in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight often adhere to specific spawning patterns or triggers. Study these patterns meticulously to optimize your farming routine. Some may spawn after a certain number of related mobs are defeated, while others might emerge during specific weather conditions or times of the day. Tailoring your farming schedule accordingly can improve your chances of encountering the super rare.

4. Group Up for Efficiency

In many cases, farming super rares is more efficiently accomplished with a group. Cooperative efforts can exponentially increase the number of kills, triggering spawns quicker and improving your odds of acquiring the desired items. Communication and coordination within the group are vital to ensure maximum efficiency and success in your farming efforts.

5. Utilize Farming Add-ons

The World of Warcraft community has crafted various add-ons designed to enhance your farming experience. Utilize add-ons that track mob spawns, alert you when a super rare appears, or display the optimal routes for farming. These tools can save precious time and streamline your farming process, ultimately leading to a more fruitful outcome.

6. Optimal Farming Routes

Planning your farming route is paramount to efficient farming. Familiarize yourself with the areas the super rares frequent and devise a strategic route to cover them systematically. Prioritize high-spawn areas and potential spawn points, ensuring you make the most of your farming run.

7. Utilize Crowd Control Abilities

Certain super rares can be challenging to defeat due to their abilities or high health pools. Incorporate crowd control abilities into your strategy to mitigate their impact. Stuns, slows, and interrupts can disrupt their actions and provide you with a significant advantage during the encounter.

8. Track Spawn Timers and Locations

Super rares follow specific spawn timers and locations. Utilize reputable online resources or add-ons that provide real-time tracking of these timers and locations. Being aware of when and where a super rare is likely to spawn allows you to plan your farming schedule accordingly, minimizing idle time.

9. Patience and Perseverance

Above all, farming for super rares in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight demands patience and perseverance. The road to obtaining these coveted items can be long and arduous. Do not be discouraged by initial failures; stay committed to your goal and keep refining your approach. Success will come to those who persist.

10. Stay Informed and Adapt

The landscape of World of Warcraft is ever-evolving, with patches and updates introducing changes that can impact farming strategies. Stay informed about game updates, patch notes, and community insights regarding super rares. Be prepared to adapt your farming approach based on these alterations to maintain optimal efficiency.

The quest for superheroes WoW: Dragonflight is a challenging but rewarding endeavor. By arming yourself with knowledge, optimizing your character, coordinating with fellow adventurers, and employing efficient farming techniques, you can significantly improve your odds of obtaining these coveted treasures. May your blades be sharp, and your loot plentiful on this grand farming adventure!

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