Lost Ark Awakening Guide

15/11/2022 13:06:14
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Lost Ark Awakening Guide

What are Awakening Skills?

This is a fairly new system in MMORPG that was first introduced in Lost Ark. Awakening skills are different from common skills and offer powerful benefits for your class. This is considered as the 'ultimate' skill of each class. Each class has two awakening skills, and choosing between them depends on how your battle goes in the long run. Awakening skills could deal much damage or buff you from a given time. Accordingly, unlocking these skills is challenging, and players must complete a long quest line to acquire them. This guide will outline how to unlock Awakening Skills and how to use them in Lost Ark.


How to Use Awakening Skills?

Awakening Skills are your ultimate abilities that can enhance your character or your damage-dealing skills that can turn the tide of the battle. YOu can only have one Awakening skill active at once, and using them cost Chaos Shard, which you can buy from most General Merchandise Vendor in every major city for 250 Silver.


Using Awakening Skills effectively also requires some consideration on your builds. Most of these ultimate abilities push a class toward a certain specialty. For example, the Bard's Symphonia skill shields your teammates and deals good damage. In comparison, the bard's 2nd awakening skill is more like dealing great damage by sacrificing a bit of survivability. Awakening Skills only unlock once you reach level 50.


First Awakening Quest

Once you reach level 50 and enter North Vern, you can follow your Main Story Quest, which is highlighted as blue until you're asked to unlock your first end-game content: Chaos Dungeon. After this, Beatrice will notify you to visit her in Trixion. You can do so by using the Song of Trixion found in your Music Sheet (F2) and accepting her purple adventure quest. Completing it will reward your class's final level 50 skill and the Awakening Skill. Check your mailbox after completing the tasks and consume the items to unlock the skills. Take note that each class has a different quest location.


  • Warrior - East Luterra
  • Mage - East Luterra
  • Martial Artist - Anikka
  • Assassin - North Vern
  • Gunner - Arthetine


Note: Some classes aren't required to have the 2nd awakening skills, but if you plan to create alts that use their 2nd awakening skill effectively, you need to finish the 2nd awakening quest. Additionally, having two awakening skill in your arsenal helps makes you more versatile, which could help you finish some of the hardest raids, such as Vykas or Valtan Legion Raid.

2nd Awakening Quest

Your quest will start after you finish your Main Story Quest in Rohendel. This quest can be activated in Rothun near the mailbox. Talk to Carrier Santos, accept [Journey] Strange Mail quest, and head out for a 3-4 hour adventure. This quest will take you across Arkesia and could be helpful for beginners to get used to the sea.


Note: You can take a break from this and continue your vertical progression, but finish it before reaching Tier 3 (iLvl 1302).


The Route

  1. Starts at Rohendel and complete it until you're asked to go to Shushire.
  2. Take the Ocean Liner to Shushire to save time, and here you will obtain the Song of Reminiscence.
  3. Go to Icewing Heights, enter the Maze of Mirrors dungeon again, and kill the Maze Gatekeeper. Once done, you can teleport out of the dungeon by playing Song of Escape in your Music Sheet (F2).
  4. Go to Lake of Eternity, enter Vrad's Hideout dungeon, and play the Song of Reminiscence at the marked quest location.
  5. Go to the Illusion Isle and look for Information Dealer Garnell's Ship in the Sea.
  6. Proceed north-east to Kaltherz and play the SOng of Reminiscence again at the marked location.
  7. Leave Kaltherz and sail to North Vern to finish all the quest lines here.
  8. The quest [Journey] Faceless Saviour requires you to go to a Guardian Raid Boss called Vertus.
  9. Play the Song of Reminiscence and then leave by playing the Song of Escape.
  10. After you exhaust every purple [Journey] quest, go to Arthetine by taking the Ocean Liner and finish the quest line.
  11. Sail to Facility X-301 and Look for Ronika.
  12. Get a Secret Hideout Access Card by accepting the daily Serviceable Condition quest and completing it by killing robots on the island.
  13. Enter the Dungeon on the Island and complete it.
  14. Go back to Arthetine and continue the quest until asked to leave for Wavestarnd Port.
  15. Go back to East Luterra by taking Ocean Liner.
  16. Make sure to save your Song of Return location at the blue portal statue for later use.
  17. Finish all the quest lines until you're asked to go to Shadow island
  18. Take the Ocean Liner again, return to North Vern, and sail to Shadow Island.
  19. In shadow island, defeat demons in the upper floors until your quest updates, then return to the quest NPC on floor 1.
  20. Once again, play the Song of Reminiscence at the marked quest Location.
  21. Return to the Sea and sail straight to Kharmine's Lair by setting up an auto sail path with Alt+left click.
  22. Brew some coffee while waiting and once you're there, complete the quest and play the Song of Reminiscence at the marked location.
  23. Sail to the Dark Cave Marina (Ship Repair Station) near Soth Vern and repair your ship.
  24. Sail to Promise Isle and complete the task. You can also set your Bifrost location (ALT+W) near allegro for later use.
  25. Use your Song of Return to get into East Luterra Quickly.
  26. Enter the Sea of Gienah, sail to Sunflower Island, and finish the quest line.
  27. Return to the East Luterra to finish the remaining quest line and speak to queen Ealyn in Vern Castle.
  28. After accepting the [Awakening] The Wounded Pilgrim, finish the ask until you're asked to go to Twilight Isle.
  29. Take the Ocean Liner to Rohendel and sail to Twilight Isle to complete your quest.
  30. Once finished, use your Bifrost in Promise Isle to finish the quest.
  31. You will be given an item that will activate your 2nd awakening quest.


Note: Once you finish your 2nd awakening quest, it will unlock all your awakening in your other characters. To do so, go to Trixion using Song of Trixion and interact with Beatrice.



Getting your awakening quest is easy, but it will take a lot of time. Remember to take your time and play at your own pace since most content only requires you to use your first awakening skill. If you liked this guide, stay tuned for more.

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