Greatsword Guide - Throne And Liberty

12.12.2023 - 12:12:04
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Greatsword Guide - Throne And Liberty

There are a total of 7 weapons in Throne And Liberty. If you prefer a more in-your-face playstyle while dealing heavy damage against waves of enemies, then you're better off using the greatsword. This is a mainstay in many action RPGs and if you've used at least one greatsword from a game in the past, then this should feel right at home with you.

Throne And Liberty: Greatsword Guide

The greatsword is a melee weapon that focuses mainly on attacking mobs of enemies. The weapon deals a lot of damage compared to other melee weapons but that comes at the expense of having a slower attack speed and limited mobility.

This lack of mobility makes the greatsword a risky weapon to use but the good news is that it also gives you access to a variety of defensive buffs for you and your team. With the right build and weapon combination, the greatsword can become a perfect offensive play style with enough capabilities to support the team as well.

Let's talk about the passive and active abilities of the weapon next.

Greatsword Active Abilities

You can equip up to 12 skills for your character but the catch is that you'll have to split those 12 slots between your two weapons. While mixing and matching abilities is the name of the game, there are a few greatsword skills that you'll need to have equipped at all times. Before diving deep into that, let's here's a look at all of the greatsword's skills first.

Active SkillDescription
Iron Point ParryBlocks attacks. Consumes additional stamina in proportion to the damage blocked. When blocking a Fury attack, for targets within 2.5m, deals 200% weapon dmg + 27. This attack has a 105% (120% for monsters) chance of stunning your target for 3 seconds. Additionally, Iron Point Parry changes into Murderous Draw. Targeting enemies within 4m, 180-degree fan-shaped in the specified direction for 250% + 34 dmg.
Valiant BrawlAttacks 3 times in a row, each attack dealing damage equal to 95% of Base Damage + 8. If there are other enemies within the skill's range, spread out the attacks and deliver the last attack to the target. If the attacks are spread out, the last attack deals damage equal to 269% of Base Damage + 12.
Precision DashCharges at the target, dealing damage equal to 100% of Base Damage.
Stunning BlowFury Attack | Deals damage equal to 150% of Base Damage to the target, with a 80% (95% against monsters) chance of Stunning the target for 3-3 sec.
Death BlowDeals damage equal to 310% of Base Damage + 104. Deals 30% more damage to Stunned, Bind, or Sleeping targets.
DaVinci's CourageFor 15 sec after the skill, increases the Max Health of all party members within 15m by 500 and the Health Regen by 20.
Gaia Crash(Directed Skill) In the target direction, creates a 12m-long, 3m-wide Damage Area that deals damage equal to 275% of Base Dmg + 63.
Devastating TornadoDeals damage equal to 65% of Base Damage + 18 to all enemies within range. During this skill, you can repeat it up to 12 times and move 5% more quickly. You can also move through monsters and other players.
Will BreakerDeals 260% of Base Damage + 37 to all enemies in a 3m semicircle in front of you in the designated direction, and decreases their Melee, Ranged, and Magic Defense by 230.
Ascension SlashDeals damage equal to 440% of Base Damage + 77. Has a 80% chance of inflicting Prone on Stunned, Bound, or Sleeping targets. Prone lasts 3 secs.
Guillotine BladeDeals damage equal to 630% of Base Damage + 110. Deals damage equal to 819% of Base Damage + 143 to Prone targets.

Non-Negotiable Skills

  1. Iron Point Parry

Whether you're in a group or playing on your own, this skill is important. The greatsword will thrust you into the heat of the battle so you'll need something that will be needed in many scenarios. It's an all-around amazing skill as it protects you, it deals a significant amount of damage, and it can also stun enemies for a few seconds.

As you'll be dealing with enemies upfront most of the time, you'll need Iron Point Parry in many situations. It's not a skill that really works well in a combo but it holds its own pretty well regardless.

  1. Will Breaker

One of the reasons why this is such a great skill is that it can help reduce the defenses of your enemies. It covers Melee, Range, and Magic damage so it's a versatile skill to have. Aside from that, it deals a significant amount of damage in an area as well, making it good in mobs.

Will Breaker is an essential skill simply because it works well with any other weapon combo. The key is to use this skill first and then follow it up with a powerful skill from your other weapon or with the greatsword. The bonus damage from Will Breaker is sure to take out smaller mobs or deal heavy damage to the stronger enemies at least.

  1. Precision Dash

This is a utility skill that's very important for greatsword users. While it's not as damaging as other abilities on the skill list of the greatsword, Precision Dash is vital because it's a greatsword user's best way of closing in the distance between them and the enemy.

That said, this ability can help you get near those pesky ranged enemies quickly. It can work well with a variety of other skills from other melee weapons too. However, we've found this to be best combined with the crossbow which benefits from mobility and proper positioning.

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Greatsword Passive Abilities

For the passive abilities, you can only equip a total of 8 and you can only use passive abilities from your chosen weapons. Again, feel free to mix and match the passive abilities for all the weapons but these three are a must.

Tenacious BodyIncreases Max Health by 420.
Vital ForceIncreases All hit by 0.8 per 100 of current HP.
Cold WarriorIncreases All crit by 220 against stunned targets.
Victor's MoraleUpon dealing damage with skills, restores 23.1 Mana. This effect is not applied to damage over time.
Raging FrenzyIf there are 3 or more enemies within a 5m radius, the skill's Damage Boost increases by 80.
Grip ChargeDefeating a target decreases the remaining cooldown of your Control skills by 24%.
Indomitable ArmorWhen damaged, has a 10% chance to increase Damage Reduction by 19 for 2 sec.
Barbarian's DashUpon using a movement skill, Move Speed increases by 32% for 3 sec.

Non-Negotiable Skills

  1. Barbarian's Dash

This passive is necessary regardless of what other weapon you partner the greatsword with. The extra movement speed is going to be helpful for defensive or offensive purposes. As this game heavily relies on skill usage, Barbarian's Dash is a high-utility passive that you'll benefit from consistently.

  1. Victor's Morale

Again on the topic of Throne And Liberty's high reliance on skills, Victor's Morale is a vital skill too. Having a consistent stream of mana means that you'll be able to spam your skills for both weapons constantly. If you use it in tandem with other skill-heavy weapons, you're able to have an impressive uptime for your abilities.

  1. Indomitable Armor

Whether you're in the front or backline of the team, you'll need the extra defenses to stay alive. This is why Indomitable Armor is essential. If you're going to use two melee weapons, then having this skill is even more important for survivability.

Best Combos For Greatsword

  1. Sword And Shield

This is one of the best weapons to use alongside the greatsword. The sword and shield gives you access to great buffs and defensive abilities. It also helps you tank enemy damage effectively. As a frontrunner DPS, the greatsword works well with weapons that can help provide the necessary buffs.

  1. Wand And Tome

The wand and tome is a magic-based weapon but it's mainly used as a support weapon. It provides healing and buffs to your allies through skills. That said, it works well with the greatsword. Focus your damage skills from the greatsword's tree and take the best healing skills from the wand and tome. This will let you become a paladin-like character in the game.

  1. Crossbow

What the greatsword lacks in mobility, the crossbow can give. Mixing a ranged and a melee weapon isn't always a good idea but with the crossbow's mobility and average range, there are minor drawbacks when it's partnered with a greatsword. You can use the crossbow's movement abilities and bonuses to give the greatsword the extra survivability it needs.

Deal The Heaviest Blows

The greatsword is a pretty straightforward weapon in Throne And Liberty. It's great for beginners and for those who want a simpler playstyle. Combining it with the right secondary weapons can make you an unstoppable force in the game.

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