Ironman Mode Guide for Old School RuneScape (OSRS)

03.06.2024 - 21:00:15
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Ironman Mode Guide for Old School RuneScape (OSRS)

A Comprehensive Guide to Ironman Modes in Old School RuneScape (OSRS)

Old School RuneScape (OSRS) offers players a unique and challenging way to play with its Ironman modes, designed for those seeking a more self-reliant and competitive gameplay experience. This guide will explore the different types of Ironman accounts and how to change your Ironman status.

Types of Ironman Accounts

1. Standard Ironman

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  • Description: Players must be self-sufficient, with no trading with other players, no Grand Exchange, and no loot from others' kills.
  • Challenges: Every item must be earned independently, making this mode challenging and rewarding.

2. Hardcore Ironman

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  • Description: Adds the risk of permanent death; if a Hardcore Ironman dies, they revert to a standard Ironman.
  • Challenges: Survival becomes a priority, adding significant pressure to every risky endeavor in the game.

3. Ultimate Ironman

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  • Description: Players cannot use banks or any storage solutions, drastically altering inventory management.
  • Challenges: The need for strategic planning and prioritizing items and equipment is paramount.

4. Ranked Group Ironman

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  • Description: Teams of 2-5 players collaborate, trading and sharing resources only within their group.
  • Challenges: Coordination and strategic resource management are essential for success.

5. Hardcore Group Ironman

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  • Same restriction as ranked group ironman but for hardcore group ironman, there are no safe PvM deaths. The group has a shared pool of one life per player, and will lose Hardcore status after losing the last life.

6. Unranked Group Ironman

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  • A player who leaves their current group can become unranked group ironman if they wish to keep their tradable items. A group will become unranked if they invite an experienced player. A standard ironman can downgrade to unranked group ironman if they wish to keep their tradable items.
  • Unranked group ironman can leave and join any unranked groups freely since their groups don't appear on the Group Highscores.
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Changing Your Ironman Status

Changing your Ironman status in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) involves a few specific steps and options, depending on what changes you want to make. Here's a detailed guide on how to modify your Ironman status:

Downgrading or Removing Ironman Status

  1. Visit the Ironman Tutors: To change your Ironman status, you need to speak with the Ironman tutors located on Tutorial Island or in Lumbridge, near the castle. For group ironman, you need to speak to the group ironman tutor on the node.
  2. Request a Change: Speak to the tutor and select the option to change your Ironman status. You can choose to downgrade from Hardcore to regular Ironman, from ironman to unranked group ironman or from regular Ironman to a non-Ironman account.
  3. Waiting Period: Once you request to remove or downgrade your Ironman status, there is a 7-day waiting period before the change takes effect. This period is to ensure you are certain about your decision.
  4. Cancel the Change: If you change your mind during the waiting period, you can return to the tutor and cancel your request.

Upgrading Ironman Status

  • Upgrading: Once you set your account to a specific Ironman status, you cannot upgrade it further (e.g., from regular Ironman to Hardcore). Therefore, you must choose your desired level of challenge when initially setting up your Ironman account.
  • Starting a New Account: If you wish to play as a Hardcore or Ultimate Ironman, you will need to create a new account and select the desired mode from the beginning.

Special Considerations

  • Hardcore Ironman Death: If a Hardcore Ironman dies and is downgraded to a regular Ironman, this process is automatic and irreversible.
  • Permanent Ironman: Players have the option to make their Ironman status permanent. If you choose this, you cannot downgrade or remove Ironman status at a later date. However, if you initially opted for permanence, you can still change this by speaking to the Ironman tutors and selecting to remove the permanent status, which also has a 7-day waiting period. Iron players who had previously set their status to permanent have an option to downgrade to Unranked Group Ironman.


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Whether you're a solo adventurer looking to tackle the challenges of Ironman mode or part of a team in Group Ironman, OSRS offers a variety of options to suit different playstyles and goals. Understanding these modes and their respective challenges can greatly enhance your gaming experience, pushing the limits of your strategic thinking and resilience in the world of Gielinor.

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