Infinity Spear Amazon Build Guide D2R 2.6

20.09.2022 - 19:29:03
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Infinity Spear Amazon Build Guide D2R 2.6

Infinity Spear Amazon Introduction

Since patch 2.6, the Infinity runeword can be made in Amazon Spears, thus the Infinity Spear Amazon was born. As Infinity is a very expensive runeword, the build is not a viable ladder starter, but later in the season the weapon becomes accessible at affordable prices. The Infinity Spearzon is extremely strong, and is amongst the strongest builds in the entire game. You will have a lot of fun playing it!

The Spearzon excels mainly at farming dense areas. Even on an 8 player difficulty farming spots like The Cow Level, Chaos Sanctuary or Worldstone Keep will be no issue, especially since the Sunder charms were introduced to the game, making it possible to get rid of lightning immune monsters.

The build is viable on Hardcore, as it can have decent survivability. If you look for a Boss Farmer though, you might want to put an Enigma on your amazon and use teleportation instead of running. The Magic Finding potential of the build is decent, you can easily have up to 500% MF.


Attacking skills: The build uses Charged Strike and Lightning Strike as attacking skills. Lightning Strike hits many targets at once, and it allows you to quickly clear a wider area of monsters. Charged Strike is great against single targets, as it releases over 10 charged bolts, dealing up to 50k damage with a single hit.

Movement: When it comes to movement, nothing comes close to Teleportation, so if your goal is to move quickly between areas, you will need an Enigma runeword or items with Teleport charges. However the run speed of your character should be decent anyways.

Survivability: Survivability of Infinity Amazons is very gear-dependent. You should have a Call to Arms as a switch weapon in order to cast Battle Orders, which can almost double your life. You should aim for 75% all resistances on Hell (use allresist charms), and if you play Hardcore, physical damage reduction % gear will also come very handy.

Party and Solo play: As the build is capable of dealing with monsters on player 8, you should be the star of the party when it comes to clearing areas with high monster density. Other party members will also benefit from your Conviction aura, which reduces enemy resistances by 85%.

Magic Find: This build is not optimal for farming Bosses, sorceresses are much more fit to do that. However when it comes to Chaos Sanctuary or Throne of Destruction farming, it really excels. If you wear Magic find gear and MF charms, you can reach up to 500% MF.

Breakpoints: For detailed breakpoints, check out this guide.


Strength: Have just enough strength to be able to wear your gear.

Dexterity: Have just enough dexterity to be able to wear your gear.

Vitality: Put all the rest of your available points on it.

Energy: Don't put any points on it

Skill Points

Passive Skill Tree
  • Put a point on all of the passive skills
Bow and Crossbow Tree
  • Don't put any points on it
Javelin and Spears Tree:
  • Put a point on Lightning Strike and it's prerequisites
  • Put a point on Lightning Bolt and it's prerequisite
  • Max out Lightning Strike
  • Max out Charged Strike
  • Max out Power Strike
  • Max out Lightning Bolt

Put your remaining Points on Passive Skills of your choice.

Infinity Spear Amazon Gearing Options

  • Griffon's Eye ➤ The best helm choice for damage
  • Harlequin Crest Shako ➤ Has great offensive and defensive qualities, also a great choice for Magic Find and Hardcore.
  • Mara's Kaleidoscope ➤ The best choice for balanced defense and offense.
  • The Cat's Eye ➤ The extra speed is very beneficial in farming performance
  • Metalgrid ➤ A good defensive option which also boosts attack rating
  • Magic Amulet with Magic Find% ➤ The best amulet for Magic Finding.
Body Armors
  • Enigma ➤ If you want to use teleport, it is a must. The 45% FRW also helps greatly. Enigma is also the best Magic Find option
  • Chains of Honor ➤ The best balanced armor for both defense and offense, solves resistance problems
  • Infinity in an Amazon Spear ➤ It is a cornerstone item of the build
  • None
Switch Weapons
  • Call to Arms ➤ Almost doubles survivability with Battle Orders, every build needs a CTA.
Switch Shields
  • Spirit Monarch ➤ Boosts Call to Arms' Battle Orders and Battle Command
  • Lidless Wall ➤ Use it if you don't want to invest a lot in strength.
  • The Stone of Jordan ➤ The best ring for damage.
  • Raven Frost ➤ Great option against cold damage and being frozen, also boosts attack rating
  • Nagelring ➤ A good Magic Finding choice.
  • Magic 3 Javelin and Spears, 20IAS gloves ➤ By far the best gloves for damage
  • Rare 2 Javelin and Spears, 20IAS gloves with other useful stats ➤ Best for defense
  • Arachnid Mesh ➤ The decent damage belt, also great for FCR.
  • Verdungo's Hearty Cord ➤ Great defensive belt, consider it for Hardcore
  • Thundergod's Vigor ➤ The best belt for offense and also great for defense
  • Triple resist 30% FRW boots ➤ The best choice for survivability
  • War Traveler ➤ The best for Magic Finding.
  • Annihilus ➤ A must have item for every build.
  • Amazon Hellfire Torch ➤ Another must have item.
  • Lightning Sunder charm ➤ Another must have item to remove immunities
  • +1 to Javelin and Spear skills grand charm ➤ If you can afford it, try to have them with +life. +FHR
  • + All resistances small charm ➤ If you can afford it, try to have them with +life.
  • + Life small charm ➤ If you can afford it, try to have them with +mana.
  • + Lightning resist small charms ➤ They help to compensate for the Lightning Sunder charm
  • Lightning Rainbow Facet ➤ The best choice for damage boosting.
  • Ist rune ➤ The best choice for Magic Finding.
  • Um rune ➤ Use it for allresist boosting if needed.
  • Ort Rune ➤ Use it to boost lightning resist
  • Perfect Diamond ➤ Can use it instead of Um runes in shields and helms.
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Have an Act2 mercenary with Holy Freeze aura for crowd control.

Ethereal items don't lose durability if your mercenary wears them, so having ethereal item bases for each gear slot is preferred due to the increased defense on armor items and increased damage on weapons. In many instances ethereal items that are great for mercenaries will be much more expensive than non-ethereal ones.

Mercenary gear:

  • Tal Rasha's set helm ➤ a decent choice
  • Vampire Gaze unique helm - ➤ another decent choice
  • Andariel's Visage unique helm ➤ the best helm choice
  • Insight runeword ➤ provides meditation aura so you never run out of mana
  • Bonehew unique weapon ➤ simply a good choice
  • Tomb Reaver unique weapon ➤ the highest damage choice
  • The Reaper's Toll unique weapon ➤ great for both offense and defense
  • Infinity runeword ➤ the best choice for offense
Body Armor
  • Treachery runeword ➤ great for both defense and offense, a budget choice
  • Fortitude runeword ➤ the best choice for both defense and offense

Best Infinity Spear Amazon Gear

Griffon's Eye Helm ▬ Mara's Kaleidoscope Amulet ▬ Enigma Body Armor ▬ Infinity Amazon Spear Weapon ▬ Call to Arms Switch Weapon ▬ Spirit Monarch Switch Shield ▬ Dual Raven Frost ▬ 3 Java 20IAS gloves ▬ Thundergod's Vigor belt ▬ 30% FRW triple resist boots ▬ Annihilus ▬ Amazon Hellfire Torch ▬ Lightning Sunder charm ▬ +1 Javelin and Spear skills, +Life, + Lightning resist and +Mana Charms ▬ +5/-5 Lightning Rainbow Facet Item Sockets

If you'd rather skip farming you can quickly buy gear at Rpgstash's D2R Store.

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