How To Make The Wise Old Man Angry - OSRS Trailblazer

26.11.2023 - 12:37:59
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How To Make The Wise Old Man Angry - OSRS Trailblazer

The new OSRS Trailblazer league brings with it a lot of new challenges for you to try out. While most of them are technically easy, the process of achieving them isn't always straightforward. There are a total of 60 tasks to do in the new League and one of them is confusing a lot of players.

We're, of course, talking about making the "Wise Old Man" angry. This might seem like an easy task but you'll need to be very careful in a few choices in the game as that can affect whether or not you can complete this task. Let's talk about who the Wise Old Man is first.

Who Is The Wise Old Man In OSRS?

Dionysius, also known as the Wise Old Man, is a legendary and very powerful Saradominist wizard and former adventurer, currently residing in Draynor Village. Under his judicious alias, Dionysius, you know him for the Draynor Bank Robbery. He wears light brown robes, a regular blue cape, partyhat & specs, and wields a short staff.

When you ask, he shares about all the adventures he had throughout Gielinor. He also offers a service to remove quest items or "junk" from your bank, a full list of which can be found here. Lastly, he can also assign various tasks on member worlds and give small rewards in return if you ask him, "Is there anything I can do for you?"

He also attended the 2018 Birthday event, where he could be seen with several other iconic Old School RuneScape NPCs.

You can purchase the Quest point cape and the Quest point hood from him for 99,000 coins, once you have completed all quests in the game, which is a total of 300 Quest points. A reason why he sells the Skillcape can reflect on how the flashbacks of his adventures that he shows to you are very similar to cutscenes that you have encountered before, but with the quest's respective NPCs.

When the dialogue option is clicked to check for junk he will request your bank pin number to access the "Wise Old Man's Recycling Centre". Doing so will bring up unusable or otherwise worthless items most likely from completed quests in which you can remove from your bank all at once. Some may find it very helpful to clean up some space without having to find out whether it has to be used in future quests.

How To Make The Wise Old Man Angry?

In order to achieve this achievement, you'll first need to beat the Curse of the Empty Lord and Desert Treasure I quests. Both quests are pretty lengthy too so this achievement is best saved for the latter parts of the game. After doing both of them, talk to the Wise Old Man.

When given the choice, choose the option "three gods" and the Old Man will get angry with you. It's that simple but again, the choice lies at the end of two very lengthy quests. The answer to make the Old Man angry isn't pretty direct too so without a guide, this might be hard to achieve.

One Achievement Down

This is just one achievement in the new league. You still have a long way to go but this is at least one less thing to worry about in the game.

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