How To Unlock Taverley Dungeon Gate - OSRS Trailblazer Reloaded

06.12.2023 - 09:10:58
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How To Unlock Taverley Dungeon Gate - OSRS Trailblazer Reloaded

There's more to Taverley Dungeon than meets the eye. Beneath the dungeon is a gate that you can unlock to head deeper into more secrets, monsters, and rewards. With the OSRS Trailblazer Reloaded League update, there's also a task that rewards you with a few points for opening the Taverley Dungeon Gate.

While simple enough, opening the dungeon gate requires a bit of work. If you want to open the gate to explore deeper into the dungeon or if you simply want to open it for the Trailblazer task, then you've come to the right place.

Where Is Taverley Dungeon?

This dungeon stands as one of the game's largest, boasting a variety of monsters with combat levels ranging from mild to menacing. As you venture deeper, expect the challenges to intensify. Some of these creatures pack a poisonous punch, so having a stash of antipoison potions is a smart move, especially in the dodgier parts of the dungeon. Keep in mind, it's a one-on-one combat situation, although cannons can still wreak havoc on multiple targets if you're not directly engaged.

Finding the entrance is a breeze - just head south of Taverley and west of Falador. There are several ways to get there:

  1. Use the Falador Teleport spell or tablet for a quick trip.
  2. If your in-game home is in Taverley or you've got a Taverley teleport tablet, teleporting directly to your house works like a charm.
  3. Zip to Burthorpe with the Burthorpe Games Room Grouping teleport or a games necklace, then make your way south.
  4. For a down-to-earth approach, the Explorer's ring 2 or a better version can teleport you to the cabbage patch south of Falador.
  5. Catch a breeze into Taverley with the Balloon transport system.
  6. Magic maestros with a Magic level of 66 or higher can use the south portal in the Wizards' Guild of Yanille. It drops you near the Dark Wizards' Tower just south of the dungeon.
  7. If you're sporting a Skills necklace, teleport to the Crafting Guild, then hustle northward to the entrance.

Where To Get The Dusty Key

If you're eyeing the deeper recesses of the dungeon, snagging the dusty key is your golden ticket. Here's the lowdown on how to get it:

  1. Venture south in the dungeon until you hit the Kinshra's (Black Knight) headquarters.
  2. Slip into the narrow eastern passageway, where you'll encounter the Jailer (level 47). Give him the good ol' one-two, grab the jail key he drops.
  3. Use that shiny new key to swing open the door of the southern jail cell.
  4. Inside, you'll find Velrak the explorer, the man with the plan (and the dusty key). Have a chat with him, and he'll hand it over. Quick tip: Don't ask for a reward if you want that key; just go for the other conversation branch.
  5. Velrak isn't budging from his cell, so no need to worry about a travel companion. If you ever misplace the key, don't sweat it. You can snag another one using the same method.

Keep in mind, the dusty key isn't up for trade, but if you're feeling a bit lazy, you can pick one up at the Legends' Guild shop. There's also a reliable spawn near the lava eel fishing area deep in the dungeon. For those without a key, accessing this area might be tricky, but players with a nimble Agility level of 70 can use the shortcut to the blue dragon area and head south to claim their key near the lava eel spot. 

Time To Explore Deeper Into Taverley

The Taverley Dungeon is one of the dungeons that all OSRS players need to experience at least once in their life. With the dusty key, you'll be able to explore even more of the dungeon, while getting a Trailblazer Reloaded task done as well.

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