How to Get More Sulphite in Path of Exile

26.10.2022 - 07:24:24
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How to Get More Sulphite in Path of Exile

Sulphite is used for mining in the path of exile, of which the most popular resource is Voltaxic Sulphite, which allows players to travel to undiscovered checkpoints around the Axorite mine. No matter which way the player obtains the resource, the purpose is to help the character gain power.

Mine is a reliable source of Axorite. In order to collect more Sulphite, the player must find Sulphite deposits in the dungeon. The amount of sulfite is affected by the regional level and any associated amount bonuses, many factors affect the amount of Sulphite found, and obtaining Sulphite is complicated.

Increase Sulphite Storage

Accommodating Sulphite storage space is very important, adding Sulphite Storage will not only get more Sulphite, but also improve Sulphite mining efficiency and stay in the mine longer. Players can use Azurite on the Voltaxic Generator to increase the storage capacity of Sulphite.

Best areas to farm Sulphite - Atlas

Whether you are alone or with a team, it is very wise to head to the Atlas region to find Sulphite, the bonuses provided by the Atlas region skills, the need for Sulphite will not be a major hindrance for players later in the game, which requires Thanks to the larger deposit size and increased Sulphite storage capacity.

Mining with Niko The Mad

Niko The Mad is the best assistant for players to mine, Niko will randomly appear on the map once a day. If the player has unlocked the area, head there and you'll be sure to get Sulphite from a nearby deposit.

If the player is lucky and finds Sulphite, the mining quest is almost solved. Sulphite will appear in the area where Niko the Mad is located, Niko will actively mine and store all mined Sulphite directly into the player's inventory. Niko's convenient interventions make the player's gaming experience more enjoyable.

Using Scarabs

In addition to the passive bonuses provided by zone level and volume bonuses, players can use Sulphite Scarabs to increase the sulphurous acid production of each deposit on the map. Scarabs can be purchased or looted once the player has the camera in the Intervention branch of the Safe House reward.

Scarabs offer bonuses in 20% increments. Among them, the Winged Sulphite Scarab increases the sulphurous acid gain by 100%. Even without the winged version, using lower grade Gold Sulfites can still significantly increase production over time, so they play a vital role in mining. Players can get Scarabs by trading, borrowing, stealing, etc. No matter how players get Scarabs, it is worthwhile.


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