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30.06.2024 - 15:01:38
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GTA 5 Mission Guides

Grand Theft Auto 5, popularly known as GTA 5, is an amazing open-world game that allows you to roam the streets of Los Santos in search of missions and fun stuff to do.

Speaking of missions, did you know that this game is filled with plenty of missions that will keep you glued to your seats for hours on end?

Well, if you are looking for a guide that tells you what these missions are, then you have come to the right place!

Today, we are going to go over the missions that you should complete in Grand Theft Auto 5!


If you are new to GTA 5, there are three playable characters that you can cycle through at any given moment. They are Franklin Clinton, Michael De Santa, and Trevor Philips. Each of the main protagonists has special abilities that you may find helpful while completing the missions.

Franklin has the ability to slow time to a halt, allowing you a much easier time to maneuver vehicles past obstacles and, of course, the authorities.

Michael can also slow down time, albeit he only does so while aiming guns. This enables you to fire a more accurate shot and land several bullets in quick succession to defeat multiple enemies at once.

Trevor is best used in missions where you have to handle a lot of enemies shooting at you. That is because he has the ability to significantly reduce the damage that he takes for a limited time.

With that said, what can you expect in our mission list GTA 5? Well, we will first highlight all of the missions in the campaign. After that, we are going to proceed with the three possible endings.

Keep in mind that you can only take 74 main missions on a single playthrough due to the branching nature of the story. Each major decision that you make can alter the options that will be available to you. However, there are a total of 83 story missions in the game.

As an added bonus, we are going to include First Dose and Chop Shop missions later as well.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

GTA 5 Mission List

1. Prologue

This is the mission where it all starts. You have control over two of the main protagonists here, namely Micheal and Trevor. Your objective is to rob the bank and escape unscathed. However, something tells us that something will go awry.

2. Franklin and Lamar

Here, you will control Franklin, where you will steal one of the two cars that are inside a house. Of course, the game won’t just let you take it without an adrenaline-filled car chase with the authorities. The mission ends when you successfully deliver the car to Simeon Yetarian’s dealership.

3. Repossession

Franklin is tasked by Simeon to do another retrieval operation; only this time, it involves a motorbike rider who refuses to pay up. This is a pretty easy assignment. You just have to make sure that the biker does not escape and recover the motorcycle.

4. Complications

Another mission that involves Franklin, Simeon tells you to go to a house to take possession of a car that is parked there. Apparently, Franklin does not know that the house in question belongs to Michael.

After taking the car out, there will be a brief cutscene that will ensue. Michael happens to be at the back of the car and instructs Franklin to continue going to the dealership.

Ultimately, you are going to control Michael as you subdue Simeon while Franklin escapes.

5. Chop

Here, you will take control of Franklin, as well as his dog named Chop. The mission involves kidnapping a guy simply named “D,” but it is not going to be easy.

The premise of this mission is to switch from Franklin to Chop (and vice versa) multiple times until you finally get a hold of D. Expect this one to be a bit time-consuming, though important for advancing the story.

6. Father/Son

This mission introduces you to Michael’s son, Jimmy. The objective is to pursue the people who stole Michael’s Yacht. 

7. Marriage Counseling

This is an interesting mission. It begins by dealing with a tennis coach who has been hanging out with Michael’s wife. Then, it evolves into taking care of the gangsters hired by an enigmatic NPC called Martin Madrazo. This NPC demands a huge sum of money, but we all know that you are not going to do that, right?

8. Daddy’s Little Girl

This mission is just about Michael spending time with his kids, who he apparently does not do on a regular basis. In typical GTA fashion, things will certainly devolve into a chase or a fight, whichever you choose.

9. Friend Request

The NPC named Lester will tell you to go to a programmer who will then give you directions to a prototype phone. This phone has to be delivered to Jay Norris, another NPC in Grand Theft Auto 5, who will advertise it on his show.

Once Jay receives the prototype, Lester instructs Michael to call the contact aptly named Jay Norris. After that, a gruesome scene will commence.

10. The Long Stretch

Remember D? Well, he apparently wants to get revenge on Franklin and Lamar. Fortunately, you know what’s up, so you have to deal with the gang members who are trying to kill you.

To spice things up, you will also incur a Wanted Level Three, so expect an intense police car chase. This mission ends when the commotion dies down.

11. The Good Husband

The Good Husband is one of the first missions that give you a choice on what to do. If you choose to help your wife, you will be chased by the authorities, so you have to evade the law once again.

Furthermore, remember the programmer who you have helped in the ninth mission? Well, he tells you that his name is Rickie Lukens and is in need of a job after what happened to Jay Norris. Something tells us that this is the beginning of a much grander mission later down the line. More on that later.

12. Casing the Jewel Store

Lester tells Michael to take pictures of a jewelry store; essentially looking at the different areas in order to carry out a heist.

This mission lets you choose the people who will be going with you on the heist. This includes a weapons dealer, a getaway driver, and a hacker. You get to pick how you want to go about this upcoming heist as well. Do you want to go for a smart approach and go quietly into the jewel store or employ a louder approach?

13a. Carbine Rifles

If you have chosen the loud approach from the previous mission, you will have to ambush a truck that is loaded with weapons. Of course, such vehicles are heavily guarded, so be prepared for a fight.

13b. Bugstars Equipment

This is the mission that is given to you if you have picked the smart approach. Basically, Lester instructs you to sneak into a warehouse to steal a van.

14. BZ Gas Grenades

Continuing on with the smart approach, Lester tells you that there are a couple of shipments that contain some knockout gas. You have to intercept one of the shipments and steal some for the upcoming heist.

15a. The Jewel Store Job (Loud)

After a cutscene involving the entire crew of the heist, Franklin will drive the entire group towards the jewelry store. Since this is the loud approach, you will have everyone under control so long as you choose the best people for the job.

This mission concludes with Franklin promising his love interest, Tanisha Jackson, that he will change. How about your cut for the heist? Well, Lester tells you that you only get your share once the jewels are sold.

15b. The Jewel Store Job (Smart)

The smart approach to the heist starts the same, albeit you use the knockout gas you have taken earlier to, well, knock out the people in the jewelry store.

No matter which approach you choose, you will still end up getting a four-star heat on you, so do your best to avoid the authorities.

16. Mr. Philips

Enough about Franklin and Michael, it is now time to play as Trevor. This mission will have you see Trevor making love to Crystal. A fight ensues with Crystal’s boyfriend, Johnny, and Trever ends up killing him and his goons.

After the conflict, you head to a trailer to kill Ortega. This NPC will be avenged in the next mission.

17. Trevor Philips Industries

Ortega’s death prompts the Aztecas to avenge him. You will go to an NPC named Chef, who will then hand you out a Grenade Launcher at some point to kill the Aztecas in an efficient manner.

18. Nervous Ron

Trevor, being a former military aviation pilot, is a character who is capable of eliminating foes when needed. This mission involves you buying a sniper rifle from Ammu-Nation and using it to shoot a bike gang that has ransacked your home.

At some point, you will have to fly a plane, where you will eventually land on the airstrip where Ron Jakowski is waiting.

19. Crystal Maze

Here, you will use the Sniper Rifle again, only this time, you will use it to kill every last one of the O’Neil brothers. This is a rather difficult undertaking due to the number of enemies you have to deal with.

20. Friends Reunited

Do you like to blow stuff up? Well, “Friends Reunited” will have you attach sticky bombs and trigger a detonation. This is to take care of that new gang that has settled after the “Mr. Philips” mission. This mission concludes with Trevor meeting Wade’s cousin, Floyd.

21. Fame or Shame

After Trevor reunites with Michael, you head over to Maze Bank Arena to rescue Tracey from the “Fame or Shame” audition. Here, you will encounter the show’s presenter, Lazlow, who makes a run for it after a cutscene involving Tracey.

With Trevor in your control, follow Lazlow and make sure that he does not escape. A funny sequence of events will unfold once you catch the TV show presenter.

After that, Michael contacts Dave Norton who is his contact in FIB. Norton tells Michael to meet him at the Galileo Observatory.

22. Dead Man Walking

Dave Norton tells Michael to search for an informant named Mr. K. According to Norton’s intel, Mr. K is in the morgue, heavily guarded by the police. 

In this mission, you will play as Michael to find out if Mr. K is indeed in the morgue. This is the first mission where you will be able to activate Michael’s special ability of slowing down time.

After the mission concludes, Michael calls Franklin and a long cutscene ensues.

23. Three’s Company

The aptly named mission is the first time you will use the three main protagonists. This involves Mr. K, though he might not be as dangerous as Norton would have you believe.

Anyway, this is an action-packed quest that may require switching between characters in order to deal with the IAA agents. And oh, did we mention that you’re going to fly a helicopter on this one as well?

24. By the Book

You will take control of Trevor and Michael in this mission. The former is tasked to make Mr. K talk and provide valuable intel; the latter is assigned to go with Dave Norton in search of an NPC.

As you switch back and forth several times, Michael will kill an NPC named Tahir Kerimov. On the other hand, Trevor uses four different tools to make Mr. K squeal.

After Michael dispatches Kerimov, the mission ends with Trevor driving Mr. K to Los Santos Airport and letting him go.

25. Hood Safari

The 25th task on this GTA 5 mission list involves Trevor as he goes with Lamar to help him on a drug deal. This is an interesting one because Franklin’s dog, Chop, will be here as well.

While meeting with the Ballas Gang for the deal, Trevor suspects that the drugs are actually fake (because, of course, they are). After the fight ensues, you will be chased by the LSPD, so you escape by heading to the open water.

26. Did Somebody Say Yoga?

Do you want to see Michael perform Yoga? Well, this is the one! You’ll have to execute three different yoga poses flawlessly in order to advance the story, as well as complete an objective that lets you get 100% completion.

Once the yoga session ends, Michael and Jimmy head to San Andreas Avenue to get something to eat. Jimmy hands over a drink to his dad, which causes Michael to then lose consciousness and hallucinate.

When he regains his consciousness, Michael goes back to his house only to find that Amanda has moved out.

27. Scouting the Port

Scouting the Port is a setup for the upcoming heist mission. Just like the jewelry store heist earlier, you will have two choices: the Offshore Approach or the Freighter Approach. The goal is to take whatever is inside the Merryweather Freighter.

28. Minisub

This is a setup mission that requires you to take a submarine from a ship called the Daisy-Lee. You could approach this mission in a couple of ways, but if you want to achieve 100% completion, you must use a sniper rifle with the Advanced Scope to free the submarine and make it ripe for the taking.

When you have taken control of the submarine, head to the port and a cutscene begins where Floyd will use the dock crane to get the sub off of the water.

29. Cargobob

This is a continuation of the setup mission if you have chosen the Offshore Approach for the upcoming heist. Trevor heads to a military base called Fort Zancudo to retrieve the titular Cargobob – a chopper that will be used in the beginning portions of the Merryweather Heist (Offshore).

30a. The Merryweather Heist (Freighter)

If you chose to go with the freighter in Scouting the Port, Trevor, Michael, and Franklin will each have different assignments. The objective is to retrieve a device by boarding the freighter.

Franklin serves as the lookout, Michael boards the ship to plant sticky bombs, and Trevor will commandeer the mini-sub and is just standing by.

After Franklin detonates the bombs, you will take control of Michael. Search for the device within the wreckage. Once that is done, head to Pier 400 to meet up with Floyd.

30b. The Merryweather Heist (Offshore)

This mission begins with the trio traveling to the Sandy Shores Airfield, where the chopper carrying the mini-sub awaits. Michael flies the chopper to the destination and drops the mini-sub so that Trevor can get the device.

After taking the objective, the group will be chased by Merryweather boats and helicopters. Use Franklin to deter the enemies from recapturing the device.

Before the mission concludes, Lester tells them that what they have stolen is a super weapon capable of leveling the entire city. Wade convinces Trevor that the device is dangerous, so the latter takes off with the chopper to take the dangerous super weapon and drop it somewhere no one can find it.

31. The Hotel Assassination

This is one of the many “Assassination” missions in GTA 5. Unlike the others, this is a mandatory quest that you have to complete in order to proceed with the campaign.

Anyway, Lester assigns Franklin to kill the CEO of Bilkinton Research, Bretty Lowrey, for selling medicines that are not FDA-compliant.

After successfully completing the task, Lester tells you to live in a house he bought in Vinewood Hills to avoid having to pay taxes. Franklin, of course, happily agrees.

32. Boiler Suits

The FIB agents, Dave, Haines, and Sanches, have a dangerous mission for the trio. But first, they have to get a hold of three boiler suits.

33. Masks

With a dangerous mission lined up, Michael, Trevor, and Franklin will also need to disguise themselves by wearing masks. Head to the clothing store at Vespucci Beach to buy some.

34. Trash Truck

For this mission, take control of either one of the trio and then steal a trash truck while the garbage man is out there collecting trash.

Once the truck has been stolen, you will gain a two-star Wanted Level, so do everything you can to evade the cops.

When the heat dies down, head to El Burro Heights and into the FIB warehouse to complete the assignment.

35. Tow Truck

You are not done with the upcoming heist just yet. You also have to steal the Tow Track that is parked at the repair shop located at Elysian Island. Knock the mechanic who is nearby and steal the truck. Head to El Burro Heights and park the truck inside the FIB warehouse.

36. Blitz Play

Every member of the trio has some important part to play in this mission. Head to Cypress Flats where the heist will commence. Here, Michael is driving the garbage truck, Franklin waits in the alley with the tow truck, and Trevor serves as the lookout for the team.

The mission requires you to take the loot inside the armored truck, after which, waves of police cars will chase you down. Take control of any character you want and avoid the authorities.

Blitz Play concludes with Michael dropping the loot off to Devin Weston – an influential billionaire who owns plenty of shady business in San Andreas.

37. I Fought the Law

The next missions require you to take something. For this one, in particular, Molly Schultz, Devin’s General Counsel and Senior Vice President, asks Franklin, Trevor, and Michael to steal a couple of expensive cars: the Entity XF and Cheetah SDTM1YP.

Portions of “I Fought the Law” will have you race the two trust fund kids who own the said vehicles. After taking the cars from them, head to Hayes Auto, where Molly gives you another task. 

38. Eye in the Sky

Here, you will steal another vehicle, the Z-Type, from an NPC named Chad Mulligan. Use Trevor and head to the Mission Row Police Station, where an officer tells you that the chopper is waiting for you at the helipad.

The chopper is equipped with a high-tech camera that can read the chips embedded in the driving licenses of San Andreas. The reason for doing this is to know the whereabouts of Chad Mulligan.

Once Chad has been spotted, you will find him in his garage and a car chase ensues. Take control of Franklin and pursue Chad as he gets away with his Z-Type. During this time, Trevor will keep track of Mulligan from the skies.

With the Z-Type successfully stolen, Franklin drives to Los Santos International Airport to deliver the car. Devin does not pay him, of course, but tries to manipulate Franklin into thinking about his future, while also warning him about the dangers of going with Michael and Trevor.

39. Mr. Richards

Solomon Richards – a famous Vinewood movie producer and owner of Richard Majestic Productions, asks Michael for help in dealing with a troublesome actor, his agent, and a film director.

40. Caida Libre

The leader of the Mexican Cartel, Martin Madrazo, summons Michael and Trevor to ask them to kill Madrazo’s cousin, who is thinking about talking to the authorities and spilling the beans.

41. Deep Inside

Molly assigns Franklin to steal another car inside the Backlot City movie studio. The JB 700 has been used as a prop for movies, so Franklin heads to the studio and disguises himself as one of the actors because they are the only ones who have access to the car.

After a short car chase, Molly tells Franklin to take the car to Hayes Auto. A short cutscene will commence where Lamar, who is in constant communication with Trevor all of this time, has been tasked to keep an eye on Franklin.

To avoid any trouble, Devin employs Lamar for what appears to be a final job.

42. Minor Turbulence

This mission will have you fly a plane as Trevor. Michael wanted to help in this mission but was convinced by Trevor to lay low after kidnapping Madrazo’s wife.

Minor Turbulence is all about taking a big cache of weapons. However, as is the case with plenty of tasks in the GTA 5 mission list, certain things just don’t go your way.

43. Paleto Score Setup

Another setup for an upcoming heist. Steve and Dave talk to Michael and Trevor and ask them to investigate a research lab that has been making some nerve gas. Unfortunately, the FIB just doesn’t have that kind of money to carry out such a plan, so the duo is tasked to get some funding from Lester.

Lester tells the men that there is a bank in Paleto Bay that they can steal from. After testing the police response time, Trevor asks Michael to race him back to the lab.

44. Predator

As you can probably tell from the mission title, the protagonist trio chases the O’Neil brothers and kills them. Chop, Franklin’s trusty dog, makes a return here.

45. Military Hardware

Ok, this mission is part of the preparation process for the Paleto Score heist. Playing as Michael or Trevor, your task is to steal some military hardware from a moving barracks.

As the convoy travels through the Grand Senora Desert, you can intercept and force your way in at any time. To make things a lot easier for you, eliminate the guards that are traveling with the barracks before you go inside.

When the coast is clear, drive the truck back to Trevor’s meth lab and get out of it to finish the assignment.

46. The Paleto Score

This is a pretty dangerous mission where you will constantly be pursued by the police. Remember at the end of mission 43, where you have to choose a gunman for the heist? Well, if you have selected an unskilled gunman, he will get killed at some point, allowing you to take his share of $2.5 million which is the biggest.

On the other hand, if you have taken a skilled gunman with you, he will help you with the ensuing fight at the cost of not having an extra cut.

Ultimately, the heist goes well for everyone involved. After handing out the FIB’s share, Franklin and Trevor drive away.

47. Derailed

Ron tells Michael about a train that has enough gold to pay their way out of trouble. Michael then discloses this to Trevor and they carry out the plan.

Trevor is tasked to drive the train off the tracks so that they can take the gold from one of the containers. Michael uses sticky bombs to destroy the container doors and loads the gold up onto the dinghy.

As they try to escape, a band of Merryweather guards will pursue them. Just venture out to the sea until the commotion dies down.

48. Monkey Business

Now, it is time to investigate the shady research lab. The goal here is to take some of the nerve gas with you and escape the facility unscathed. Unfortunately, Haines stays behind and is detained, but you don’t have to worry about him for now.

With the gold you took from the previous mission, you pay off Madrazo to free Michael from all of the heat. Madrazo did not stop there, however, as he demanded that Patricia be returned to him.

Trevor reluctantly does so as he grows fond of Patricia. However, Trevor still drove Patricia to Madrazo and threatened the cartel leader to treat his wife right.

49. Hang Ten

Trevor does something outrageous in this mission, though we won’t spoil that for you. After the event, Michael calls Trevor and tells him about the Union Depository.

50. Surveying the Score

Yup, it’s another heist! This time, the team is planning to rob the Union Depository. Unlike the previous heists, this is the biggest one that the group will do.

Once you have scoped out the area, the team now has to plot their escape route. After which, you take Franklin back to his house and this GTA 5 mission concludes.

51. Bury the Hatchet

Trevor finds out that Brad, his former partner-in-crime, is not in jail but is, in fact, dead. Meanwhile, Wei Cheng’s men have been tailing Michael. After a brief confrontation with Trevor, Michael finds himself in a rough spot. However, he was ultimately defeated by Cheng’s men.

Wei Cheng calls Trevor and tells him that he and his men got Michael. He even jokingly said that Trevor and Michael are lovers, with the former saying back that he loves him.

After that, Lamar texts Trevor and says that Devin has another assignment. After arriving at the Sandy Shores airfield, “Bury the Hatchet” ends.

52. Pack Man

Devin tasks Trevor, Franklin, and Lamar to steal one last car for him. After taking the Pegassi Monroe, the group heads to Little Bighorn Avenue, where Trevor awaits.

Once Franklin drives the last car into the packer, the three start to head to the meeting point. Just when things have become smooth sailing, the group is then pursued by the police, garnering a two-star Wanted Level.

As with all of the missions in GTA 5, the group escapes and proceeds to the meeting point. There, Franklin, Trevor, and Lamar are greeted by Molly without the presence of Devin. Apparently, the businessman does not want to be seen with the group, especially after the chase.

Just like before, Franklin asks to be paid for a job well done. And, just like before, Devin does not pay him, though he says that the payment is invested so as to not attract attention from the authorities.

53. Fresh Meat

After successfully completing Pack Man, you will now take control of Franklin to search for Michael. Using the Trackify App, Franklin goes to the Raven Slaughterhouse in Cypress Flats, where Michael is being hanged like some fresh meat.

Franklin ultimately saves Michael and the two head off to the latter’s house, where he will tell Franklin everything.

54. The Ballad of Rocco

Michael wanted to see Solomon in Backloy City only to find the esteemed movie producer being beaten by director Gianni and main actor Rocco. Solomon tells Michael to kill both of them, which he happily agrees to.

Once the job is done, Michael is given the nod by getting the role of associate producer in Solomon’s new movie.

55. Cleaning Out the Bureau

Dave asks Michael to do one more mission for him. Apparently, Haines’ questionable activities will come to light if they do not do something about it.

Michael employs the help of Lester to scrub off the files that can link Haines to illegal activities. He also wants Lester to delete Michael’s file, effectively giving him a clean slate.

Near the end of the mission, Franklin joins the group and agrees to take some blueprints of the FIB building from the designer, Chip Peterson.

56. Architect’s Plans

Most of the mission occurs in the Mile High Club construction site, where Franklin tails Chip Peterson, who is in possession of a briefcase with the FIB building blueprints inside it.

After taking the briefcase, Franklin goes to Darnell Bros, where Michael, Lester, and himself plan the upcoming heist.

Similar to previous heists, you will select your plan of attack. Your choices are the Fire Crew or the Roof Entry (covert approach).

57. Fire Truck

If you have chosen the covert approach, Lester instructs Franklin or Michael to steal a fire truck, which will come in handy for the upcoming heist.

You have a couple of options on how you want to go about this. You can either go to the Los Santos fire station and steal one or go to the emergency services and have one come to you. Either way, you will be chased by the police.

After the hot pursuit, drive the fire truck to Darnell Bros to finish the mission.

58a. The Bureau Raid (Fire Crew)

Now for the heist. If you have picked the Fire Crew, you will do a couple of different costumes just to get inside the FIB building and retrieve the hard drive.

As you try to escape, multiple agents will start swarming in, making things a bit more challenging, though this is to be expected.

After the heist, Franklin gets rid of the fire truck and the group celebrates.

58b. The Bureau Raid (Roof Entry)

Unlike the previous approach, this one involves Michael and the group entering the FIB building through the roof. Upon entering the server room, Michael is guided by one of the hackers. However, as the files are downloaded, the security team is deployed to the scene to halt the entire process.

The GTA 5 mission then involves rappelling down the side of the building and culminates in leaving with an ambulance to prevent the police from being suspicious.

Once the heist is accomplished, the group goes back to Franklin’s house and celebrates for a brief period. After that, Michael heads off.

59. The Wrap Up

Michael heads to the Kortz Center to settle his score with the bureau. Unfortunately, things do not go as planned because Haines double-crosses him, killing Sanchez in the stand-off.

Shortly after, a team of IAA and rival FIB agents arrived at the scene, forcing Michael, Dave, and Haines to flee. Unfortunately, the enemy’s numbers are just too many, but Trevor happens to be on the scene to provide some aid.

After escaping the Kortz Center, Michael calls Lester and tells him about doing one last heist on the Union Depository.

60. Reuniting the Family

This mission is basically about Michael reuniting with his wife Amanda, and his kids, Jimmy and Tracey. It is a pretty lengthy one, but you have to finish it in order to advance the main campaign of GTA 5.

61. Legal Trouble

Devin returns to annoy the heck out of you. This time, he is seen in Solomon’s office telling Michael that he wishes to pull the plug on one of the movie producer’s movies, Meltdown.

After a short cutscene, Michael chases Molly, who is in possession of a film reel that Solomon wants retrieved. The two arrive at Devin’s private hangar, where Molly meets her untimely death.

With the film reel in his possession, Michael told Solomon that the job was finished. However, it was all for nothing because Solomon admits that he has plenty of digital copies.

62. Lamar Down

The mission begins with Tanisha telling Franklin to help Lamar one last time. Franklin reluctantly agrees and ends up in the Paleto Forest Sawmill, where Lamar is being held hostage.

With the help of Trevor and Michael, the group escapes successfully, with Lamar asking Franklin for money after they have arrived at the latter’s house.

Shortly after, Franklin leaves his abode only to bump into Haines and Dave. The FIB agents ask Franklin to kill Trevor because he is the only one who has easy access to the troubled former army man.

63. Meltdown

Michael and Jimmy were supposed to watch the premiere of the movie, Meltdown. However, Devin calls Michael and says that he holds Amanda and Tracey hostage.

Once at the house, Michael takes out the Merryweather agents who are already waiting inside. After the threat has been eliminated, Michael gives Lester a call and asks him to help move his family out, at least, for a few days.

64. Planning the Big Score

It is time to plan the biggest heist of GTA 5 yet. The main trio meets up with Lester at the Vanilla Unicorn to plan the heist.

Following similar trends throughout the main campaign, there are two approaches you can select depending on your preference. There is the Subtle Approach and the Obvious Approach.

The Obvious Approach provides the highest revenue, though the Subtle Approach is a lot easier to do.

65a. Stingers (Subtle Approach)

Your task here is to steal a van that is holding spike strips, which will be useful for the upcoming heist.

66a. Gauntlet 1-2-3 (Subtle Approach)

The “Gauntlet,” in this context, refers to cars instead of those that you wear on your hand. Anyway, there are a few gauntlets that you need to steal. Here are their locations:

  • First Gauntlet: Pillbox Hill

  • Second Gauntlet: Rockford Hills

  • Third Gauntlet: Mission Row

Each of the gauntlets has to be driven to a lock-up in order to complete the assignment.

65b. Sidetracked (Obvious Approach)

For this mission, you will be stealing a train engine from one of the locomotives at the Grand Senora Desert railway station. Michael is tasked to switch the train tracks, while Trevor flies with a chopper equipped with a magnet to steal the train engine.

66b. Driller (Obvious Approach)

You will enter the East Los Santos depot to steal a Cutter. You can go quietly and take out the guards and workers who you encounter or sneak past them. Either way, you are leaving with the Cutter.

67a. The Big Score (Subtle Approach)

This is it! There are major differences between the subtle approach and the obvious approach, but they all end up with the same conclusion.

Anyway, this approach involves hijacking some security vehicles to enter the building with the gold inside. After stealing the gold, the group then loads the gold up in the gauntlets that were stolen previously.

Upon transferring the gold bars, the main protagonists will have to fend off the Merryweather guards until the others finish loading up the gold.

67b. The Big Score (Obvious Approach)

Franklin drives the Cutter and drills a hole through the wall. Meanwhile, Michael and the other group cause a commotion at the front of the Union Depository as a distraction.

Then, Franklin plants explosive charges to gain access to the vault, but a fight commences shortly after. During this time, the NOOSE team has to be defeated while the gold is being prepared for pickup.

When the coast is clear, Trevor flies into the scene with a helicopter and a second chopper that is being driven by another member of the team. As more NOOSE members come in, Trevor flies to Blaine County.

Out front, Michael is busy fending off the LSPD. The objective at this point is to go to the underground parking lot, where the getaway cars are waiting for their escape.

With everything that is happening, the group will have a five-star Wanted Level on them, so expect a plethora of LSPD officers in your tail.

Ultimately, everyone meets up at the McKenzie Field Hangar. If everything went according to plan, every member of the group would be happy with the outcome.

GTA 5 Ending Missions

There are three possible endings for GTA 5. Each one is triggered depending on the option you take.

GTA 5 Ending: Something Sensible

After the events of Lamar Down and The Big Score, Franklin should make a tough decision. He would either have to kill Trevor (option A), eliminate Michael (option B), or not kill them at all (option C).

If you take option A, Franklin calls Michael to help him dispatch Trevor. The group ends up in the oil fields, where Trevor gets doused with gas from crashing into a gas tanker.

Playing as Franklin, you can either shoot the gas to ignite Trevor, causing him to die a fiery death, or do nothing and have Michael shoot him.

Option A (kill Trevor) is deemed as a non-canon ending, meaning, it has no bearing on the actual story. However, if you do opt for this conclusion, you will no longer be able to use Trevor in any of the side missions after this.

GTA 5 Ending: The Time’s Come

If you took option B, you will have to eliminate Michael. Just like in the first ending, you will chase Michael down, and you will end up at the Palmer-Taylor Power Station.

After a short confrontation, Franklin pushes Michael to his death. However, likely feeling remorseful, Franklin immediately grabs Michael’s hand. You can choose to let him fall to his death, or save him, where you end up getting beat.

Whatever the case may be, Michael still dies at the end.

GTA 5 Ending: The Third Way

Of course, the best ending for GTA 5 is one where you do not kill Michael or Trevor. Instead, you will eliminate every antagonist you have encountered, including Haines Wei Cheng, and Devin Weston.

Take note that this is a pretty lengthy mission. However, we promise you that it will all be worth it!

How to Start a Mission in GTA 5

Now that you know the mission story missions in GTA 5, how exactly do you start one? When you bring up the map, you will find that there are icons in various locations telling you about a story or side mission that you have yet to accomplish.

gta 5 mission list

Markers that have a green F on them followed by a question mark signify that the particular mission involves Franklin in it. Missions that require Trevor have an orange T marker on top of the location. And, Michael’s missions have a light blue M with a question mark as well.

For GTA 5 Online, press the ESC button on PC or the start button on PlayStation and Xbox consoles to bring up the menu. On the “Online” tab, select Jobs, then Play Job, and select the missions that you want to take.

How to Cancel Mission GTA 5

Phew, the GTA V mission list is quite an extensive one! While there are certainly those that are exciting, there are missions that you might not want to do for the time being. If that is the case, how exactly do you cancel a mission in Grand Theft Auto 5?

Well, to do that, you have to bring up your iFruit phone and navigate to the job list. Select your current mission and press square on PlayStation, “X” on Xbox, and the scroll button (mouse 3) on PC.

how to cancel mission gta 5

First Dose GTA 5 Mission List

GTA 5 Online is pretty much similar to the original game, albeit you play it with other people over the internet.

Having said that, there is a particular series of missions called the First Dose that you can complete to get the Ocelot Virtue as a reward.

To begin, head to the liquor store at Sandy Shores, where you will find the Corona parked right out front. Interact with it to commence the first part of the mission.

Here is a breakdown of the things that you should do after

First Dose 1: Welcome to the Troupe

  • Defeat the members of The Lost MC who are attacking the Fooliganz at the Ace Liquor store

  • Members of The Lost MC will steal Dax’s Journey II, so head over to Millar’s Fishery Co. at the Alamo Sea in Galilee to retrieve it

  • Once you have taken the vehicle back successfully, go back to Dax at the liquor store

  • With Dax in the group, head to Los Santos and into an abandoned warehouse in the Mirror Park Railyard

  • This mission concludes with The Freakshop being established

First Dose 2: Designated Driver

  • After hearing that The Lost MC will host a party of sorts, Dax tells you to get a truck and attach the trailer that contains supplies. This trailer is parked at the Terminal, just alongside the Daisy Lee.

  • Upon arriving at The Freakshop, you will find that the trailer was destroyed by The Lost

  • Not to worry, Dax sends you on an errand to steal some weed from The Lost’s clubhouse at East Vinewood

  • Go there, retrieve some weed, and then head back to The Freakshop to conclude this part of the mission strand

First Dose 3: Fatal Incursion

  • Dax sends you to Stab City, where you will defeat The Lost’s reinforcements

  • Now the real party begins. Head to Galilee and go to Millars Boat Shop. Underneath is the meth lab of The Lost

  • Steal the meth and escape in a small airplane called the Dodo, which is located right at the Galilee jetty

  • Return to Los Santos and land in the storm drain just east of The Freakshop

First Dose 4: Uncontrolled Substance

  • After doing the errands, you will party with the Fooliganz just outside The Freakshop

  • You will be given a beer that is laced with Acid, after which, your character will pass out

  • After that, you wake up at the Up-n-Atom Burger on Vinewood Boulevard

First Dose 5: Make War Not Love

  • Along with the other Fooliganz members, Dax can be seen at the Hippie Camp at Senora Desert Trailer Park

  • Of course, you are invited to provide reinforcement

  • The objective is to destroy The Lost’s drug production and distribution systems

  • The job is not done yet! Go to the Altruist Camp and destroy the Valkyrie Helicopter, as well as any van you come across

First Dose 6: Off the Rails

  • To establish The Freakshop as the premiere drug production lab of the Fooliganz, you are required to steal some precursor chemicals from Humane Labs and Research, which is located at the Chianski Passage in Blaine County

  • Once you are there, you will discover a shipment manifest that tells you of an incoming haul of chemicals heading south onboard a train

  • Go to Davis Quartz east of Sandy Shores as this is the switching point for the locomotive

  • Switch the tracks to make the train crash outside of the Palmer-Taylor Power Station

  • Head to the train wreck and take the chemicals with you. Bring the Brickade 6x6 along for good measure

  • “First Dose” finishes when you take the supply back to The Freakshop

How to Start Chop Shop Mission GTA 5

Rockstar Games rolled out a massive content update for Grand Theft Auto Online called The Chop Shop update. The main highlight of this patch is it introduces heist contracts where you steal cars in order to complete the mission.

To start the Chop Shop series of missions in GTA 5 Online, you have to wait for a call from Yusuf Amir. He tells you to buy a Salvage Yard, which serves as your base of operations.

After talking to Yusuf, visit the Maze Bank Foreclosures website to find a Salvage Yard for sale. Once the purchase has been made, you will be contacted by Yusuf once again.

Head to the Salvage Yard and a cutscene will commence. Yusuf will give you a crash course of the business, which involves stealing cars and delivering them into the yard.

How to Start Dr. Dre Mission GTA 5

There is a mission in GTA 5 Online simply known as “The Contract,” where you will be introduced to a number of missions with the infamous producer, Dr. Dre.

Also known as “The Contract: Dr. Dre” or “The Data Leaks,” this mission starts when you purchase an agency and complete a contract from there. To do that, follow these instructions:

  1. Open up your phone and select “Internet”

  2. From there, select any agency that you want. For this example, we are going to select Dynasty 8 Executives and then click on “Enter Site”

Dynasty 8 Website

  1. After doing that, you will be presented with a bunch of icons on the screen. On the top-right corner of the UI, click “AGENCIES” to filter the unnecessary icons out, leaving you with the essentials

Dynasty 8 Agencies for Sale

  1. Once you have done that, just select an agency you want to purchase. Take note that there are certain weeks where some agencies will be sold at a discount

  2. Anyway, after buying the agency, go there and interact with the computer, which will be situated on top of your executive desk

  3. Next, click on “VIP Contract” and you should find The Contract: Dr. Dre on the computer

The Contract: Dr. Dre Missions

There are three main missions on the list; each one having three minor missions that you have to complete. That means that there are a total of nine missions you have to accomplish for Dr. Dre. But do not worry, they are pretty interesting, especially if you are a fan of the famous rapper and producer.

Now, you do need some in-game cash to purchase an agency to begin the series of Dr. Dre quests. If you do not have that, do not worry. We at RPGStash have a GTA 5 store that has everything that you need!


GTA 5 is a massive game with plenty of main quests, side missions, and even online people to play with. It is no wonder why the game still enjoys a healthy player base despite being quite dated.

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