How to Trade Items in Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis

28.03.2024 - 16:09:36
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How to Trade Items in Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis

Trading items in Path of Exile is one of the most important things that you can do in the game. While the game can be enjoyed in an SSF (Solo Self-found) environment where you farm and grind for items on your own, trading with other players can help you quickly obtain some incredible gear.

If you are new to the game, trading can be quite daunting. That's because, in Path of Exile, there are a few different currencies that people use to purchase items. Now, if this sounds complicated, do not worry!

Today, you will learn everything there is to know about trading in Path of Exile – from the basics to the more advanced ways, this guide has got you covered!

The Currencies

As mentioned earlier, there are a few main currencies used for trading items in PoE. The first and most common is the Chaos Orb. The orb itself allows you to reroll modifiers on a rare (yellow) item. Because of how useful it is in crafting, and the fact that it is a very common drop, you will usually see inexpensive items being priced using Chaos Orbs.

For the more expensive items, you will typically see them priced using Divine Orbs. Unlike the Chaos Orb, the Divine Orb adjusts the values of the mods that are currently on the item. Now, the reason why they are used as the currency of choice for selling highly desirable items in the game is that they are essential in crafting, specifically when putting certain mods like "Prefixes Cannot Be Changed" or "Can Have up to 3 Crafted Modifiers" and so on. Divine Orbs are much rarer than Chaos Orbs as well, which makes them a more valuable resource.

While most of the stuff being sold by other players use Chaos Orbs or Divine Orbs for pricing, there are "god-tier" items that can only be yours if you have a Mirror of Kalandra. The Mirror of Kalandra creates an exact copy of an item when used. You will know if a piece of gear has been copied if it has the word, "Mirrored," just below its explicit modifiers. If you're wondering why the Mirror of Kalandra is utilized as the main currency for bartering awesome items in Path of Exile, it is because of how rare it is. It's so rare that most players have not acquired it by grinding and farming content in the game.

How to Trade Items

Now that you know which currencies are being used for trade in Path of Exile, this section focuses more on how you can start trading.

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Personal Stash

When you interact with your personal stash – may it be in your hideout or in major settlements, you will find two types of tabs: Regular and Premium.

Regular Stash tabs are those that allow you to put whatever item you've farmed in the game. They are denoted by that brown-colored tab at the top of the stash UI.


Regular Stash Tabs

Premium Stash tabs, on the other hand, are those that you can customize to your liking. You can change their appearance, rename them to whatever you like, and even put affinities so that you can instantly store items by holding the Ctrl Key + Left Mouse Button (LMB). Additionally, they not only let you store items but they can be used to sell items to other players.

To do that, right-click on the Premium Stash tab at the top portion of the UI first to reveal the customization options. From there, put a check beside "Public" by left-clicking on it. Then, in the drop-down menu right next to the checkmark, select "Each Item Individually Priced." After that, you're now ready to sell!


Premium Stash Tab Customization Window

Put an item that you want to trade in the Premium Stash tab. Next, right-click on it to reveal some options. Choose "Exact Price" from the leftmost drop-down menu and on the blank field beside it, put the specific amount. Then, select the currency you want to get for the item you're selling and press the small check mark at the bottom-right corner to confirm. That's it!


Pricing Items via Premium Stash Tab

The stuff that you've added and priced accordingly in your Premium Stash tab will appear on Path of Exile's official trade website.

Forum Post

While using the Premium Stash tab is the easiest way to sell items in the game, what can you do if you don't have one? Well, you go to the forums and trade stuff from there. But, you don't type the items that you want to sell manually because that will take ages! Instead, you will utilize a program called "Procurement."

Procurement is a character and stash management tool that lets you create forum posts that showcase the items that you have on offer in just a few clicks! Although you have to set it up the first time you run the application, you only have to do it once.

That said, here are the steps:

  1. Log in to your account on the official Path of Exile website
  2. Go to the "Trading" section of the forums and create a thread. You don't have to input anything, just leave it blank. The reason why you need to create a thread is so that Procurement knows where to paste the items you want to sell
  3. Next, download Procurement from this link. It will be inside a zip file, so you will need a program like 7Zip or WinRAR to open it. Extract the contents of the downloaded zip file and open it. Then, look for Procurement.exe and double-click to run the program
  4. On the initial run, you will be asked for your SessionID. This is a special ID that is unique to your account. This is actually pretty easy to get. Go back to the Path of Exile official website and press F12. This presupposes that you are using Google Chrome. Next, go to "Application" and click on the small arrow beside "Cookies to reveal some websites that are currently on your browser. Look for the PoE website and then click on it. Here, you will find the term "POESESSID" and a category named "Value" beside it.
  5. Underneath "Value," you will find a string of numbers and letters that you will need to copy for Procurement. To do this, right-click on the string and select "Edit Value." Right-click on it again then choose "Copy." Congratulations! You now have your SessionID copied to the clipboard!
  6. Go back to Procurement and paste the SessionID. Wait for several seconds until you see all of the stash tabs you have in the game
  7. Now, the process of pricing items using Procurement is quite similar to Premium Stash tabs. Select a designated tab that you want to put items in for trade. It's best to run the game on Windowed Mode so that you can just alt+tab as you place stuff on this tab.
  8. Next, right-click on an item and you'll be presented with a few options. Put a checkmark beside "Buyout" then input a specific price for the item you're about to sell. In the drop-down menu right next to it, select your desired currency. When you're done, click "Save" at the bottom of the window. Do the same for all the other items you wish to sell in the forums
  9. Once you're done with the previous step, click on the "Trading" tab at the top portion of the Procurement UI
  10. Remember the forum thread you made earlier? Copy the number at the very end of its URL and paste it into Procurement's "Trading Settings." The URL looks something like this: "" The numbers should be pasted in the settings to let the program know where to put the stuff you have on offer
  11. After that, go back to the "Forum Export" tab and put a checkmark on your designated stash where the items are placed. Then, click on "Update Forum Thread" and your post will be edited to include all of the items you've listed for sale
  12. Interested buyers are going to send you a private message and you can negotiate how the item will be delivered from there

Buying Items

The forum is one way to shop for great items, but for the most part, you will be using the official Path of Exile trade website for buying and selling. The items that you've priced using Premium Stash tabs in-game will be available on PoE Trade for everyone to see. The website also offers various filters to show only those items that fit certain criteria.

If you wish to buy items from other people, you can input the specific item you want in the "Search Items" field and press enter. You can check or input certain parameters so that you can tailor the search to your liking as well.

After pressing the Enter key, you will be presented with the items you are looking for. You can purchase them by clicking "Direct Whisper" and waiting for the seller to reply. It should go without saying that you need to be logged into the game before you can send a whisper.


Buying from the PoE Trade Website

Once the seller sees your message, they will invite you to a party. After accepting the invitation, go to their hideout and initiate a trade. Put the amount they've requested for the item and inspect the item before closing the deal.

If you've put items for sale using the Premium Stash tab, the process is the same, albeit you will be the one to invite the interested buyer.

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God-tier Items Out of Reach?

There are people who are selling "mirror-tier" items or those highly-coveted equipment that contain godly stats and modifiers. However, they're most likely out of your reach because they are being sold for some Mirrors of Kalandra.

If you think that you cannot obtain such items, you're sorely mistaken! There are tried-and-tested services out there that allow you to purchase mirror-tier items in exchange for real money.

One of the most reputable RMT services out there is RPGStash. The company provides a plethora of mirror-tier items for sale and the process of obtaining them is quick and easy!

RPGStash sells a wide variety of currencies. Do you need 1,000 Chaos Orbs? Done! How about a bunch of Divine Orbs to get some Forbidden Jewels? Sure! Are you dying to get your hands on a mirror-tier bow for your Tornado Shot Deadeye? The company offers Mirrors of Kalandra for sale too!

So, how do you avail of its services? Head to the RPGStash website and create an account. Next, search for the item or currency you want to purchase and click "Add to Cart." Once you're done shopping, click on the cart icon at the top-right corner of the webpage and choose "Checkout." Select your preferred payment method and once the transaction is complete, send them a message via Live Chat.

RPGStash offers two delivery methods for your convenience. The item can be delivered face-to-face, meaning, you can arrange for it to be traded to you similar to using the PoE website.

Another delivery method that the company uses is via the trading forum link. For example, you can sell a random item via Procurement and price it to match the amount of currency you wish to buy from RPGStash. Then, copy the URL of your forum thread and paste it on the site's Live Chat to close the deal.

If you have a Premium Stash tab, you can follow the same process above, except that you do it in-game rather than in the Procurement program.

RPGStash has a useful FAQ page if you need more information about the services and items it has on offer. You can also talk to the company representatives via Live Chat if you're having trouble. They will gladly provide you with step-by-step screenshots to guide you through the process.

The delivery of items/currencies only takes five minutes to half an hour, so you don't have to wait long just to get your order.

It's important to note, however, that delivery of some items depends on current stock and server load. Rest assured that the maximum waiting time is 12 hours and nothing more!


Trading is vital in Path of Exile. You can purchase items from other players, especially those that you currently do not have. Some items are being sold for insanely high prices. For instance, if you like to get your hands on an endgame bow, you will have to pay a truckload of Divine Orbs or even a Mirror of Kalandra for that!

Fortunately, services like RPGStash make it easy for you to acquire mirror-tier items. If you don't have enough in-game currency to buy the stuff that you want, go to RPGStash to initiate a transaction, hassle-free!

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