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Lone Knight Gunlancer Build - Lost Ark | RPGStash

The Best Lone Knight Gunlancer Raid Build

Gunlancer falls in the warrior melee class together with the Destroyer and Berserker in Lost Ark, which relies heavily on their strong and brute force. This is the only class I can consider as a tank in the game since they have huge shields, taunt, and can deal decent damage while ignoring some punishments given by the boss. Gunlancer's role in the party is to deal heavy damage while providing team support such as shields and cleansing.

On top of that, this class also has the best stagger skills that can help a certain boss mechanic to stun them and open up a DPS window for your teammate. Two viable builds for the Gunlancer are Lone Knight (Red) and Combat Readiness (Blue), and in this guide, we will focus on how Redlancer should be geared.

Lone Knight VS Combat Readiness

These two builds are highly viable in the end game, and choosing which Gunlancer build depends on what advantages and disadvantages they can bring.

Lone Knight

High Burst Damage

High Stagger and Weakness Destruction Skills

More Mobile than Combat Readiness Build

Combat Readiness

Decent Damage

Decent Stagger and Weakness Destruction Skills

Low Mobility but has higher shield uptime

Overall, most Gunlancer in the game prefers Combat Readiness since this build provides more survivability and could last long in the raid for a long time. While Lone Knight has fewer sustains, they can deal damage comparable to other DPS classes. For new players who are starting to learn the boss's mechanics, I suggest you opt for Combat Readiness. But if you already know how the raid works and can accurately read the boss patterns, Lone Knight Gunlancer Build will give you a lot of benefits to clear the dungeon much faster.

Skill Build for Sharpshooter in Lost Ark

Lone Knight Gunlancer's playstyle requires more skill management and understanding of your Shield Meter. Lone Knight increased your shield's consumption by 100%. So your Defensive Stance can only be used to avoid getting punished by the boss in certain situations. Below are the tripods, runes, and gems to help you obliterate your foes.







Fire Bullet

Lucky Chance

Enhanced Strike

Attack Creation

Quick Recharge


Dash Upper Fire

Ready Attack

Weak Point Detection

Extra Shell


Cooldown and Damage Gem

Charged Stinger

Weak Point Detection

Charge Enhancement

Last Charge


Cooldown and Damage Gem

Gunlance Shot

Nimble Movement

Weak Point Detection

Close Explosion



Surge Cannon

High Explosive Shot


Focus Fire


Cooldown and Damage Gem

Shout of Hatred

Quick Prep


Open Weakness


Cooldown Gem


Armor Destruction

Ready Attack



Cooldown Gem

Nellasia’s Energy

Quick Prep




Cooldown Gem

Note: Save two gem slot for one alternate skill that you can use.

Awakening Skill

You have two awakening skills that you can use as a Gunlancer that can be effective at a given mechanic.

Guardian's Protection: This skill helps you to recover 100% Shield Meter and release a 10-meter radius of protection in the nearby area for 10 seconds. While this aura is active, all party members take 40% less damage and become immune to push and status skills.

Lance of Judgment: This increases the Crit Rate of your party members while dealing high damage.

Any Gunlancer (whether Red or Blue) mostly prefers Guardian's Protection for survivability and an additional tool to help your party members. On the other hand, Lance of Judgment is usually used for easier content, such as Chaos Dungeon and Guardian Raids.

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  • Shout of Hatred is your main gauge generator for Gunlancer, which taunts foes for 5 seconds. They also provide a 12% damage synergy buff for 12 seconds.
  • It's important to note that some bosses in the game can't be taunted and will continue to make their pattern. Be wary of when to taunt to open up a 5-second DPS window.
  • Dash Upper Fire is your main counter skill and can deal much stagger damage. Bash can also be your backup counter skill, especially when you missed your first one.
  • Surge Cannon is your biggest nuke skill and provides decent stagger.
  • Nellasia's Energy is your main supporting skill for your party member. This skill provides damage reduction and a 24% shield for 6 seconds. You can use this skill during AoE attacks by bosses who can't be interrupted by your taunt.

Skill Rotation

Gunlancer’s rotation depends on what you want to do for your teammate. Below is the simple rotation you need to master to be effective in the combat.

DPS Rotation
  1. Shout of Hatred
  2. Defensive Stance
  3. Bash
  4. Surge Cannon
  5. Charged Stinger
Stagger Check Rotation
  1. Bash
  2. Surge Cannon
  3. Dash Upper Fire
  4. Fire Bullet
  5. Charged Stinger

Note: Use Bash at the start of every rotation to apply defense debuff and gain an additional 25% damage buff to yourself.

Surge Cannon has no Push Immunity and could be interrupted by incoming attacks. Make sure to activate your Defensive Stance before you use your Surge Cannon.

Stats Priority

Lone Knight Gunlancer usually runs Crit and Swiftness. The reason is that you need to have more Crit damage and crit rate as much as possible while investing a little on Swiftness for cooldown reduction.


Lone Knight: This engraving grants you 15% Crit Rate and 50% Crit Damage while consuming 100% Shield Meter during Defensive Stance.

Super Charge: Most of your skills have charging animation that could take a long time without this engraving. This grants 40% charging speed and 20% Damage.

Master Brawler: This is a safe choice since most of your skills have Head Attack modifiers. This provides an additional 25% Head Attack Damage.

Grudge: As with every DPS in the game, this is mandatory in the end-game content for an additional 20% Damage.

Cursed Doll: This is also mandatory if you want to reach the best damage potential for your class.

Engraving Setup

Lone Knight (Lvl 3)

Super Charge (Lvl 3)

Master Brawler (Lvl 3)

Grudge (Lvl 3)

Cursed Doll (Lvl 3)

Note: You can also put one Combat Readiness on your engraving for an additional sustain and damage.

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