List of All Crafting Materials in Diablo 4

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List of All Crafting Materials in Diablo 4

Crafting Materials are a crucial part of Diablo 4. Overall the game features 23 of them. Since they are being stored in a hidden inventory (which can be accessed by clicking the Materials button in your inventory), they don’t take any room in your item inventory and there are no stacking restrictions either. Unlike items, most of the materials, such as gems, ores and herbs are picked up automatically.

Crafting is a cornerstone activity of the middle to endgame. You will be able to craft incense and elixirs, upgrade potions, upgrade your gear (up to 5 times each item), enchant your item, add socket to items, craft Nightmare Sigils. The main ways to obtain crafting materials are:
Drops from monsters
Salvaging Items
Side Quest Rewards
Interactable nodes in the Overworld


Which NPCs take part in crafting?

There are four NPCs in the game at whom you can use crafting materials, these are:

  • The Alchemist can create Potions and Elixirs
  • The Blacksmith can salvage and upgrade items
  • The Jeweler can insert sockets and Gems
  • The Occultist can enchant items and craft legendaries



The majority of plant materials are found in the Overworld's interactable objects, however some (such as Fiend Rose) can also be found in enemy drops. Plants are used for potion upgrades, elixirs and incense. Here is a list of all Plant Materials:



Angel Breath

Almost anywhere


Shattered Peaks



Fiend Rose

Sanctuary during Hell Tide


Almost anywhere

Howler Moss





Dry Steppe



Ores can be found in the Overworld, but the best way to acquire them is by salvaging items. Their main use is upgrading Armor and Jewelry pieces. 



Iron Ore

Found in every region and all Ore Deposits

Silver Ore

Found in every region but only in Glittering Ore deposits



Skins mainly drop from enemy monsters, or as quest rewards. They are required for armor upgrades.




Small wildlife and beasts in all regions of Sanctuary

Superior Leather

Large wildlife and beasts in all regions of Sanctuary


Monster Parts

Higher level monsters tend to drop Monster Parts more frequently. 



Crushed Beast Bones

A rare drop from bestial enemies

Demon's Hearts

A mob drop from demons, especially larger ones


A loot drop from humanoid enemies (such as bandits)

Grave Dust

A drop from undead enemies



Most of these craft materials can be found by salvaging gear, other (such as Forgotten Souls) can be found in Helltides only. They are used for Nightmare Sigil, and endgame gear crafting. 

Name                    Location

Scattered Prisms

A very rare drop from world bosses or when salvaging Legendary gear

Veiled Crystals

A common drop when salvaging Rare weapons and armor

Coiling Ward

A rare drop from salvaging Legendary Jewelry

Abstruse Sigil

This drops from enemies, especially werecreatures; It also sometimes drops when salvaging Legendary Jewelry

Sigil Powder

Only obtained by salvaging Nightmare Sigils at the Occultist

Baleful Fragment

Obtained by Salvaging Legendary Weapons

Forgotten Soul

A drop from enemies only during Hell Tide


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