Here Are the 5 Best Sites to Buy PoE Currency

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Here Are the 5 Best Sites to Buy PoE Currency

Path of Exile is a complex ARPG that encourages you to take risks and create builds out of the many items and gem combinations possible.

Even though there are plenty of resources out there that would allow you to theorycraft and make builds from scratch, there is one thing that you need to know – you need PoE Currency.

While you can certainly farm currency in the game yourself, you might lead a busy life, so why spend the limited amount of time that you have during the day going through an arduous grind, right?

Fortunately, there are many platforms that allow you to spend a bit of money to skip all of the tedious farming. And that is the focus of this article.

Today, we are going to go over some of the best sites to buy PoE currency!

What is PoE Currency?

So, what exactly is PoE Currency? Well, Path of Exile is arguably the most complex action RPG out there. One of the main reasons why is that the game is filled with many different currencies, which can be daunting if you do not know what they do.

For example, an Orb of Scouring is a type of currency that is used to remove all of the modifiers on an item with at least a Magic, Rare, or Unique rarity.

In addition, the Jeweler’s Orb lets you reroll the number of gem sockets there are on an item. It is used in conjunction with the Orb of Fusing, which is another form of currency that enables you to link those gem sockets together.

Now, when people say “PoE Currency,” they typically refer to the currency that the community uses for trade. 

Currencies Used for Trading

In most cases, there are several currencies Path of Exile players use for trading. They are:

Chaos Orb

The Chaos Orb is the default PoE Currency that people use to trade for items in the game. This is because it is the most common currency that drops from enemies. In a single map, you are likely going to get anywhere between one to five depending on your build and setup.

That said, the Chaos Orb is utilized as a means of rerolling a rare item with new random modifiers. A Rare Item (denoted by yellow text) can have up to six different mods – three prefixes and three suffixes.

In Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis League, for example, players typically utilize the Chaos Orb as a means of rerolling the modifiers on T17 maps until they get ones that are okay to run on their builds.

The Chaos Orb is usually the currency of choice when trading for relatively inexpensive stuff, including Chromatic Orbs, Orbs of Scouring, Vaal Orbs, Orbs of Fusing, and cheap unique items, among many others.

Additionally, the Chaos Orb allows you to take advantage of various crafting options from the Crafting Bench. The “Non-Channeling Skills Have -7 to Total Mana Cost” prefix, for example, costs four Chaos Orbs.

Exalted Orb

The Exalted Orb is another PoE Currency used for trading. Unlike the Chaos Orb, the Exalted Orb does not reroll anything. Instead, it adds a new random modifier on an item, which is why it is a staple among those who craft items in the game.

Additionally, the Exalted Orb lets you add another modifier via the Crafting Bench. A good example of this is the mod: “43% Increased Damage While Leeching.”

That said, the Exalted Orb is a bit rarer than the Chaos Orb, but not as rare as the next PoE Currency on this list.

Divine Orb

The Divine Orb has dethroned Exalted Orbs in terms of the main PoE Currency used for trading expensive endgame items. This is due to the fact that the Divine Orb now has a more important use case as opposed to the one it had ousted.

You see, each modifier on an item is differentiated by tiers. Each tier has a specific range and the highest value that you can get depends on the tier of the modifier in question.

For example, a Tier 2 “+ to Maximum Life” prefix on the Dragonscale Boots has values that range from 70 to 79. What the Divine Orb does is it allows you to get 79 by spamming it on the item in question until you achieve the desired outcome.

What the Divine Orb does not do, however, is roll values that exceed the current mod tier. So, if you have the Tier 2 prefix mentioned earlier, you cannot obtain the numeric values from Tier 1 of the same mod (which is 80 to 89 if you are curious).

Aside from randomizing the numeric values of modifiers on an item, the Divine Orb lets you avail of the more expensive crafting options from the Crafting Bench. For instance, the popular metamod, “Can Have up to 3 Crafted Modifiers,” costs two Divine Orbs.

Now, it is worth noting that the Divine Orb is a lot rarer than the previous PoE Currencies mentioned. Unless you are lucky, the odds of you getting some Divine Orbs on a single map is less than one in seven maps on average.

Mirror of Kalandra

If we were to describe the Mirror of Kalandra’s rarity in just one word, we would say “mythical.” This is the rarest PoE Currency in the game, and rightfully so. 

When used, this thing “mirrors” an item, creating a perfect copy of it. The resulting item will have the word “Mirrored” on it to signify that it has been replicated by the Mirror of Kalandra.

Having said that, the Mirror of Kalandra is very hard to find. Although you have a higher chance of getting it when doing the game’s pinnacle content a significant number of times, such as defeating the Uber bosses, completing a Wave 30 Simulacrum run, and whatnot, you are still not guaranteed to get one.

So how rare is it, you ask? Well, some people in the community have said that they have played the game for many years and they have still not gotten a single Mirror of Kalandra. Yes, it is that rare!

Why Buy PoE Currency

Now that you know the typical currencies people use for trading, what are the main reasons why you should buy PoE Currency?

First and foremost, we live in a busy world. You might spend eight to ten hours at work and you go home with only a couple of hours to spare playing Path of Exile.

Purchasing PoE Currency allows you to skip the arduous grind so that you can truly enjoy what the game has to offer without the tedium.

Another reason why buying PoE Currency is a good idea is that some items, especially the most highly coveted ones like the Mageblood or a “Mirror-tier” endgame bow, are pretty expensive. 

We are talking about hundreds of Divine Orbs or multiple Mirrors of Kalandra here! So, unless you are willing to spend numerous hours farming the said currencies, you are better off purchasing them instead.

Best Places to Buy PoE Currency

If you are convinced that purchasing currency is better than farming stuff yourself, then the next question to answer is: Where are the best places to buy PoE Currency?

We have scoured the internet so you do not have to! Here are the best sites to buy PoE Currency from:

PoE Currency


  • Sells multiple currencies and items

  • Name of the site is easy to remember

  • Has a well-designed website


  • May not support your preferred payment option

  • Website may be ‘too dark’ for some

The first on the list is a platform simply called PoE Currency. This site has been around for some time now and has been selling different currencies and items to Path of Exile players across all supported platforms.

PoE Currency has a well-designed website that lets you get to the stuff that you want easily. What’s more, the prices and “buy” button are visible.

The site has a dedicated FAQ page, so if you have any queries, you can visit this section to search for answers.

PoE Currency accepts a wide variety of payment options, such as Paypal, Visa, Skrill, and Mastercard. The platform says that it supports local payment methods, so you might want to take a gander at their FAQ page to see if your favorite option is there.



  • Currencies prominently shown on the landing page

  • Also offers rare items

  • Provides coaching services


  • Website aesthetic leaves much to be desired

  • Only supports a limited number of payment options

This next platform does not have the prettiest website out there, but G2G is all about providing you with the right services. When you land on their website, you are immediately greeted by the typical currencies used for trading, including Chaos Orbs, Divine Orbs, Exalted Orbs, and Mirrors of Kalandra.

G2G has plenty of items on offer as well. For instance, the ultra-rare Stasis Prison unique body armor is sold on the platform, albeit at an exorbitant price. Despite the pricing, it is good that such items are on there.

Aside from that, the platform offers coaching services. Remember what we said about Path of Exile being the most complex ARPG out there?



  • Offers power-leveling services

  • Has some build guides on YouTube


  • Average-looking website

  • Platform is slow to load at times

You may have heard of this website before or maybe you have seen one of its build guide videos on YouTube. Whatever the case may be, Odealo is another platform worth considering if you intend to buy PoE Currency.

The website is not as good-looking as the first platform on the list, but it is definitely better than G2G. Odealo has plenty to offer, such as the usual currencies and items. But, where it stands out is the power-leveling service the platform provides as well.

Power-leveling, aka character-boosting, is where a completely decked-out player does all of the killing so that the beginner does not have to do anything besides looting some items, that is.



  • Provides boss-killing services

  • Character-boosting services also available


  • A bit cumbersome to buy anything

Overgear has multiple services on offer. Aside from being able to purchase PoE Currency, this platform provides items and power-leveling services as well. However, one standout feature is that Overgear lets you buy boss-killing services for the right price.

Uber bosses in Path of Exile are pretty tough to beat. You’d have to come prepared with the best items and passive skills to ensure victory. If you do not have the right equipment, pinnacle bosses like the Uber Maven and the Uber Elder will have no problems dispatching you in a jiffy.

Now, if you do not want to go through the hassle, you can get a hold of Overgear’s boss-killing service and have any of their more experienced players help you out.



  • Has all of the PoE services that you need

  • Supports various payment options

  • Website is well-designed and easy to navigate

  • Contains a wealth of build guides that are accessible for free

  • Fast delivery of items

  • Runs a unique program that gives you freebies on your next purchase


  • Product stack may be daunting due to the sheer number of options available

If there is one platform that has it all, it would be RPGStash. This website is an amazing place to buy PoE currency because of its extensive list of items and services. It not only lets you buy the typical currencies used for trading (like the ones mentioned earlier), but also has mirror-tier items that you can get for the right price.

In addition, you can save a lot of money when you avail of any of its currency bundles. For example, you can get 235 Divine Orbs for just $24.68. This is one of the cheapest offers we can find on the internet! Not only that, but the platform includes bonuses as well, such as additional Chaos Orbs, free Divine Orbs, etc.

All of the things that the website sells you have matching pictures to boot. This makes it so much easier for you to know if what you are about to purchase is the right item or not.

Speaking of which, RPGStash has a vast array of items to choose from. You can buy highly coveted unique items like the Mageblood and Headhunter. Besides that, this website even lets you buy fully leveled-up gems, such as a 20/20 Frostblink of Wintry Blast and Lightning Conduit of the Heavens!

RPGStash has been in the business for so many years as evidenced by the independent reviews made by real customers. Additionally, this platform takes data security very seriously and assures you that it won’t compromise any sensitive information whatsoever.

So, how easy is it to place an order in RPGStash? Well, you simply create an account, go to the PoE Store, and then select the item that you want to buy and then “Add to Cart.” Make sure that you select the right platform you use to play Path of Exile (PC, Xbox, or PlayStation). When you are ready to go, there is a convenient shopping cart icon on the top-right corner of the UI that will lead you to the checkout.

As for the payment options, RPGStash supports all major credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, PayPal, cash transfers, and even BitCoin!

The platform also promises fast delivery of items. According to the website’s FAQ, your items will be delivered to you in less than 15 minutes. The platform also assures you that you won’t get caught as it uses methods that are impossible to detect by GGG.

If you need any questions, you can peruse RPGStash’s FAQ page or use the “LiveChat” feature to talk to a real customer service representative. You can even reach out and contact them via email if that is what you prefer.

Unlike the other places to buy PoE Currency highlighted above, RPGStash has a unique “Level Up XPerience” program that you need to know. Basically, every time you make a purchase, you will gain experience points, similar to playing Path of Exile.

Once you have gained enough XP, your level will increase. Each level allows you to enjoy certain perks, including a point multiplier, a small percentage cashback, and a cash reward! 

So, what the Level Up XPerience program does is incentivize you to buy more and, therefore, get more with the money that you have spent!

What’s more, RPGStash has a vast library of build guides on its website. And the best part? You can read the guides absolutely free of charge!

If you are unhappy with the service, RPGStash has a 100% money-back guarantee, so you can get your hard-earned cash with no questions asked. But, that won’t be necessary considering that the website has received numerous praises from the community for so many years now, which just goes to show that it has a pretty impeccable track record when it comes to trustworthiness, reliability, and accessibility.


Buying PoE Currency is the best way to enjoy Path of Exile. Why spend your limited number of hours per day going through the grind? Focus on what matters to you, such as creating awesome builds or simply enjoying Path of Exile for what it has to offer!

The good news is that there are places that you can buy PoE currency from. Be sure to read the entirety of this article again and bookmark this page for future reference.

With all of that said, good luck on your adventures in Wraeclast, Exile!

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