Lawbringer Runeword - D2R 2.6

04.10.2022 - 10:09:43
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Lawbringer Runeword - D2R 2.6


Amn + Lem + Ko

3 Socket Swords / Hammers / Scepters

Ladder Only Runeword


20% Chance To Cast Level 15 Decrepify On Striking

Level 16-18 Sanctuary Aura When Equipped (varies)

-50% Target Defense

Adds 150-210 Fire Damage

Adds 130-180 Cold Damage

7% Life Stolen Per Hit

Slain Monsters Rest In Peace

+200-250 Defense Vs. Missile (varies)

+10 To Dexterity

75% Extra Gold From Monsters


Lawbringer is a great weapon choice for budget melee builds. Lem + Ko can be found quite quickly from Hell Countess and it can be effective in a wide variety of different weapon bases. The base weapon damage is less important than having a fast weapon speed since Lawbringer does not offer any % enhanced damage. The biggest strong point of Lawbringer is the Chance to Cast Decrepify which greatly enhances physical damage. It is a great option before the Reaper’s Toll becomes available.

The biggest weakness of Lawbringer is that it does not offer much physical damage by itself which means that it works better as a supporting weapon. It can be used on the weapon switch or on an Act V Mercenary to proc Decrepify. Barbarians can use it as a secondary weapon when dual wielding and rely on the physical damage output of the primary weapon.

Lawbringer works well for Fast Chaos Barbarians. It is usually used on a mercenary rather than your main character for both Decrepify and survival. The built-in Sanctuary Aura is quite effective at disabling undead monsters (especially Lord De Seis’ and his minions which are arguably the most dangerous pack in the Chaos Sanctuary). One thing to pay attention to while using this strategy is the position of your mercenary. Occasionally, it may push the Grand Vizier of Chaos into the lava.


Normal Act V Barbarian Mercenary

Merc Helm: Guillaume’s Face + Cham

Merc Weapon: Ethereal Lawbringer Phase Blade

Merc Armor: Ethereal-Bugged Treachery Sacred Armor


Act V Mercenary / Phase Blade / Standard Attack 

6 Frames = 0 IAS

5.5 Frames = 5 IAS

5 Frames = 19 IAS 

4.5 Frames = 42 IAS 


Act V Mercenary / Phase Blade / Bash OR Stun

12 Frames = 0 IAS

11 Frames = 5 IAS

10 Frames = 19 IAS 

9 Frames = 42 IAS 

Lawbringer also has a few niche uses. It is one of the few items that comes with Slain Monsters Rest in Peace which makes it a good counter against Nihlathak. Sanctuary Aura also allows your attacks to bypass the physical resistance of Undead monsters. This is particularly useful against Physical Immune ghosts.

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