Longbow Guide - Throne And Liberty

12.12.2023 - 12:09:25
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Longbow Guide - Throne And Liberty

Sure, fighting on the frontlines is exciting and thrilling. However, it's not everyone's cup of tea. If you prefer fighting from a distance, then you might want to consider using a longbow instead. In terms of range and precision, this is one of the best choices there is - leaving you safe as you support your team from behind.

Throne And Liberty: Longbow Guide

The longbow is the best choice for DPS players who want to fight at a safe distance. While the crossbow is a ranged weapon, it rewards you with being mobile and agile as you zip across the map to do flashy moves. On the other hand, the longbow offers a more relaxed playstyle that rewards accuracy and timing.

Additionally, the longbow provides a variety of support skills that you can use. You can heal teammates and even use buffs to help them face off against the enemies. This unique take on a ranger class makes the longbow a very exciting weapon to use. Let's talk about the weapon's passive and active abilities next.

Longbow Active Abilities

You can only equip 12 skills in Throne And Liberty so you need to be very careful when choosing what skills you'll bring from the longbow. While all of these are great, remember that you can also take skills from your secondary weapon to unleash devastating combos. Below is a look at all of the longbow skills and we're also listing down a few skills that you definitely must have on your build. 

Active SkillDescription
OvertakerDefend against attacks. Consumes additional stamina in proportion to the damage defended. Upon blocking Fury Attack, Overtaker is converted to Agile Shot for 3 sec. Agile Shot Fires an arrow that deals damage equal to 220% of Base Damage + 24 when used in place, plus damage that increases by 4% per m as you move away from the target. Use the directional buttons to move in the direction you entered. In this case, deals damage equal to 110% of Base Damage + 12 with a 80% (80% for monsters) chance of Binding the target for 3 – 3 sec.
Zephyr's NockDeals damage equal to 300% of Base Damage + 26. Increases damage by 2% per 1 m as the distance from the target increases.
Ensnaring ArrowFury Attack | Deals damage equal to 120% of Base Damage, with 80% chance of Binding the target for 3 sec.
Decisive SnipingDeals damage equal to 600% of Base Damage + 53. Increases Ranged Critical Hit by up to 500 in proportion to the target's remaining Health.
StrafingFires 4 consecutive arrows, each dealing damage equal to 80% of Base Damage + 11. If you land 2 or more Critical Hits, you can reuse the skill once.
Nature's BlessingCreates an area with a radius of 16m that increases Health Regen by 525 of you and your party members for 6 sec. Only gets the effect within the area.
Brutal ArrowA single arrow shot to the sky falls to the selected location, dealing damage equal to 360% of Base Damage + 41 to the enemies within the 3m area. Enemies within the 1m area around the center receive 540% + 61.
Deadly MarkerHas a 90% chance to afflict a target for 9 sec. Increases your party members and your All Hit and All Crit by 200 when attacking the marked target. Each successful Critical Hit landed on the marked target by you and your party members decreases you and your party member's remaining skill cooldown by 1% and your Nature's Blessing skill cooldown by 3%. The cooldown reduction effect is only applied 50% to monsters.
Purifying TouchRemoves 1 CC effect from the selected target (in order of Actions Disabled > Moving Disabled > Enfeebled). At the same time, increase your Attack Speed by 23% for 3 sec.
Arrow VortexFires an arrow in the selected direction, dealing damage equal to 100% of Base Damage to the first enemy hit and decreasing all enemies' Move Speed by 40% in a 3m radius around the target. After 2 sec, apply a 38% chance (53% for PvE) of Collision: Pull to pull all enemies within range to the center.
BlitzResets the cooldown of the last used skill. It can only be used when a skill can be reset.

Non-Negotiable Skills

  1. Blitz

Throne And Liberty is all about skills and combos. As such, you should always look for opportunities to reset the cooldown of your abilities. Blitz is a guaranteed reset on any of your equipped abilities making it perfect for whether you're playing a support role or a DPS role in the game.

  1. Deadly Marker

This ability increases the damage that you and your teammates deal to a target while giving you cooldown bonuses as well. This is an excellent active ability to have against single-target confrontations such as bosses. The extra damage you deal will help whittle away at their HP more effectively.

  1. Decisive Sniping

In terms of dealing damage, this is the skill that deals the most in the arsenal of the longbow. It's best reserved against enemies with high HP such as bosses. You can also use it to take out problematic enemies that are in a mob. With this ability, you can become a full-fledged sniper that takes out foes without issues.

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Longbow Passive Abilities

The longbow gives you access to abilities that offer offensive and defensive capabilities. It's a shame that you can only equip 8 for your character. If you're having a tough time choosing which passive abilities to bring, at least make sure that you have the non-negotiable abilities below.

Rapidshot StanceStaying in the same place without moving for 3 sec will increase Attack Speed by 6%. This effect remains in effect for 2 sec even if you move after acquiring it.
Firm AimAttacking Bound targets increases Melee, Ranged, Magic Critical Hit by 120.
Sniper's SenseIncreases Melee, Ranged, and Magic Critical Hit by 11 per 1m.
Distorted SanctuaryMelee, Ranged, Magic Endurance increase by 27.5 per Party Member including yourself within 16m radius.
Roxie's ArrowheadShooting a projectile from Longbows or Crossbows will shoot an additional projectile by 5% chance, dealing damage equal to 90% of Base Damage. If you're shooting in the same direction as the wind, the chance of this would go up by 0.5% per 1m/s wind speed.
Ensnaring LoaderDefeating a target that's at least 10m away from you has a 48% chance of resetting Ensnaring Arrow cooldown.
Devoted ShieldWhen Enfeebled, creates a Shield of 2100 Health with 20% chance that lasts for 3 sec.
Storm StringRange increases by 11%.

Non-Negotiable Abilities

  1. Sniper's Sense

If you're planning on going full-DPS with the longbow, then you should definitely add Sniper's Sense to your list of abilities. This will help you deal with increased critical hit for Melee, Ranged, and Magic the farther you are from the enemy. It can be very devastating while you're using abilities like Decisive Sniping.

  1. Storm String

Taking Sniper's Sense and this passive ability is a match made in heaven. It will help you deal even more damage while keeping your character safe from a distance. If you're planning on using a staff, then you can cast your spells from further away too.

  1. Rapidshot Stance

Longbow users benefit from accuracy and patience. Most of the time, standing still to land solid hits is very important. With that said, equipping Rapidshot Stance rewards you for staying still. Again, this is perfect in tandem with Decisive Sniping and the rest of your abilities.

Best Combos For Longbow

  1. Staff

With the staff's arsenal of offensive magic and the longbow's long range support abilities, you can make an excellent build that's all-around effective for solo and team play. Since the longbow is best used at a distance, you don't have to worry about repositioning when casting spells too.

  1. Dagger

One of the clear weaknesses of the longbow is the fact that you can be very vulnerable once enemies close the distance on you. With the dagger, you'll have the means of fending for yourself in such scenarios. Additionally, you also get access to a wealth of mobility skills which can be effective for repositioning as well.

  1. Wand And Tome

If you want to go all out as a support character, you can equip the wand instead. This will help you add more supportive abilities that your team will find helpful in a fight. You can skip the wand's offensive abilities and just use the longbow's abilities for dealing damage.

Take The Enemy Out With Precision

Accuracy and precision kill in Throne And Liberty. Thanks to its support abilities, the longbow is a fun weapon to use in the game. Don't be afraid to mix and match your abilities and combos in the future as you might find something that's more effective for your playstyle.

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